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Thursday, December 31, 2009

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTLAND OF DANTEWADA (31st Dec 2009, 1520 Hrs) – Continues…

Continued from previous post…

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTLAND OF DANTEWADA (31st Dec 2009, 1520 Hrs) – Continues…

By Priyanka Borpujari

On Wed, 30 Dec 2009 12:47:58 +0530 wrote:

We bade the family of that brave man our goodbyes and told them that appeals to the government was pouring in from across the world for Kopa’s release. They would be meeting Kopa in jail in a few days, and while we want to meet Kopa too, we know it would be best not to tag along. There is someone else who needs to get back the smile on Kopa’s face – Himanshuji, a man who is not taking any food since the last four days to convey a message that enough blood had been shed and families bludgeoned in this Fascist state.

Fascism escalated to new heights in the current location of VCA too. The seven police personnel, who had been assigned with the duty to protect Himanshuji, wore new garbs of being eavesdroppers. Until the time when the security cover was lifted for a brief 30 minutes and restored again, on December 28th, the men were sitting together near some tents put up by VCA, about 30 feet away from the tree where Himanshuji is seated. But now, they are right behind him, facing the land surrounding Himanshuji’s house. Of course, with all of us quite vociferous, it was obvious that our words were music to their ears, as they sat the entire day in their plastic chairs with guns in their hands. Himanshuji fears that the direction of the wind will soon change for the worse. I shudder at the thought of yet another cyclone in this arid state, where the air is already permeated with the stale odour of blood.

Later in the evening, we took Gompa village resident Sodi Sambo to the Dantewada Civil hospital. One suggestion to the city folks who do not have a fat medical insurance to be able to undergo any treatment in large hospitals like the Apollo or Jaslok – go to any civil hospital in a sleepy town like Dantewada. The floor is spic and span, the walls are not decorated with red spittoon, there is no nauseating odour of Chitranela phenyl in the corridors, and the ward boys are not languidly chewing paan and ogling at each patient’s relative walking in. The hospital gave me yet another reason why I should not enter the whirlpool of insurance policies. As I learnt in Dantewada, through its beauty and horror stories, a 20th century invention like insurance is not a need.

Sodi was shot on her right leg on October 1st (one day before the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary) this year by some Salwa Judum SPOs. THE REAL IRONY!!! She has since been living in VCA, under the love and care of other tribal women who keep VCA inmates happy with their culinary skills. Sodi had to be taken to the hospital to get her wound cleaned and bandage changed. A young man, with no doctor’s robe or green mask, attended to her slim leg. He removed the earlier bandage and cleaned the wound with sterilizer with great confidence, but without any gloves on his hands. When I asked him if he would be wearing a pair, he replied nothing and continued to work at the same pace. Eventually, when the bandage dipped in Betadine solution and fastened around the steel rods fitted into Sodi’s leg had to be replaced, he wore gloves and finished the job carefully. All this while, as the dressing procedure was on, Sodi did not utter a word. Since I had not yet picked up any significant words in Koya Mata language, I asked one of the VCA volunteers with us to ask Sodi if the procedure was hurting her. Sodi nodded her head to affirm pain. But she did not twitch even once. Does time really heal wounds or merely plays with them?

We brought Sodi back and the sun was almost down the horizon. Before retiring early for the day, Himanshuji was joined by professors Nandini Sundar and Ujjwal Singh of Delhi University. Sundar has been working on issues in Chhattisgarh for close to two decades but her fresh youthful look defies the cornucopia of knowledge and experience that she carries along non-chalantly. She told us that they had arrived from Jagdalpur and had lodged themselves in Madhuban Hotel, very close to VCA. “But we were told by the hotel manager that the next day was the death anniversary of some relative of the hotel owner and the rooms required cleaning. They asked us to check out the same night. Of course, such warm housekeeping was meant only for us,” Sundar said with a wry smile.

However, by around 10 pm, Sundar got a call from the hotel, stating that she could spend the night there. Weird is the business sense in Chhattisgarh. Weird is each day here. “Events”, as journalists would like to call them, can make you cry and laugh at the same time here. You will cry because it tugs your heart and will leave you sleepless; you will laugh because even Charlie Chaplin didn’t fathom such inanity and insanity of The Great Dictator, such as is in Bastar.

Himanshu Kumar enters fifth day of fast:

Priyanka Borpujari

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTLAND OF DANTEWADA (31st Dec 2009, 1520 Hrs) – Continues…

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTLAND OF DANTEWADA (31st Dec 2009, 1520 Hrs) – Continues…

By Priyanka Borpujari

On Wed, 30 Dec 2009 12:47:58 +0530 wrote:

It is not easy to see a pale Himanshu Kumar, for whom, even smiling on the fourth day of his fast – December 29 – seems to be an effort. I avoid making new conversations with him – because I know we would not cease to talk; perhaps also because I shudder when I preempt the result of his silent ways. Are we really aiming for a definite result here? Are we here to win and lose? Are we here only to separate the black from the white? How long will this game of snakes and ladders go on? For how long will our side of the snakes continue to be pythons, and the ladders stunted ones? It is only a matter of time.

It is also only a matter of time that will heal the wounds and dissipate the anxiety of Rita Kunjam, Ramo Kunjam and Saroj Kunjam. They are, in that particular order, the wives of Kopa Kunjam, who was one of the pillars of Vanvasi Chetna Ashram (VCA). He was picked up by the cops on December 10th this year, on false charges of murder. Javed Iqbal, a reporter with New Indian Express, who arrived in Dantewada in the morning, had been working in Bastar region through 2009, and had known Kopa quite well. Along with Iqbal, we went to meet Kopa’s family in their residence in Alnar village near Farspal village, which is also where Mahendra Karma, whose brainchild was Salwa Judum, lives. No wonder that as we approached the village, the road on each side was decorated with brick fences for small saplings. Now, the saplings may have grown to about a foot, and most likely, they too were dead in this district of death. But the fences were elaborate, about four feet tall and three feet in circumference, they had been painted white. Luxury for the saplings, axe for the trees.

