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Sunday, November 29, 2009



Shivraj Patil failed as the Home Minister of India, before 26/11 happened. And now Chidambaram has failed too, as the Home Minister of India post 26/11. He may seem as a somber gentleman in lungi, looking oh so innocent, as if there is no other politicians, who can match his innocence. His PR activities with some of the Congress favourite channels (NDTV, CNN IBN etc etc) and their so-called esteemed editors are perfection to match for any other Indian politicians. Even though he has failed, blamed his predecessor Shivraj Patil about 26/11, Chidambaram’s brand image as a clean politician is intact courtesy Indian media and NDTV.

Ever since he took over as our Home Ministry post 26/11, he claims to have controlled every department under him, so much so that every time he claims so, various department officials have gone ahead to reveal the truth in the media, thereby highlighting how the Home Minister has failed in his duties. Does he really deserve to continue as the Home Minister with all his failures? Time and again, he has blamed the media for speculating things but then, how do the media get to know what is happening in the Home Ministry if he is not leaking all those news & information to his favourite channel NDTV – be it information about ‘Operation Green Hunt’ (which he made public himself about), information of David Headely’s link to 26/11 attack, just to name a few…

However, his favourite channel NDTV is not asking him seriously as to why his ministry has failed to disperse all the compensation announced by the Centre to the relatives of victims of 26/11 Mumbai even after one long year? Why he has not taken any action for all the cheques bounced that were issued to the affected poor families by the Centre? What action has he taken since the last 12 months? Does it take an anniversary to celebrate and be in an embarrassing position for the careless Home Minister to just say a five letter word in capital – SORRY! Does it solve the problems and erase the trauma of the victimized families, who died on that dreadful night? Even the martyrs wives had to reach out to Sonia Gandhi after a year to inform her that the government has not provided and fulfilled their promises to grant them by the spur-of-the-moment promised ‘petrol pump’. Really, it is the biggest blot and SHAME in Chidambaram’s career as the Home Minister!

As we neared the first anniversary of 26/11, skeletons from the cupboard started coming out in various forms… TO THE LAST BULLET by Vinita Kamte, Gafoor’s statement about four high officers refusing to do their duty on that fateful night, the missing bulletproof jacket of the braveheart Karkare, Rakesh Maria’s mismanagement on that fateful night, Chagan Bhujbal’s statement on how the State Home Minister RR Patil refused to step out of his house, no sign or name of the supplier of the bulletproof jackets to Mumbai police, no sign or name of the politicians who cleared the tender for the sub-standard bulletproof jacket, government’s failure to disperse the promised relief and grant to victims’ families even after a year, failure of Indian Intelligence Bureau who just didn’t had any clues about 26/11 attack…

Chidambaram surely has failed as the Home Minister and his dual policy in blaming the media for his incompetence shows how incompetent our respective ministers are in various departments and ministries. On one hand, he wants that his image to be built up in a positive note by NDTV and CNN IBN (he is always available to be on these two channels’ brand building shows) and on the other hand, to hide his incompetence, he blames the media. I don’t deny the fact that Chidambaram has a huge responsibility to look after the nation and not only deal with 26/11 problems or Naxals, but then… if our politicians work sincerely from the bottom of the heart to do something really worthwhile, they can and have achieved greater things. And one of the greatest achievements of Congress leaders is that most of them have become crorepatis in the shortest time and that too, when the world is facing recession! If they can achieve such a big feat in the shortest possible time, surely in a five-year-term, they can achieve wonderful results for our beautiful motherland BHARAT! Jai Hind!

Chidambaram should avoid to be on television reality shows, yes, news channels are actually showing ‘various reality shows’ rather than informing viewers about the happenings around the world. Chidambaram should let his action speak rather than saying just SORRY by shedding crocodile tears in front of camera.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

IT TAKES ONE YEAR = 12 MONTHS = 365 DAYS = 24 x 7… A SHAME TO LIVE WITH FOREVER… (26th Nov 2009, 1330 Hrs)

IT TAKES ONE YEAR = 12 MONTHS = 365 DAYS = 24 x 7… A SHAME TO LIVE WITH FOREVER… (26th Nov 2009, 1330 Hrs)

A shame to live with forever in my beloved nation – Mera Bharat Mahaan!

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, the CM Ashok Chavan of Maharastra doesn’t even know the status of martyr Hemant Karkare’s missing Bulletproof jacket! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, the company responsible to supply sub-standard bulletproof jackets to Mumbai police has not been named and prosecuted! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, the politicians responsible to sanction the tender to the bulletproof jacket supplier has not been named and prosecuted! WHY?

Exactly after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, Chagan Bhujbal discloses the then State Home Minister RR Patil was scared to leave his house on the said day! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, the same State Home Minister RR Patil, who said then foolishly and insensitively that ‘bade bade sahron mein aisi choti-moti haadse hote rehte hain’ (in big cities such small incident happens every day) is once again heading the State Home Ministry! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, the Indian government can spend 31 crores to look after Qasab but has no money to save Bundelkhand farmers from selling their wives to feed their family! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, our police are still not equipped with the latest weapons to fight terrorism! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, corruption in the system exists like a deadly virus! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, full compensation to every victim’s families have not be given by the Central & State Government! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, will the PM explain as to how the cheques issued to victim’s families were bounced! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, victim’s families are running from pillar to post for jobs promised by government! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, nation’s intelligence bureau are still sleeping and incompetent in their jobs! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, the shameless rich & famous and celebrities find a reason to celebrate the anniversary and not mark the day in silent prayers! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, the Indian media (are they too intelligent or plain stupid?) are still providing all the required information to terror organizations with their exclusive reports on all the loopholes in our security system! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, the audacity of Indian media to spread hatred in the society with trivial issues is still intact! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, Indian government has failed to get any real response and support from global leaders! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, eminent editors of various news channels are still irresponsible towards factual reporting while speculating each & every issue to garner TRPs! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, Mumbai coastal areas are still vulnerable because government doesn’t have money for diesel for boats to safeguard our nation! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, Maharastra government could only get 4 amphibians to safeguard coastal areas, is it all we require to safeguard our nation – just 4 boats from New Zealand! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, Force One is still without any land for their base camp! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, we all Indians are still resilient, callous, without any care, insensitive, fighting among each others and really have no energy or will to DEMAND REAL ACTION from the GOVERNMENT! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, we are waiting for another terror strike to unite us as ONE INDIA! WHY?

After 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, as we mark the day, tomorrow every Mumbaikar, the nation and leaders will forget till 26/11/2010! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, what has happened to Ratan Tata’s promise for the families of the victims, now news! WHY?

Even after 1 year = 12 months = 365 days = 24 x 7, Qasab is royally enjoying VIP treatment after killing hundreds in Indian jail and making fun of Indian judiciary system! WHY?

Monday, November 23, 2009



Such a beautiful country of mine is being divided into fragments by politicians and media to gain power and high TRPs respectively by highlighting and fighting over trivial silly issues. It is such a shameful act of greed, when there are millions of Indians, who don’t even have three-meals-a-day, proper drinking water, electricity, basic sanitation, health care, education and honorable lives to live…The greed to accumulate more and more wealth and power, for what my dear countrymen?

Well, our leaders, who have shut their blind eyes towards poor villagers and slum dwellers, are only bothered to lick ass of the rich industrialists, exploit the already downtrodden to further increase their woes and miseries, earn crores and crores by being corrupt and snatching away three meals from the poor… all these while using the poor Indians for their vote to be in power. While they hardly do anything at all for the benefits of the poor, they shamelessly provide all the privileges and benefits to the few rich industrialists by snatching away everything from the poor.

Trivial silly issues have become the order of the day for these politicians to engage continuously and the irresponsible media to highlight, since they dance on politicians whims and fancy without really highlighting and reporting serious and grave issues that is plaguing our nation. These so-called highly intelligent breed of channels’ editors are in fact worst than the politicians because they know every politicians are saying LIES and yet, they highlight them as if it is the only TRUTH! I really pity them because even I am a journalist and I know what all goes in print and electronic media. There are so many cases of irresponsible reporting, ego and attitude throwing by seniors to groom the juniors into corrupt media individuals. However, there are very few, I repeat, very few media individuals, who have not sold themselves and their conscience to do their work as a responsible citizen of India.

If a junior investigates a story to perfection with proof and evidences, even before any officials can challenge him, first his editors will challenge him, harass him and finally will never publish or carry the truth because of its authentic reporting. I have faced the same thing many a times when my editor had given me the go ahead but after I filed the article with proper evidence and interviewing the said party or individuals, it never saw the daylight. The reason being, many high profile individuals’ image would be tarnished and then the publication would be banned by them. And the publication cannot afford to be truthful to show the world they are fearless as the fourth pillar of the so-called educated society! Isn’t it a shame?

However, ever since I started blogging, I am glad I can write the truth about various issues to highlight the plight of poor farmers in remote villages, who are living lives of adversities without proper food, irrigation facilities and what not. It gives me a satisfaction to be a responsible journalist and I do feel I have been able to open few eyes in the society with my blogs and various issues that I am writing today.

Indeed, it is sad that instead of INFORMING about the various real happenings around the world and expose the inefficiency of the ruling government or opposition, media today has become a race for TRPs to gain the crores from advertising pie. News channels have become PR machinery for limited high profile individuals, who are only talked about in a positive manner to keep them happy and always in limelight. While politicians only issues ‘LIES’ in their manifestos or press releases, the electronic media speculate those LIES as facts to spread more HATRED among us by showing 24x7 the same lies on and on to such an extent that every viewer thinks it as truth.

The fourth pillar is perhaps the most important and responsible one in any demographic structure to unite the country as ONE ENTITY. However, they have lost their credentials because of race to the TRPs. What is TRPs? To me, TRPs = Totally Ridiculing People’s Sentiments! Yes, news today is ridiculing people’s sentiments and creating chaos by spreading HATRED in the society, thereby endangering every citizen, who wishes to live in peace and live happily with his work and family.

I was working in the Express Group once and will share a beautiful experience of truth or dare by the Express Group Goenkas to take on Amitabh Bachchan while supporting the Editor’s article fearlessly and not cowing down against India’s superstar’s demand for an apology! Till then, I would like to request sincerely all my media colleagues, WAKE UP, WAKE UP before it is too late! The politicians have sold their ‘conscience’ and don’t even hesitate to sell their own mother, so let us stop them before they sell our motherland to another country to rule us for another 2000 years. Be responsible, fearless and above all, let us expose the hidden agendas of these corrupt politicians – be it Congress, Shiv Sena, BJP, MNS, SP or RJD – to save our country and progress in a united manner! We surely have the power, so why not use it for the benefit of all INDIANS? Trust me, it will be such a wonderful experience!