Further beyond, were houses which were green or blue in colours, typical of the rural landscape of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. And each of them had that enviable dusty dish of a cable connection by Dish TV. Like SRK, Mahendra Karma wished for it, and got his people the dishes.

Finally we reached the road leading to Kopa’s house. It was a five-minute walk amid the fields from the main road, and the location of his large blue house seemed a perfect site for a mad writer, who would want to escape from an even madder society. Only, within the walls of that house reigns anxiousness and a feeling of helplessness. Kopa’s three wives, who live happily as a huge family, have met their husband only twice since he has been arrested. But they are unsure when he would be released.

“Our husband never told us what he had been doing. We knew that he was quite a popular figure among villagers, but he was not one to bring his worries home. On August 3rd this year, about 100 policemen came to our house, took Kopa to the Shankani river, and beat him up there. They asked him to cross the river. Had he done so, we realized, they would have shot him dead and called him a naxal. He survived that day only to be arrested later. When will he get released? What is the point of such work which will tear you from your family?” questions a visibly nervous Rita, while she treats us to some tasty red-ant chutney.

Each of the wives has borne Kopa a school-going child, and the youngest wife, Saroj, is carrying her second child. She is visibly mal-nutritioned – in the fourth month of her pregnancy, such Kafkaesque separation from her husband is not doing the coy and petite woman any good.

“When we reached the Dantewada jail last time – all three of us and our three children, along with Kopa’s brother – we could not speak anything. Firstly, we had to bribe one of the female police officers with Rs 100 to let us meet him. We met him only for 10 minutes; none of us could speak. We were crying and Kopa did not make any eye contact with us either. He hung his head down. Kopa has stopped smiling,” said a vocal Ramo, while trying hard to hold back the tears welling up in her big brown eyes.

Himanshu Kumar enters fifth day of fast:

Priyanka Borpujari

To be continued…

Wednesday, December 30, 2009



2009 raced in such a rapid pace that even before the poor Indians knew what had hit them, the year is all set for a terrible ending. UPA government came once again in power for the second term. A 100-Day-Agenda was declared before the election to fool the nation and its people with great conviction. Truly, it is one of the greatest achievements of UPA to successfully fool the nation to come back in power once again… not that their previous term was GREAT in solving nation’s problem successfully but also they failed to stop 10 American (David Headely, FBI Rogue) assisted Pakistani terrorists to walk in Mumbai on 26/11/2008 and kill 166 innocent people and injuring many.

UPA government came in power not because of their good report card but because there was no real opposition in BJP or else any other smaller parties… for, the NDA could never really disagree to agree to unite under one charismatic leader. Anyways, the second term started with great promises that were promised on platter before the election. However, no sooner they came in power, the disillusionment followed sooner than expected for even though successfully UPA fooled the nation to successfully feed more problems in the past 12 months, they did fail to solve ONE GOOD PROBLEM of a poor Indian, that is, Continuous PRICE RISE of ESSENTIAL FOOD ITEMS! They snatched away the most staple diet of every poor Indian (dal, roti, pyaanz (onions) & potatoes)…

I remember, how PM Manmohan Singh promised the nation saying – “If the nation bring us in power once again, we (UPA) will deliver marvelous outcome in just 100 days in our second term.” It is the start of the GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS of the BIG LIE and that too, by the head of the nation! Barvo Manmohanji, bravo! 100 days got over and immediately the opposition BJP and the Media jumped on UPA for failing miserably on their pre-election promises. Oh yes, UPA successfully achieved to mislead the nation’s attention on ground realities by feeding the nation with various scams in the country one after another with really no action taken on the culprits (after all every Congress leaders were equally involved in most of the scams). Media channels helped, as always, the ruling UPA with some great on-the-face news, all lies and all speculations… FACE THE NATION or else THE GREAT INDIAN DEBATE or else well… there are a number of government’s pet editors, who always show the society is always at fault and not the government!

Oh yes, how can I skip the current issue:

While Ruchika’s molester DGP Rathore is on the verge of being punished severely after 19 years with Government of India, Supreme Court, Media, Activists, Public and Leaders actively involved, who will give JUSTICE to the tribal woman Ledha Bai, who was repeatedly RAPED two years ago by Balrampur Superintendent of Police, Sitaram Kalluri? Who will empathize with the trauma she is living every single day of her life? Will Chidambaram, Moily, Supreme Court, Media Channels, Activists, Public and Leaders fight for Ledha Bai’s chastity, which has been razed repeatedly by Indian Police Force Superintendent? I am sure, a rich girl’s molestation has more importance than a poor tribals’s rape in our INDIAN DEMOCRACY!!! So Ledha Bai has to fight her battle in silence for another 100 years or may be till she dies to live just another day in INDEPENDENT INDIA… while demons like SOP Sitaram Kalluri will rape many more helpless Ledha Bais under the safe protection and commendation of Chidambaram, Moily and the Indian Government…

Today, Sitaram Kalluri is the IG (Inspector General) of Anti-Naxals wing of the Chhattisgarh police of Dantewada range, while Ledha Bai is trying to bring justice to women in the capacity of a social worker, in Surguja.

1.2 plus billion Indians should really give Chidambaram, Moily, Manmohan Singh, NCW Chairperson Girija Vyas, Supreme Court, Media, and Soniaji AWARD of REAL BRAVERY for promoting an SP for repeatedly raping tribal women to INSPECTOR GENERAL OF ANTI NAXALS…

May I ask the Congress government please to tell us:


To be continued…

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTLAND OF DANTEWADA (30th Dec 2009, 2220 Hrs) – Continues…

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTLAND OF DANTEWADA (30th Dec 2009, 2220 Hrs) – Continues…

By Priyanka Borpujari

On Wed, 30 Dec 2009 11:53:46 +0530 wrote:

Just like any other new place which gives an avid restless mind and wandering eyes new revelations, so has it been with Dantewada. Just sitting under the canopy of a huge tree and listening to a resilient man spinning the charkha is enough to shudder as well as feel optimistic. Perhaps that’s what nature is all about – a continuous process of creation and destruction.