Sunday, November 22, 2009



Last year on 26/11, ten Pakistani terrorists arrived in Mumbai, killed hundreds and what happened? Since the Rich & Famous were affected (Taj / Trident Hotels) in their Five Star Culture and Circle, almost everyone joined hands to come on road, shout for immediate action from government (remember, not even Indian media bothered to really cover the poor Indians killed in CST, the very same day). CM Vilasrao Deshmukh and State Home Minister RR Patil heads were rolled and so also Mumbai Police Commissioner. Even at the centre, Home Minister Shivraj Patil was forced to resign for his incompetence to save the nation for such a dreaded terrorist attack on Indian soil, while the nation’s security was penetrated without any resistance at all.

What has happened in the last one year after such mayhem? Almost nothing has changed in our beautiful nation.

Bulletproof jacket supplier scam came into light – After a year also, the Supplier’s name has not been disclosed by CM Ashok Chavan (imagine he doesn’t even seem to know anything about the sub-standard bulletproof jackets after one year, as he confessed on NDTV interview – IS HE REALLY FIT TO RULE MAHARASTRA FOR HIS INCAPABILITIES OR SUPPLYING CRORES TO CONGRESS COFFERS?) and he must be enjoying life in Swiss Alps counting and depositing his crores in Swiss Banks. The unknown supplier’s (Media’s Fault too) has not been taken to task and punished severely by Maharastra government because of which some of the brave soldiers of India lost their lives. Is Rajdeep Sardesai, his channels and other Indian channels listening? Will they unearth the real culprit, the crores that changed hands to gift the tender to supply such defective sub-standard bulletproof jackets and will the Minister Responsible be punished for selling his own motherland’s safety and security? –

I really would like to see how efficient our Indian media and system is, to really punish severely the supplier and the minister involved!

Formation of FORCE ONE announced: Even after a year, the Maharastra government has failed to give them 100 acres land for their training and base camp. Where is Force One, when even SRPF Jawans are made to shamelessly live for two long months in open in heritage structure Gateway of India. Truly commendable indeed Mr Chavan! Bravo! You should really be awarded with country gallantry award for being so brave to be so dishonest and corrupt in decision making! Yes, the media reported just for a day about Government granting 40 acres of land, which is encroached by slum dwellers and pigs. –

Why has media kept silent on this serious issue for one long year? Why they didn’t force the government to act promptly to establish Force One’s Base Camp for safety and security of India’s Financial Capital? Actually, do we really care?

The Rich & Famous of Page 3 joined hands with one and all in the city to shout aloud with beautiful banners, burn candles and laid down colourful flowers. The media covered the march for their High TRPs, however, mind you, the move never really bothered about CST, instead they rallied around Taj & Trident Hotels. When a rich dies, the government is answerable to act instantaneously but when several hundred daily commuters (poor people) died in multiple train bombings in 2006, no one really even cared to join hands, especially the Rich & Famous. People and the Media have forgotten the train bombings but there is so much highlight for celebrating the first anniversary of 26/11 Attack by the Rich & Famous… -

Folks, are we Indians so callous and shameless to celebrate such a cruel tragedy instead of marking the day in silent prayers for all those who were killed or gave lives, so we could live in peace?

One of the dreaded terrorists, Qasab was captured and the Indian media and judiciary system has made a mockery of themselves by treating the bastard killer by highlighting his pains and humane side, while he sat there in front of Indian judge laughing at them, us Indians and India. Indian media were more concerned about Qasab’s Non-veg diet and Biryani… oh why the poor fellow is not given Chicken Biryani, about the pain of his mother, eminent judges were fighting among themselves for not giving the bastard a fair trail etc etc… Indian media should be ashamed for being so-so shallow to report all things by highlighting in their special episodes to garner High TRPs and yearly awards. Truly pathetic and shameful! –

The bastard should be hanged in open for every Indian to slap him hard one by one and telecast it live, so that terrorist worldwide should know what it takes to attack India and what Indians can do when they are challenged by such dreaded attacks. But such a thing will never happen because we are never united as one India!

Bunkers which were immediately installed after 26/11 last year, are no more guarded by armed soldiers, are in shabby state as they have turned into store house, police dinner place or simply unused. What has the government or media done about such a lapse of security measures? By installing CCTV cameras, Maharastra government feels and thinks their job is done to safeguard the nation? In Railway Stations one can see police constables chit chatting in groups, extorting money from traders to let them pass their heavy luggage & goods in trains – instead of patrolling seriously and catching the unscrupulous people, who may any time plant a bomb! I have never seen any police in railway station doing his duty in a sincere manner because the government is not really serious about anything serious that is happening in our country. –

Has the media joined hands in a united manner to question the government to be more responsible towards nation’s security and safeguard of the citizen?

While the Congress has encouraged Shiv Sena, MNS and Bajrang Dal to mushroom into big regional powers to divide and rule the country, the media has helped the ruling government always by spreading more hatred in the country than the corrupt politicians. The attack on IBN7 and Lokmat Office in Mumbai and Pune respectively by Shiv Sainiks has shaken Rajdeep Sardesai and staff including the media on the whole, to finally unite and demanding immediate serious action from the Ashok Chavan’s government. However, for how many days, this circus is going to last? I am sure Rajdeep Sardesai will know much better than me and many Indians? Imagine, when nothing has happened even when the country was attacked by Pakistani terrorists, what will happen now? I am saying this because I know the real culprits will never be punished by Indian government. Imagine, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit helps KILLER Manu Sharma flouting rules of parole and law, to roam in society and create more brawls in pubs… yet High Court just blames the Delhi Government. Sheila Dikshit is a bigger killer than Manu Sharma, who used his father’s clout (Congressman) to roam free for two months even though he has been in jail serving Life Sentence… This is truly the height of heights of CORRUPTION of Congress Government and that too, it has happened in country’s capital Delhi under the nose of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Home Minister Chidambaram. What a BIG SHAME can the Congress achieve more than this kind of act?

Rajdeep Sardesai and his staff are feeling the heat and pain because they were attacked by goons in broad daylight. But when innocents are killed for no faults of theirs, their anchors don’t even feel any remorse to be insensitive to ask the victims senseless and callous question – Aap ko kaisa lag raha hai? I wonder, why the anchors didn’t ask Rajdeep the same question after the attack? Clearly, he was stirred and shaken by the incident as he was hamming on and on reporting about the attack. I don’t encourage such attacks but I would blame the media also for spreading chaos and hatred in society with their false reporting and of course many times the scribes think themselves to be over smart and that they can nail anyone or everyone.

I would definitely blame the scribe who put the words in Sachin’s mouth by asking – Who does Mumbai belongs to? And to gain high TRPs, he did his job thinking to be superior than all his colleagues… almost immediately, all the channels’ correspondents started running to every available media hungry corrupt politicians to capture their reaction to Sachin’s statement. The result is in front of us. –

Why did the media created such a situation when they know very well various parties have agendas to disturb peace and harmony of the city and they just need a quote from someone famous? Why do they always run to opposition leaders for crisp sound bytes in each and every silly issue, thereby spreading hatred among various parties while innocent lives are affected and national property are damaged for really no reasons? An educated intelligent individual will never instigate hatred instead will spread more love but media believes by speculating an issue they can garner higher TRPs and earn more revenues.

Well, there are many more points that I can write about and one thing I would like to request one and all – Please use your ‘common sense’ while dealing with an issue rather than show your intelligence that will backfire and harm you, the society and the nation. Please be responsible in whatever you do and think about how to progress collectively as ONE INDIA. Why should we allow our politicians to divide us when terrorists unite us? Why we cannot fight against our corrupt system by uniting as ONE INDIA and INDIANS?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

… AND SO WE FORGET – THE 26/11 TRAGEDY (18th Nov 2009, 1350 Hrs)

… AND SO WE FORGET! – THE 26/11 TRAGEDY (18th Nov 2009, 1330 Hrs)

Just after a week, rich & famous, celebrities & socialites and most of the senseless Mumbaikars will go all out to celebrate the dreaded terrorist attack on 26/11. That is right folks because for them, any event, horrible or non-happening, is an excuse to hog the limelight in Dailies Page 3 celebrating to the hilt even though hundreds of innocent lives were lost showing how incapable our government has been to secure our country and safeguard us. Well, the celebration, which has been planned by many celebrities just to hog those columns in dailies to show how much they care about their countrymen’s lives, families who have lost their family heads or relatives, are in fact, planning to resurrect their already dead existence from the party circuit. How callous they can be to celebrate over other’s dead bodies? Do we really care folks?

While crores will be spent on all these celebrations, there are still relatives of 26/11 victims, who have not received their compensation announced by the central government, state government and NGOs… Cheques that have been issued to the victims’ families have bounced and there has been no response from the Central Government Office, who issued these cheques. Is it an irony or else the bigger tragedy than 26/11? Well in a way, what the terrorists did to us is much better because they united the divided Indians as ONE INDIA… but the corrupt politicians with their selfish actions and motives divide us to spread hatred as small-small divided parts / regions of one India. Will these rich & famous, celebrities & socialites unite to force the government and demand as to why the poor victims’ families have had to suffer for one long year and run from pillar to post to get the announced compensation to lead a life without their beloved? NO! Instead, they will take their fee to perform and provide their presence in the celebration and forget the very next day about 26/11 for another year till 2010.

Soon after the horrible tragedy Mumbaikars united to shout some slogans, walk the talk with some beautifully crafted banners, burn some candles, laid down some fragrant colourful flowers and united to force the Centre to remove Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh. What has changed since that chain broke? Mumbaikars started fighting with Mumbaikars in the name of language, states, religion, political parties, drinking water and what not … so tell me, do we really need terrorists to unite us always against the corrupt politicians, who always divide us with their false promises and greed to exploit and mislead us to sell their own countrymen’s deaths and miseries to earn their crores… which they will accumulate, accumulate and die without really making the right use of all the money; because of which, they don’t even hesitate to deprieve millions of lives their basic necessities?

Well, greed is the basic problem that gives rise to everything that is horrible for creating chaos in the world. Sharing is the real solution of every problem in the world to overcome in a united manner. However, we will never unite while we can. We will never share and care because we always enjoy watching others suffering. Strange isn’t it? Why do we only care for others when tragedy strikes in various forms? Well, nothing has changed and nothing will because we forget so soon about tragedies in our fast-paced life that… a year will pass by and once again callous people will shed their crocodile tears for the senseless media to capture them in Page 3!

Monday, November 16, 2009

IT’S AMAZING, REALLY, TO BE AN INDIAN (17th Nov 2009, 1250 Hrs)

IT’S AMAZING, REALLY, TO BE AN INDIAN! (17th Nov 2009, 1250 Hrs)

We Indians are really amazing bunch of people, who realise the importance of being Indian, only when we are overseas and not otherwise. When we are at home, we fight among ourselves over trivial issues like language, religion, caste, creed and states… thereby creating chaos and mayhem in the society. However, isn’t it funny that when we are in any foreign countries, we search for Indians, irrespective of what language he may speak, which caste and creed he belongs to or else which religion he follows… if he is an Indian, we feel a sense of safety, comfort and sense of pride. The bonding is almost instantaneous and we don’t even hesitate to reminisce all those beautiful moments of growing up years in India, sharing with joy and pride to be an Indian.