With Himanshuji continuing his fast for the second consecutive day on December 27, his resilience continued to shine, and we knew that the best that we could do was hear tales of strife, persistence, injustice, ignorance, nepotism, and the real meaning of Independence. His words are full of strength and seem to be oblivious to the fact that it had been more than 48 hours since he had any solid in his body. Just water, the potent clear liquid over which states fight and kill people, has been keeping his mind, hands and heart well in place and in tandem.

Rajiv Vora of Hind Swarajpeeth – a trust that is trying to advocate, promote and apply Gandhian vision and methods of nonviolence, Satyagraha, peace with justice and human dignity – arrived on Sunday morning. The Gandhian peppered his experiences and learnings on Gandhian thoughts in chase Hindi, which augmented the tenor of the many discussions that ensued. A classical music aficionado, Rajivbhai gave a new boost to Himanshuji and his father, both of whom would be languidly spinning the charkha, while talking about the days gone by, and the disciplined lives of those whom we today call “leaders".

Rehabilitation of Nendra Sometime during the course of the day, we were introduced to a volunteer with Vanvasi Chetna Ashram (VCA), who, hitherto, had been singing Bollywood songs in the backyard. This lanky tribal youth has been associated with VCA since over a year, when it was decided to rehabilitate the people of Nendra last year. During one of my conversations with Himanshuji, he had told me that Nendra was one village which was a red ocean – one that was torn apart with various atrocities, and the scars of annihilation were still moist with the tears that continue to shed. Yet, much of the wounds have been healed, with the persistent efforts by VCA and its workers. Today, Nendra is standing on its own, and like most graves, little flowers of hope have begun to bloom. Here is an account of my conversation with the volunteer, whose name I choose not to reveal.

“Nendra is about 150 kms south of Dantewada. When Salwa Judum forces tried to force the people from there into the camps, some of them hid in the forests while quite a good section of them fled into Andhra Pradesh, which is just 40 kms away. As internally displaced people (IDP), it was obvious that they were leading lives of despair. It was imperative that they return to their own land and rebuild their lives. We went to the bordering villages in Andhra Pradesh to survey the situation many times, and we realised that the people were threatened with what they had seen and what the ostracism they were facing as IDPs.

We had several meetings with them, egging them to be courageous and stand up against the Salwa Judum. Finally they acquiesced to get back to Nendra, and we assured to help them in rebuilding their broken homes, dreams, lives.

There were no roads built from Nendra to the bordering villages of Andhra Pradesh. It was July 2008 and the rain gods had begun to prove their existence. We had to set ourselves in those villages first, to be able to get those people back. Our car got stuck in the wet red slush and all the goods we were carrying had to be protected from getting wet. We could not move any further. We ate whatever food we had with us, and there were no hand pumps around, we were left thirsty. We were on bikes at such an area where the cops wouldn't dare venture even during the day! The long night elapsed but the next morning we had to proceed into the interiors of the villages, which actually meant traversing through the wild jungle. We found an angadwadi, cleaned it and set it up as our base. Few days later, we brought back the people of Nendra from Andhra Pradesh to their own village, and thus began the work of constructing the deconstructed among six villages.

Those who did not flee to Andhra Pradesh were hiding in the thick jungle, but had still one or two cows left with them. We brought them back to what seemed to be civilisation. We would go out with them to their farms and help them. Whenever the police would come in, we had to talk to them calmly. So we were on constant vigil in the borders of those agricultural lands. When the people would get back home in the evening, we would go among them and talk to them about moving on in life, by leaving the past behind. We would distribute medicines, clothes as well as yarn to be woven into clothes.

We faced many hurdles initially. There were no markets; we had to walk miles as there was no transport whatsoever since the roads were pathetic. If any of our vehicles broke down we had to bring them to Errabor. At night if anyone fell ill, we would have to administer them with whatever medicines we had, and then wait till morning before we could take them to a hospital. There were no dispensaries there. All the schools which had been built were blown off. Even hand pumps had been removed so the villagers only had a pond to rely on for their water needs.

We continued with our work of providing materials and hope, but we had to face flak too. Once, we were beaten up by the SPOs in Errabor, which is about 8 kms away. The SPOs would tell us, “When none of our men would be able to get back alive from those villages, how on Earth would are you able to walk freely among those villagers? You all definitely must be supporters of the Naxals!” and a hard blow would fall on our backs. But we stood back erect.

Whatever little the people had earned while in Andhra Pradesh was being utilised to make Nendra their home again. We also helped in the implementation of all the governmental schemes that were supposed to be functioning, but were defunct Рthese included the anganwadis and cr̬ches, where we would distribute chocolates among the 35-odd children and then teach them.

Once, some people, resembling Naxalites, came to enquire about our work. We said that we were doing the work only with the acceptance of the villagers; we weren’t forcing anything upon them. We were providing the villagers only with what they wanted, and that if they did not feel our need, we would leave and extend our help to other villages instead. They understood our intention and left us alone. Slowly, the conditions of the people began to improve. The children were studying; they began to come to school wearing clean clothes and neatly dressed.

But sometimes, forces would still come, ask the villagers some inane questions, and then take them away to the police thana, while beating them all the way. I would follow them to the police thana and plead with the police to let them free. We did this about three-four times. One day, sometime in August this year, one of my two colleagues, Sukhnath, had gone to the market. He heard there that earlier in the day, about five men had already been picked up. So Sukhnath went to the police and pleaded with them to release the men as they were innocent. Then the police told Sukhnath, “Perhaps you too are a Naxal supporter, and hence your commander will have to come here to release you.” Under that pretext, even Sukhnath landed behind bars. The next day, we were frantically searching for him. We went to Konta police thana and another camp too, but they all feigned innocence and said, “We haven’t picked up anyone.” But we later realised that Sukhnath had indeed been arrested.