Funny isn’t it? Why such a phenomenon is so common when we go abroad? Why do we then hate each other when we are in our own country? It is such a simple thought, isn’t it? If each Indian thinks about this simple strong bonding in foreign land and just the opposite happening inland… will we create all these senseless chaos in our every day lives? Yes, I know we have a very simple and famous game – BLAME GAME! Blame it on Politicians who use, divide, exploit, harass and then throw us like used napkins in dustbin once their purposes are solved. Hate each other because we belong to different parties, ideologies and what not… But has each one of us thought before blaming the politicians about all these hatred between us, Indians?

While we don’t hesitate even a bit to bond and unite in overseas, even with all the thinking, we will never unite with joy and harmony in our own land. WHY? It is really an amazing phenomenon that makes us so vulnerable for politicians to exploit us for their personal gains. Think about this simple phenomenon and it is not at all complex in any nature. The politicians have made it look complex, dangerous and what not…

I really wonder as to what our Prime Minister, Chief Ministers and Home Minister are doing to curb such a phenomenon to unite all of us as INDIANS? Well, we all know, watch them on TV and read about their every day fight about seats and portfolios with each other, so but obvious how and why will they unite us? The irony of ‘Independent India’ because of our basic problem is that even after 62 years, we still need a foreigner (Sonia Gandhi) to unite and govern us. Isn’t it a shame for every Indian born in this country? We cannot even produce ONE, I repeat, ONE Indian to unite us into a beautiful Indian Sovereign Country that will teach the world the true meaning of ‘UNITY’!

I really wonder at times – is India in Maharastra or else Maharastra in India? When we go abroad, do we say I am from Tamilnadu, Kerala, UP, Bihar or Maharastra, no, we proudly announce – ‘I am from India’? But obvious, since foreigners don’t know too well about Indian states, we have no option but to say – ‘I am from India and I am an Indian’… We are proud to be Indian in foreign countries but we are ashamed of being called an Indian in our own country. How funny this can be? Because in India, we are Dalits, Harijan, Brahmins, Thakur and what not from Maharastra, Bihar, UP, Orissa etc, etc… we have been divided by our leaders to solve their greed to give them power over us while we succumb to become weak in front of them since we are not Indian in our own country.

I was born to an Indonesian mother and Indian father. And I still remember distinctly how my mother was proud to learn Hindi for my father and be an Indian wife rather than being called a foreigner. Ask me, I have suffered racism ever since I went to school however, I was always proud to be an Indian rather than being always called ‘Angrez’! Even now, I do face curious looks by many because of my features and fair complexion and greenish brown eyes and golden brown hair. I still do face racial discrimination by fellow Indians, working colleagues and wherever I have traveled within India. However, you will be surprised to know I can speak as many as 17 different languages (11 Indian and 6 foreign languages) and can understand 6 more languages (4 Indian and 2 foreign languages) to be able to tackle the problem of racism. Language breaks the barrier between two cultures, states and countries to unite two different individuals on a common ground. Language doesn’t divide but unites and I have learned it from my own experience.

I would like to share my mother’s triumph and I am very proud of the fact. When my mother married my father, she didn’t know a single word of Hindi. My father was smart enough to learn Bahasa Indonesia to woo my mother. There was really no one to teach my mother Hindi, so she started watching Hindi movies. She used to watch repeatedly a single movie to master each sentence and slowly and steadily she learned Hindi to perfection. A very funny incident I would like to share here… while she was learning to speak Hindi, mom used to goof up big time about various sentences and ladies from our neighbours used to laugh and make fun of her. She kept on with her self-taught lessons watching more Hindi movies and I used to accompany her since I was a baby.

One day, one of the ladies (an Indian of course) said something to mom in Hindi. Much to the lady’s surprise, my mother corrected her grammar and told this is how the sentence should be told and that she was grammatically incorrect. Almost all the ladies present laughed out aloud much to the lady’s embarrassment and they were very surprised as to who had taught my mom such high level of Hindi… My mom just smiled and I was very proud of her achievements and dedication to learn her husband’s country’s national language.

There are many states in India where Hindi is not spoken but there is no one like the Thackerays who threaten others not to speak Hindi in their state. Even though Hindi is India’s National Language, there are millions of villagers living in remote Indian villages, who don’t speak Hindi, so does that mean they are not Indians? In Maharastra itself, many don’t know how to speak Hindi, so should they be sent to other countries? No, it is just not possible. There are many Maharastrians who migrate to other states in search of work but other states never object to their migration or impose them to speak in their respective state language because India is an independent country and every Indian has the right to freedom and equality. Why there has been no Indian Prime Minister till date to put a full stop to such a ‘divisive phenomenon and policy’?

Monday, November 9, 2009



He cannot and is not allowed to speak in Hindi in India.

He cannot and will not be allowed to work in any part of India, he wishes.

His hard earned money as tax is looted by politicians and deposited in Swiss Banks.

When in Australia an Indian is beaten, the media covers with Foreign Ministry, PM and Home Ministry giving statements of racial attack but, no one cares when Indians are killed, exploited, harassed, looted by corrupt system and the news channels will not even bother to highlight such serious issues.

An Italian is ruling the country.

He cannot or not allowed to sing ‘Vande Maataram…’.

He has been misled by the Head of the State and law makers that ‘Jana Gana Mana…’ is the National Anthem, even though history reveals that Tagore wrote it to please King George V – the adhinayaak!

He never cares for his own motherland.

He doesn’t hesitate even for a single moment to sell his motherland to foreigners for crores of dollars.

Political leaders have become so shameless that instead of uniting India, they are dividing the nation and blame China.

He doesn’t even have a single ‘Right’ as mentioned in the Constitution of India.

He doesn’t have a Ration Card or a PAN or a Birth Certificate.

Politicians blame the poor tribals for the Naxal movements, even though they have never developed Indian villages since the last 62 years.

He is not protected or safeguarded from various terrorist attacks by the government.

Pakistani singer Adnan Sami is accumulating wealth and property in Mumbai and there is no one to object and send him back to Pakistan while Indians from India cannot stay or work in the city.

Pakistani comediennes are welcomed, treated like stars and paid higher package for their performance in Indian channels as compared to Indians.

Elected representatives of the people are busy accumulating crores through scams and not at all bothered for the welfare of their respective areas or zones.

Hindu festivals have time bound restriction except all other religions by the law makers.

PM, Home Minister, Agriculture Minister, Finance Minister, CMs, Railway Minister, Foreign Minister etc etc lie point blank on various national channels shamelessly and fearlessly to the citizen and do nothing about the welfare of poor people.

Indian government is meant only for Ambanis, Mallayas, Goels, Mittals, Tatas and other rich industrialists and not for the 70 per cent village based farmers and poor.

Their political leaders fight in open in Parliament abusing in obscene language and the CM, PM and the whole nation is watching with a smile of disgust because no one is punished by the system.

Rich criminals are let lose on 10,000 rupees bail but a poor stealing a piece of bread will be thrashed to death and spend his life behind bars.

Government officials and leaders are hands-in-gloves with black traders of food grains to loot the poor population with continuous price rise.

The government of Maharastra is planning to celebrate in a big way the first anniversary of 26/11… what a shame… people have died and they want to conduct musical shows with celebrities and rich and famous.

Even after a year, many victims of 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist Attacks have not got the announced relief amount from the PMO and State Government.

Villagers are dying in floods and due to drought but the government leaders are only bothered to give statements of lies, lies and more lies without doing anything for them.

The government will give subsidies in crores to all private airliners but will never even build proper roads, irrigation, health, education and proper drinking water facilities in villages.

…. The list will never end….

Saturday, November 7, 2009



Ab kahe ki hai worry
Last match mein maara tha century
Agle dus match mein na bhi banao main total hundred
Cricket jagat ka sirf main hoon great
Jeetein na jeetein India
Mera personal record hai badiya
Selectors nahin kar sakteh mujhe bahaar
Kyunki politics bhi khelta hoon mere yaar
Dravid, Ganguly ko kiya maine bahaar
Taaki crore banao jab saath mein hai mere Pawar
Media nahin likh sakta mere baare mein kabhi bura
Kyunki Gavaskar hai mera, mera PR
Koi nahin todh sakta mera record
Kyunki cricket jagat ka main hoon god
2011 world cup khelonga main
India ko zaroor haraonga main
India ke haar se banonga main god
World cup tak bane mere aur bhi record

Johnny D
8th November 2009



Two incidents in two days! Americans were shaken and stirred to witness 15 deaths by just two gun men… Imagine, how scared they are to witness deaths in their own backyard… but do they ever think how many deaths in the world is courtesy American soldiers and Presidents?

What you sow is what you reap – the old proverb is so true when these incidents happened. Bush must have never thought that one day he would bring war and deaths in his own soil by various means. Imagine, after 9/11, the Fort Hood incident has surely shaken the American leaders, army generals, serving soldiers’ families and civilians about the value of one’s life. But do they really care when their soldiers are killing others in Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, African countries??? Millions and millions have been affected by American war, legal and illegal… well, they tasted the medicine they created to claim how horrible such an act of violence is!

It is only when your own dies, you feel the pain. However, when you kill others for your selfish greed for oil and poppies or to sell arms and modern weapons for countries to fight among each other, you celebrate in your crystal towers with champagne overflowing in crystal glasses amidst laughter and joy… do you ever think, how many of your own soldiers have died with really no good cause and results? So much pain and concern were seen on faces of American diplomats and general while praising their soldiers’ action. Once again, it also showed the vulnerable side of American psyche that they can only suppress the weaker with their might and when they are taken off guard, they are scared and not mighty as they project themselves to be. However, one cannot deny the fact that the Americans, who consider themselves to the Superpower have failed to win a war against the small country Iraq in 7+ years and Afghanistan in 8+ years. Still they claim to be the Superpower, what a joke!

Deaths in India are treated as mere political game, forgotten the very next day. Hundreds die in India either with bullets from terrorists, goons, diseases, train accidents or natural calamities… in fact, every Indian walks with ‘death’ as their shadow. No one really knows when the shadow will engulf the self. Families living near the border area are always escaping bullets or bombs from Pakistan terrorists and one wonders, how America has been helping them with military aid since the last six decades. While they dread and hate the Muslim world and its citizen because of terrorism, they have never stopped supplying arms and weapons to them. WHY?

It is fascinating and an irony that today a Muslim Barack Hussein Obama is ruling the United States of America and is considered the most powerful man in the world. Did the Americans really thought backing Obama during his presidential election that one day, they would be ruled by a Muslim in their Christian world? A smile always arrives on my lips when I think about this. Isn’t it strange folks? Is it why Obama has cleared the bill to buy loyalties of the Taliban by offering them money? Points to ponder!

Thursday, November 5, 2009



There is no doubt about Sachin’s greatness in World Cricket and I have never denied this fact. However, what is more surprising is that nowadays he is playing only for his own record rather than winning matches for his country. While there will be many in the world, who would disagree with my opinion but the fact cannot be denied that in this Australian series, Sachin has failed big time. His 175 couldn’t win India the match that was so much in our grasp, so what is the use of such greatness?