We then notified about the same to Himanshuji who tried his best to get him free, but Sukhnath is still languishing in the jail today.”

Municipal election results in Dantewada The scourge of war was evident; the participants in this ghastly war were many. Yet, strange are the ways of the wisdom of crowds, strange are the ways of our democratic set-up. Salwa Judum to me sounds more like “sarkar ka zulm”, and yet, its proponents emerged winners in the recent Municipal elections here. While walking through Dantewada town on Sunday morning, to purchase some lemons for Himanshuji, we saw a huge procession, proclaiming the win of Deepak Karma in the municipal elections. Deepak is the son of Mahendra Karma, a Congress party worker and leader of the Opposition, under whose aegis Salwa Judum gained ground in Chhattisgarh, in 2004. Congress of BJP, suddenly, both the political parties are suddenly united in their strife to bring home MNCs and shoo and shoot away the bow-and-arrow carrying original inhabitants of the state.

The procession was a large one: an entourage of bikers carrying a huge tricolour paraded through the streets first, followed by a truck of supporters who could not contain their happiness upon Karma’s win and used their vocal chords to the best of their abilities. Then, on road, symbolising the people’s true leader, Karma walked through the street – hands folded into a Namaste, large orange garlands around his neck akin to the ones seen at commercialised temples, and grinning like a tantrum-throwing child who is given the first prize in some competition to silence his wails. Of course, Karma was in simple clothes – he didn’t need any kind of protective gear when he had managed to get about a 100 men and women surrounding him as he took his strides. As that large procession walked past, there was more to keep our mouths open in awe – about 50 Salwa Judum special police officers (SPOs), men and women, walked down the road, as though they owned it. They were recognisable by the fatigues that they wore, which perhaps gave a sense of pride – a sense of power over their own people.

When we narrated what we saw to Himanshuji, he only flashed his 1,000-watt smile. Was it the hunger-induced tiredness that resulted in silence? Was the solitary smile a the surrender to the nature of the Indian democratic system where parties unite to fatten their Swiss bank accounts through the cream fed by MNCs, and wean its masses of everything, including life? The silence was too loud. His smile was chilling.

Priyanka Borpujari

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTLAND OF DANTEWADA (30th Dec 2009, 1520 Hrs) – Continues…

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTLAND OF DANTEWADA (30th Dec 2009, 1520 Hrs) – Continues…

While Ruchika’s molester DGP Rathore is on the verge of being punished severely after 19 years with Government of India, Supreme Court, Media, Activists, Public and Leaders actively involved, who will give JUSTICE to the tribal woman Ledha Bai, who was repeatedly RAPED by Balrampur Superintendent of Police, Sitaram Kalluri? Who will empathize with the trauma she is living every single day of her life? Will Chidambaram, Moily, Supreme Court, Media Channels, Activists, Public and Leaders fight for Ledha Bai’s chastity, which has been razed repeatedly by Indian Police Force Superintendent? I am sure, a rich girl’s molestation has more importance than a poor tribals’s rape in our INDIAN DEMOCRACY!!! So Ledha Bai has to fight her battle in silence for another 100 years or may be till she dies to live just another day in INDEPENDENT INDIA… while demons like SOP Sitaram Kalluri will rape many more helpless Ledha Bais under the safe protection and commendation of Chidambaram, Moily and the Indian Government… - Johnny D

By Priyanka Borpujari

On Wed, 30 Dec 2009 11:53:46 +0530 wrote:

‘Am I protected?’

On Monday, December 28, Himanshuji entered the third day of his fast and was joined by Tanushree Gangopadhyay, a freelance journalist based alternatively between Bengaluru and Baroda. Himanshuji was beginning to look pale and exhausted, and his hands were moving slowly. He was reading a big fat book and I chose not to disturb him much. But he received phone calls all day long – well-wishers expressing solidarity and trying to gauge the situation with, “Is it safe for us if we get there?” Himanshuji replied to each of those calls with his idiosyncratic benevolence. But my reply would be, just come. If your heart tells you that you need to be here by his side then listen to none other.

Around 10 am, the seven police personnel who had been guarding Himanshuji came up to him to say that they had received an order to back out from his protection. It was indeed a good sign, and just like any other day, they were offered the breakfast-time tea. However, about half an hour later, the chief who had left earlier, returned to state that there was a miscommunication and that the protection over Himanshuji’s shadow would continue. Himanshuji indeed is a much-loved man!

The day was quite uneventful, except that VCA’s volunteers – about 12 of them who had been working in various villages – gathered for a monthly meeting. I had the chance to interact with them, to understand how they individually got associated with VCA. Some of them had been working within the Salwa Judum camps, bringing about a sense of hygiene amid the dirty environs. They were of the opinion that the camps were indeed full of small tents where 15-member families had to squeeze in together. “The people are thankful to be alive, but they have been stripped of their dignity. In crammed tents, the situation is nothing short of living in a stable.”

The fourth estate

The volunteers asked me whether I came here after I had read news about atrocities in Dantewada in Mumbai. It was now my chance to flash that smile of surrender, as I explained how advertisements by companies that are the indirect perpetrators of the violence here, were sacred in the boardroom of media houses. So of course, it is easy to ignore the news stories of many rapes and murders and mutilations in a tiny village amid teak trees in Dantewada, in order to get those few extra lakhs of advertisements, which will fuel the New Year and Holi and anniversary parties of the media companies.

Now the volunteers smiled. They said, “There is such disparity in the news reports in the local media about what is happening here. No two reports of any incident are the same. How is the common man here, who goes to work on his scooter and gets back home in time for evening tea and biscuit, supposed to make a judgment?”