Mind you, he failed in the last four ODI scoring 4, 14, 32 and 40 runs consuming double number of balls. He failed in all the four occasions when Australian bowling line-up was good and pitches tested all the batsmen. He scored yesterday 175 on a batting pitch and when Australians didn’t had their best bowling attack. On top of that, once he had created his own records, he played such a stupid shot to get caught. So what is the use of such records and greatness when he couldn’t win the match for India?

Senior cricketers and media paint him to be the greatest and yes, he is when you look at his individual records. However, when you look at his overall records, he had scored when India loses the match and his numbers of successful innings are lesser as compared to the winners. It clearly shows his inclination that once his records are broken, he doesn’t care for team India. Surprisingly, yesterday only Kapil Dev was a little vocal on Aaj Tak about Sachin’s failure to win the match for India, otherwise, everyone has been singing praises for his 175 and 17000 runs. What a shame that the greatest batsman of World cricket can create individual records but cannot win a match for India. Truly disgusting indeed!

Heights of height, experts tell youngsters to emulate Sachin… that means everyone wants players who can create individual records and not bother about country’s win or loss. When you look back at Javed Miandad, his innings had always created wins rather than loss. Ponting too wins for Australia. Dhoni’s century won India the match. But Sachin’s 175??? India lost by just 3 runs, isn’t it a shame? On top of that he said – It was his best innings! Surely it was because he created multiple individual records against a poor Australian bowling attack and allowed India to lose the match and maybe even the series as Australia leads 3-2.

Four flop innings and one successful inning? I would differ though and consider it worst than his earlier four flop innings. At least, when he didn’t score, India won two out of the four outings. When he played, India lost!

Greatness is not about individual records but winning matches for India. Now that he has cemented his place with that century, one can expect Sachin not to score many runs in the last two ODIs. Thankfully, when he doesn’t score, India tends to win more matches than lose! I would pray that he fails in the next two ODIs, so that India can wrap up the series with 4-3 results!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



No, they never have and they never will really care for the country or the voters. They are only worried about powerful seat, which will fetch them crores and crores for each signature on each file… the truth is known to one and all, yet like fools, the janta waste their precious time to stand in long queue each election day to cast their vote, in the hope against hope that at least one leader will be honest and will take care of their problems. The truth is just the opposite. No sooner the voters have cast their vote, their job is done and for leaders and parties, they become useless. It is here the fight or one can aptly say the duel begins for the highly lucrative ministry. The fight for power takes an ugly shape as leader wants the creamy portfolio or ministry, so that the next five years, they can loot the state treasury and central government’s aid… who really cares for the janta or public?

While none of the parties have charismatic honest leaders in their respective parties, they don’t hesitate to compromise on various terms and conditions before the election. We have seen how each one of them have made alliance with respective so-called like minded parties… Congress – NCP, Shiv Sena – BJP, etc etc… Once the election is over, the power is shown by blackmailing each other to occupy those creamy ministries for their respective leaders. After all, for five long years, they can suck royally blood of the respective ministry and aam janta… yes, they really don’t care about you, me or the nation! Why should they? After all they have become politicians just to suck blood of the nation, which includes you and me.

So who is at fault if the government has still not been formed after 13 days? It is ‘us’ my dear voters, who sincerely and honestly vote for respective leaders in a hope that every problems will be solved and we will live happily. Sadly, every party is the same and that is a pity in our nation. Whether it is Congress, BJP, NCP, Shiv Sena or else MNS… they will divide us, spread hatred among us, exploit us, rob us, suck our blood, use and throw us and come next election, they will be at our door to beg from us, our meaningless votes. Yes, while they show us a bright future and value of our vote, sadly, each precious vote becomes meaningless once the results are declared. The reason being, after the results are announced, there is no use of aam janta…

Party leaders will meet, lick each other’s, make deals and that is how the government is formed in our democracy. Who cares for the nation or the voters? As long as they get the respective ministry, they will not even shout or compromise on any thing less. Now take example of NCP, while they are demanding creamy ministry for their leaders, Congress is not willing to let that to happen, knowing pretty well that means, Congress leaders won’t be able to make the loot from non-creamy ministry. It is a shame that Congress leaders who claim to be austere are the most corrupt politicians of our country. Greed has made them sold their ‘conscience’ to such an extent that they will not even shed tears if they lose their father/mother/son/daughter or wife or husband… almost immediately they will fight for the seat… Imagine YSR Reddy’s death was announced and immediately his son started his campaign to be the next Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh - The reason being all those crores that one can loot from the treasure of aam janta’s hard earned money.

Well, the less said is the better because these corrupt politicians will even sell their own mother, forget the motherland. So next time during election, think and act accordingly – think every single vote is a total waste because ultimately various parties will fight for their own selfish motives, so why should you suffer in hot sun, long queue and waste your time. Let us see, how they can get the respective ministry if none of us vote them! Even though, aam janta has lots of power, because we are not united, we will keep seeing these politicians rule and loot us.

Monday, November 2, 2009



Blame it on Sunil Gavaskar for pressurizing Sachin even before the Australian series started. His PR activities have backfired on Sachin’s dismissal performance. A pity that Gavaskar had to shout aloud to warn the Australians about Sachin’s vengeance with a hunger to create more individual milestones rather than play for his country’s pride! Gavaskar’s statement – “The series will be Sachin Vs Australia!”… Foot-in-mouth, the Little Master’s PR announcement has backfired so badly that Sachin has been a complete flop against the Australians, scoring just 90 runs in four outings…

His continuous failure to win matches for India reflects his selfish motives to create more individual records. 4 in 8 balls, 14 in 29 balls, 32 in 47 balls and today 40 in 68 balls…
The nervousness of losing his milestone for 17000 runs is making him edgy and the number of balls he is taking to score those runs says it all. It is a pity that every Indian must be asking as to why this great batsman has been playing more to create his individual record rather than play for the country. It is a pity that GREATNESS is reflected in such a big failure and not even in a single match he has been a match winner.