The sun set and questions as potent as these lingered on. But Vora of Swarajpeeth had to leave abruptly to address a crisis back home. Tomorrow is another day, that’s what we all harbour in our mind when we try to sleep comfortably inside two blankets. Sleep eludes us all. And we know the reason, but have been searching for the cure.

‘I was raped because my husband was a Naxalite’ – Ledha Bai, Surguja Village

Later in the evening, during the course of some conversation, the weather was beginning to get eerily cold with new revelations and gory stories. Himanshuji told us about a woman called Ledha, whose story curdled my intestine, yet left me feeling optimistic, by the end of it.

Two years ago, Surguja resident Ledha Bai was “allegedly” raped by Balrampur Superintendent of Police, Sitaram Kalluri. Her fault - Being the wife of a Naxalite, who had almost surrendered! She was “allegedly” abducted by the IPS officer and raped repeatedly. When she tried to file a case in the Bilaspur High Court with the help of an advocate and human rights activist, a case of abduction was instead “allegedly” filed against the advocate by Kalluri. Later, her family was “allegedly” abducted; she was threatened to change her lawyer. She was given a public prosecutor, and a day later, she told the Court that she wanted to take back the case against Kalluri. When the Court asked her for reasons, she broke down saying, “Don’t ask me anything.”

Today, Kalluri is IG of Anti-Naxals wing of the Chhattisgarh police of Dantewada range, while Ledha Bai is trying to bring justice to women in the capacity of a social worker, in Surguja.

Himanshu Kumar's fast enters Day 3:
Himanshu Kumar's fast Day 4 - Risk to Life:

Priyanka Borpujari

Monday, December 28, 2009



By Priyanka Borpujari

On Mon, 28 Dec 2009 13:58:33 +0530 wrote

When I visited the site where Vanvasi Chetna Ashram (VCA) earlier stood, amid a virgin forest, the dirt patch to the site was compensated by the scenic beauty on either sides of the road. As I walked past all that was lying scattered, I could sense what Himanshuji must have felt in his large heart when his work born out of intense love for life was razed down in a matter of few hours. Here are a few words which I hope would reflect what goes on in his mind when he sits under a large tree, smiling, sipping water, and explaining to people on the phone the meaning of satyagrah.
Vanvasi Chetna Ashram
Built over 17 years
Razed down in 3 hours
Nothing spared to a quivering breath of life
Even a telephone tower was forced to bend and break
So that no Idea could change your life
Nothing has changed
Neither have the government’s problems
Nor has my motivation to solve tribals’ problem
Commodes, Hand pumps, Dispensary
All faced an insecure government’s fury
(A whole section of the red Earth is now decorated with cylindrical commodes, broken after a community toilet was razed)
While gram sabha welcomed me
An aggressive police force surrounded me
All I could do was let go
As I cannot be pinned to a wall
A rogue state’s boots cannot crush my morale
Once adorning my wall was Vinoba Bhave’s photograph
The police tore it too, as it aced hungrily to get me my epitaph
(Rooms now resemble a grave; but only bricks have been crushed -- no human spirit)
The sky is still bright blue
And the evening sun renders it many hues
The clouds scatter themselves in billows
Much like the cloud of debris below
Mid-day meals,
Equal wages,
17 years I strived
Another 17 and more I will still strive
To return dignity to life
(With this dispensary now in a rubble, villagers have to hire a cab, to get to the nearest hospital which is 14 kms away, and then get fleeced of their meagre money bag by the apathetic doctors)
As I sip only water today
And like millions of deprived brothers here
I keep nutrition at bay
I cannot be silenced
My independence cannot fenced
("This child is hungry for food; I am hungry to get justice for him.")
My fear, if any, is a product of my own assumptions
My assumptions are none other than the immortality of my motivation

Priyanka Borpujari


Sunday, December 27, 2009


NOTE: My friend Priyanka Borpujari is reporting from Dantewada... a first hand real experience of what is really happening there... please follow her blog as well, thank you, one and all for your support!

By Priyanka Borpujari

On Sun, 27 Dec 2009 12:18:00 +0530 wrote

Dantewada resembles a terrific juggler to me; one who is able to toss several jugs up in the air, while making sure that none falls off his control. The juggler is always tensed; he has to give his best shot because everyone’s eyes are on him. He cannot afford to go wrong with any single jug; the one going up in the air next would ruin his game plan to keep his gaping audience enthralled and entertained and coming back to him again and again, and making him rich.

Some similes: If the government is Dantewada, then the jugs are the tribals, the Salwa Judum, the Naxalites, the rich minerals beneath the land and Himanshu Kumar. The government is eager to put up a great show, for its reward is the coveted seat during elections. One mistake in miscalculation of the ‘jug up in the air’, and the government will be hiding for cover. The government appeases the billion-dollar rich corporate who are ever so hungry. And we were taught that only malnutritioned kids could best explain hunger.

Himanshuji commenced on his indefinite fast from this morning. He wasn’t visible around the house till quite late into the morning, and good sense prevailed upon me to realize that be it fast or upwaas, he will always continue to feed people with his conversations peppered with laughter, over the phone. Some bedspreads were laid out under the canopy of a huge tree, and thus began Himanshuji’s day, with the charkha and the phone keeping his hands engaged.

We too decided to observe the upwaas with him and although we had plans to visit a certain village, various possibilities that could come in our way prevented us from taking any trip. We surely couldn’t afford to get nabbed by the cops on flimsy charges, for “carrying IEDs to the Naxalites to distributing Red pamphlets… you can be put behind bars for any reason” were Himanshuji’s words of caution. So we stayed back observing the ‘Tribal Gandhi’ as he was surrounded by his well-wishers, who trickled in through the day.

Sometime around 3 pm, a police jeep came in and cops in civil clothes approached Himanshuji. He spoke to them with utmost respect and concern – didn’t someone speak about love thy neighbor? After all, aren’t these lowly constables just a conduit of a larger system, but are still as much you and me? They handed him a fat envelope that contained several letters in Hindi – learnt later that after a writ petition had been filed in the Supreme Court (by Himanshuji on behalf of aggrieved tribals) about the attack on some villages, the cops had embarked on their investigation. However, as the letter from the Additional Superintendent of Police of Dantewada district mentioned, the police parties sent to investigate the matter could not meet a single villager and hence it was imperative that Himanshuji himself bring those complainants to the police station, and he himself too go along with them so that he could aid in the investigations.

Himanshuji lovingly smiled at the constable who gave him the letter and said, “When two people are fighting, how can a third person intervene to give testimony of one of the warring parties? Isn’t it the job of the cops to investigate?” He acknowledged the receipt of the letters, and what seemed to me the true mark of a someone who has enough love in his heart to satiate the entire hungry world, he bid the cops goodbye, saying, “Thank you for your time, and sorry for any inconvenience caused.” The cops really had nothing to reply back, other than to hang their heads as they approached their jeep, which was driven away from our sight in a great rush, leaving a cloud of red soil rising to the air.

About an hour later, the Thana In-charge (TI, who is equivalent to an Inspector at a police station in a large city) visited Himanshuji, stating that he was passing by the way and decided to drop by to say a hello. He then asked Himanshuji, “What exactly is satyagrah? I ask because, as far as I know, you have not been permitted by the Collector and the SP to conduct either a padyatra or satyagrah or jansunwai. So what you are doing right now – is this satyagrah?”

The TI did not know what trap he landed himself into. Himanshuji told him that satyagrah meant that there was satya (truth) in his actions, and he expected the other person to agrah (accept) that truth. Soon followed a detailed explanation of satyagrah, with myriad examples. The TI was utterly confused by then. He noticed that Satyen was scribbling something in his notebook and asked Himanshuji about him, who replied that Satyen was a journalist from Mumbai. Satyen later told me that the look of surprise was evident on the TI’s face, which conveyed, “What were my men doing that they could not stop a journalist from entering Dantewada?”

Himanshuji continued his explanation of satyagrah, while the TI got ensnarled further into it by Himashuji’s Gandhian father, who continued to add on to his son’s words. Finally, the harried TI decided that he had had enough and that it was time for him to take leave. Perhaps he needed to go home earlier and ponder about each of his actions, whether they merited to be termed ‘satyagrah’.

Before the sun could set for the day, we decided to go and take a look at the erstwhile site of the Vanvasi Chetna Ashram (VCA) where it stood before the cops demolished it in three hours, in May 2009. About 14 kms away from where Himanshuji currently resided, the dirt patch approach to the Ashram compensated for the scenic beauty on either sides of the road. I was prepared to see what my eyes soon fell upon – recent ruins comprising broken walls, grafitti on what used to be a dispensary, broken commodes and hand pumps, an erect telephone tower brought down to the ground…. As I walked past all that was lying scattered, I could sense what Himanshuji must have felt in his large heart when his work born out of intense love for life was razed down in a matter of few hours. Yet, it also becomes a symbol of his resilience. A Tehelka journalist once told him, “Even after your ashram was demolished; you did not turn to look back at it in despair. What can then break you?”

We met one villager there whose name I now fail to recollect, who stays behind the erstwhile Ashram. He said that although he was away when the Ashram was being demolished, he felt the pains now all the more when some villager would fall ill and would have to be taken to Dantewada town for treatment by an expensive hired cab, and then get treated by the doctors at exorbitant rates. There was nothing more to talk about. The sight around said it all. We were also told that the after the demolition, scarp worth Rs 1 lakh was sold, while not much could be salvaged as immediately after the demolition which took place on a Sunday, the rain Gods decided to play a game too the next day. So, much was lost.

When we returned back home, Himanshuji said, “Nothing has changed. The government thought that razing down VCA would silence me, but I’m too stubborn. Nothing has changed – neither has the government’s problems, neither has my resolute stand.”

I knew that although the sun had set, the sun would rise up again. And Himanshuji was the new sun who was spreading his rays of light to his butchered, tortured, abused brethren. Finally the crickets and a loud owl began to play their music, while in the backyard the tribals girls working with VCA began a song-and-dance routine. I could not stop myself from joining them, just as Himanshuji cannot stop smiling despite the adversities that befall him. The smile is to reassure that tomorrow, the sun will rise again.

Priyanka Borpujari

Friday, December 25, 2009



While the whole nation (NGOs, Media channels, NCW, Political leaders & public) is fighting for justice for Ruchika Girhotra to nail the molester DGP S.P.S. Rathore, it is really sad that there is no mention at all about the unfortunate 4 tribal adivasi girls, who were raped by SPOs (Special Police Officers appointed by State Police) a week ago, jailed for five long days and finally released on threats. Yes, a rich man’s girl was molested by a DGP, commits suicide 19 years ago becomes a sensational news item for the whole nation to get glued to the idiot box, but 4 poor adivasi girls’ plight of being raped repeatedly by the law enforcer doesn’t even make a small snippets in our National Media…. It is a SHAME in big capital letters…

Himanshu Kumar of Vanvashi Chetna Aashram (VCA) reveals, “On 22nd December, my loyal friend and a member of VCA Kopa Kunjam was framed in a false murder case and jailed by the police. Kopa is a fearless social activist, who is very popular among the adivasis, for he fights for their rights and working tirelessly day and night for their proper re-settlement. I met these four girls on 25th December, who are scared to death of various consequences after they have been raped by SPOs. After I flashed SMS the SPOs have taken their ‘thumb impression’ on blank papers, the girls were again picked up by the police and kept in jail of Dornapal Police Station for 5 more days. They were finally released on 24th December. How long shall we keep mum on such ghastly crimes by the authorities?”