Today, once again while trying to create his individual records, he succumbed against the Australians. He has always played one great innings followed by ten flop shows and still the selectors stick by him… he should gracefully retire to keep his dignity rather than pursue his individual records and fail every time, there by jeopardizing India’s winning chance. While Dravid scores 79 in Champions Trophy and yet is dropped from the team, Sachin’s continuous failure shows how strongly he has been playing politics to stay in team India. It is time BCCI should ask Sachin to step down gracefully thereby giving a youngster a better chance to groom for the 2011 World Cup!

Sunday, November 1, 2009



The hijack of Rajdhani by PCPA raise many questions that the Railway Minister and Home Minister have overlooked or else were in the knowing, to portray Naxalites as dreaded criminals to justify the operation scheduled to start this month in a massive scale. There were flaws and total error in the system management and as usual the state of India is never really prepared for any untoward repeated attacks, incidents or say accidents. The ruling government (Congress) will blame the state government, the state government will blame the Railway minister and so on… the blame game never seems to stop in our democracy while common man suffers and are killed for political gains.

One really wonders, as to how these politicians can sleep a peaceful night with so many deaths on their heads? Their conscience is only alive for those crores and crores that each ministry allows to pocket in their safe haven (Swiss Banks & illegal assets). Truly, conscience is a science to con the citizen of the nation. Congress leaders have created the gap between the rich and the poor in such a drastic manner that poor tribals have no other option but to lift a gun against the atrocities and injustice of the system. While the Home Minister is hell bent to wipe out the Naxal movement by waging war on them, the same leader doesn’t have the guts to wage war on Pakistan for all the terrorism in our land. It is really a shame and pity that Chidambaram is talking nowadays like Bush did before attacking Iraq.

I really don’t support the ways of Naxalites to prove their point and wonder often why the Congress government has allowed such a situation to arise since the independence in 1947. Why they didn’t think of the development of our rural villages for the past six decades? 70 per cent of India’s population is dependent on agriculture, yet the government has always supported the rich industrialists for their own gains. WHY? Chidambaram will never have any answers at all for such a simple question. It is so simple to blame and give statement in various Congress supported news channels (CNN IBN, IBN 7, ZEE NEWS, STAR NEWS & NDTV) that intellectuals and NGOs are supporting the Naxalites and that Naxalites are getting arms from neighbouring countries.

May I ask the Home Minister as to what has the government done to check these inflows of arms since the last 62 years? Will the Congress government reveal the names of all the corrupt leaders, police officials and other government agencies, who help the inflow of arms for those briefcase filled with dollars? Will the Congress punish these highly influenced officials and leaders in the open for selling their own motherland for their undying greed? The answer is obviously a big ‘NO’! Everyone knows how the government has been working hands-in-gloves with goons and corrupt industrialists for their own benefits and how law and police help them achieve all the nefarious activities at their call and behest. Well, all these things have been said before and today, everyone knows how corrupt the political system has become.

Coming to the Rajdhani incident, there are points (COMMON SENSE) that reveal to point a straight finger at the railway minister and home minister:

1). Knowing pretty well the state was facing naxals attacks, why there was no GRPF / RPF or security on Rajdhani? (Pre-planned by Railway minister & Home minister)
2). Why did all the on duty RPF guarding Rajdhani got down at Kharagpur? (Obviously they knew before hand about the said attack by PCPA)
3). Why didn’t the government flew in NSG commandos / security forces immediately? (Obviously they knew that no one would be harmed (as per their plans), so they took more than five long hours to send in security forces for the safeguard of 400 passengers)
4). The PCPA didn’t harm any of the 400 passengers, why? (For what amount was such a deal struck between the Railway minister and the PCPA?)
5). No sooner Mamta Banerjee pleaded that let the train pass and she was willing to talk, everything was normal. Doesn’t it show her hand in the plan? Why would PCPA listen to her plead in the first place when they were demanding release of their leader? (Obviously all the moves were well-scripted and staged according to prior planning)
6). While Aaj Tak reporter was the first to reach the spot, there were no signs of any railway or district officials or any police from near by station, why? (It clearly shows the government is never prepared for any untoward accident and takes everything for granted)
7). Mamta Banerjee is often seen to be vociferous while demanding silly demands from Congress or else Tata, however, in such a serious situation when she should have been aggressive, she was seen pleading calmly to the PCPA… what happened to her aggression? (Obviously she knew that no one would be harmed as per the deal)
8). The incident was staged to portray Naxalites in a bad and gruesome manner to justify this month’s massive operation. (Home minister should come clean on such staged national drama while playing with innocent lives of the passengers)
9). Congress favoured news channels (CNN IBN, IBN 7, ZEE NEWS, STAR NEWS & NDTV were reporting with false claims even when Aaj Tak was reporting live with the real scene happenings. Why the home minister didn’t intervene to challenge these channels’ false claims and reporting? Heights of Yellow Journalism by the five channels… how much does Congress pays these channels every month or hafta?

Obviously, in India, where every single day is a new day, all these scheming and plotting by corrupt leaders will be forgotten by one and all, until the next big happening. Who will challenge the government when they themselves are corrupt? Unless and until the common man wakes up from his sleep to unite and overthrow the government, life in India will always be full of suffering with injustice, atrocities, hunger and deaths.