Will Girija Vyas, Chairperson of National Commission for Women, Home Minister Chidambaram, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Electronic Media fight for justice of the tribal rape victims? Will they explain as to why such ghastly acts are not even making a small news item in National Dailies and News Channels? Why there is complete silence and total blanket in media about the ground realities of Dantewada region in Chattisgarh? All the above mentioned higher authorities are equally responsible for all the rapes of innocent tribal women in these tribal areas… where are their CONSCIENCE? Will they keep mum when their own daughters will be raped by police officials?

There are approximately more than 30,000 Police and Special Forces and very surprisingly 40 to 50 media persons moving in and around the area in swanky cars and vans. When I asked Himanshu Kumar as to why there is no report on such ghastly acts, he states, “Media is here but no surprises at all as to why the real news is not aired or telecasted on National News Channels. Government policies are very clear to support the rich industrialists to have these rich mineral lands, so tribals women are raped, their homes burnt, beaten and threatened by police forces at the behest of our own government. Media persons roam around the areas in swanky cars and vans but they don’t report the realities for two reasons: 1 – Fear of government authorities as they would be also labeled Naxals and 2 - They may not get ad revenues for their respective channels and dailies. It is sad because while the tribals are being treated badly and made homeless, these media people are only concerned about their ad revenues.”

While Himanshu Kumar’s indefinite hunger strike from 26th December is going unnoticed by the National media, corrupt political leader KCR’s hunger strike has created chaos for a separate Telangana in Andhra Pradesh. However, he says, “I am not demanding anything from the government with my indefinite fast. It is the only way to protest against the State for blocking the 14th December Padyatra and requesting all of us to look inwards and seek justice in our own eyes.”

May I request the media to highlight the plight of the rape victims in Dantewada Tribal Regions? The media should be responsible to report the ground realities of such ghastly acts, which is happening under the behest and full knowledge of Home Minister Chidambaram. While the NGO Vanvashi Chetna Aashram’s 65 members are working selflessly to relocate and fight for human rights of the tribals, our government is shamelessly playing a real tyrant to suppress the poor adivasis and snatching away their land, destroying their homes to force them to take shelter in the nearby forest areas. Mr. Chidambaram, if your home is destroyed… please enlighten the 1.2 billion Indians… what would you do? If such acts are not GENOCIDE then what it is Mr. Manmohan Singh? Will the International Human Rights Organizations wake up from their sleep to fight for the rights of poor tribal Indians?

When will we? I ask one and all, when will we break our silence for all the government atrocities that is bestowed under the power of guns in the name of Law & Order? A case of molestation of a 14-year-old girl by the DGP with the support of Chief Ministers of the State is being debated endlessly in Parliament and National News Channels but… ghastly rape of adivasi women doesn’t even make news… How pathetic and callous my own country can be towards its countrymen??? Well, Mr. Chidambaram… your spotless white lungi and shirt is all covered in blood of the innocent Indians… it is high time, you make a brave attempt to clean them by solving the realities…

Tuesday, December 15, 2009



More than one and a half billion Indians are fighting daily war to somehow survive to eat two-meals-a-day and the ‘dailies’ just give it a small column and a two-liner on front pages of some of the reputed National Publications… what a shame! The reality of INFLATION rising and multiplying to THREEFOLDS in just ONE MONTH is astounding and shows our ruling government are literally killing millions of Indian… this callous approach is equal to ‘genocide’ by any nation… and the heights of height is that the main front page news of importance is given to ‘Division and Chaos in Andhra Pradesh’!

If the media doesn’t wake up now to start a movement against the government for the rapid increase of inflation, more and more media houses will be attacked, rapes, robberies, agitations, arson, killings, fast unto deaths, self immolations, increase in poor citizen turning into naxals, selling of wives for food… well… the list is endless…. There is an underlying anger in every Indian today and the day will not be far away, when the billion Indians’ anger will erupt like a volcano to engulf everyone into destruction.

Chaos in the country just to hide their incompetence and diverting the nation’s attention by throwing in inconsequential issues like Babri Demolition, Koda Scam, 3 G Spectrum Scam, Attack Alert, Andhra Pradesh’s division, etc, etc… Congress leaders should be ashamed for being so callous in their approach in their second term of the ruling for instead of providing relief and peaceful environment in the country, they have instigated the nation with hatred and violence in almost every single state. And all these while it is pathetic to see our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh talking about Economic Growth Percentage… Will the percentage feed the billion poor Indians, who are earning a meager sum of money every month… to feed their family with such high prices of ever food item today?

Inflation is rising threefold in a month, but salaries and wages of the poor is not increasing but being cut… so how will the poor feed their families, sent their children to schools, save the family from high cost medical treatments, and above all survive in such tough condition without eating anything? Even the middleclass is feeling the heat of the rising prices and Indians have almost forgotten how ‘dal’ tastes…which was considered to be a poor man’s diet… even a poor cannot think of buying onions today to eat with roti and salt because onions’ price have been on the scale of 25 to 30 rupees a kilo… Truly, it a shame that our corrupt ruling politicians are more concerned about how to make more crores by sucking blood of the poor and sitting in their kursi of power that is being rested over dead bodies of millions of poor Indians. How worst can the situation be for an Indian to live in free independent India?

The media is equally to be blamed, who support the ruling government only to build their brand images of various corrupt politicians instead of reporting the real picture of the country’s plight and serious condition that our nation is facing with inflation skyrocketing every day to a new height. When a media house is attacked, the editors and journalists raise their high voice as if it is the National Disaster, meet the CM, write to PM and what not… however, what the billion and a half Indians are facing today is worst than dooms day! So why they are not taking up this serious issue and hammering the government on a day-to-day basis to see better actions being implemented ASAP! Is the fourth pillar listening to the voice of the billions of Indian?

Foolish and mindless leaders like KCR will fast unto death for a separate Telangana but are there no INDIAN LEADERS, who will go on fast unto death to fight the rapid inflation growth and price rise of all food items? They will all talk bullshit and give mindless quotes to speculate, instigate innocent poor citizen and do nothing, while media will have a field day by giving fire to all the quotes by taking reaction and action, instigate further the already angry citizen to drive them into frenzy of hatred to create chaos in the society by burning vehicles, ransacking shops and establishments, fight with stones and bring various cities into a breakdown of law and order… way to go Indians!

I request the media through this blog to wake up and wake up to bring the ruling government to its knees to provide relief by bringing down the prices of food items by reporting daily as to why the prices are rising so rapidly… why the government is supporting the black marketers, hoarders… bring them into limelight my media fellows… every poor will bless you if you can bring in the change to save the billion and a half Indians’ life to eat peacefully two proper meals a day without stealing, robbing, killing or else dying… Please, please be a responsible citizen of our India!

Monday, December 14, 2009



Is there a direct link to YSR’s sudden and mysterious death to Andhra Pradesh’s separation, staged by KCR? Is Jaganmohan Reddy behind KCR’s ‘fast unto death’ stunt? Was YSR’s death a murder conspiracy or a natural accident? Why the Congress gave in so easily to KCR’s demand for a separate Telangana and Andhra states? What are the main reasons for senior Congress leaders like Pranab Muherjee, Chidambaram, AK Antony, Moily, Ahmed Patel and Sonia Gandhi to support Jaganmohan Reddy to create chaos in the state headed by K Rosaiah, when everything was going on smoothly? How well Congress has diverted the nation’s attention from the continuous steep price rise of all the food items…

All the above mentioned questions are interlinked and the way series of happenings have been unfolding one after another, suspicion rise about YSR’s sudden death in a helicopter crash. Not to mention, his son Jaganmohan Reddy, who should be in a state of shock and mourn, was in Delhi negotiating for the CM post, just days after his father’s death. Honestly, it reminds me of Sanjay Gandhi’s air crash, when Indira Gandhi was reported to rush to the crash site in search of his son’s Swiss wrist watch, in which Swiss Bank account was hidden. The remorse of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Jaganmohan Reddy after the demise of her son and his father respectively were no where to seen during such tragic times. Power battles and greed to acquire more has seen many kings and emperors fail in their past… all in the name of glory and fame… it is really a shame!

Andhra Pradesh was peaceful when almost suddenly from no where KCR became the all attention seeking hero for really no rhymes or reasons. His ‘fast unto death’ stunt became the breaking news as Andhra Pradesh started burning with hatred and greed from a peaceful state. Meanwhile, Jaganmohan Reddy was busy in Delhi meeting all senior Congress leaders to become the future CM of Andhra Pardesh. Students were misled by leaders to protest for a separate Telangana State as Hyderabad burnt against atrocities of police lathi charge and arrests. Few had imagined the Centre’s early intervention to announce from no where that Telangana would soon be made a separate state. All these happened so early at the blink of the eyes that one cannot rule out that this move by the Congress was perfectly planned and staged as per ‘the master plan’!

YSR was revered in Andhra and was known to be a key man to generate revenues in crores for the Congress Party. Jaganmohan Reddy is an ambitious son, who wanted to rule the state as he had all the knowledge of his father’s modus operandi… so the question arises - was YSR killed? Why were Jaganmohan Reddy’s supporters so quick to agitate against the then acting CM K Rosaiah even when YSR’s pyre was still burning? What makes a senior leader like Pranab Muherjee cutting a deal with the young Jaganmohan Reddy so early even when Sonia Gandhi had snubbed his ambition by handing over the reign to Rosaiah? Even though Jagan kept his silence for just a few weeks before he made a visit to meet Sonia Gandhi in Delhi. And just within next couple of weeks, KCR declares fast unto death for a separate Telangana…

The demand for a separate Telangana has been there since the last 40 years and Congress has ruled the maximum at the Centre, so why there was no action in the last four decades? The way the announcement was made by Home Minister Chidambaram after 10 days of fasting by KCR, raises doubts of their dubious master plan, in which Jaganmohan Reddy, KCR and the senior leaders of the Congress are all hands in gloves. So one wonders as to how many crores game or scam is all these drama worth, while innocent lives are being lost?

Is it because Jaganmohan Reddy is not ready to wait for the next five years to be CM led to all these bloodshed, agitation, fast unto death, and so Congress high command had to give in so soon? Five years without power means crores and crores will be lost by Jaganmohan Reddy and Congress… so all these drama was pre-planned and executed to such perfection to fool the nation. The reality definitely will never come out but KCR’s dubious stunt is really hard to believe. A Nation is bigger than any leader and leaders who sacrifice for the betterment of the nation will always be loved but KCR? Today, he is the hero for many but soon after Congress has used him for their respective purpose, he will be thrown aside like a piece of used tissue paper. Definitely, he will make his crores for being hungry for 10 + days but who will remember him in near future?

Instead of solving problems of the nation, Congress has been very successful to give birth to more problems for the nation. By agreeing to split Andhra Pradesh, Congress has given rise to other states demanding for further splits of the nation into small-small fragments. The day will not be far enough when India will be in pieces of small-small state nation like the Ancient India, which will make other powerful country to once again invade and rule us like slaves. It is really a pity that to be in power what all things can be done to fool the nation and its poor citizen… Andhra Turmoil is just the beginning!

Sunday, December 6, 2009



STOP WAR: In no ways, war is safeguarding climate in various regions of the world. In fact, war creates mass destruction and destabilizes the eco-system! But who can challenge the Super Power America and the 42 Nato Countries… in fact, every country is involved in man-made catastrophes, if they are not fighting war, they are fighting terrorism and if they are not fighting terrorism, they are defending their nation from outward aggression… Out of 192 countries, how many countries can say they are not at war? War is directly and one of the foremost reasons for drastic climate change, however, the diplomats will never even discuss such a serious issue, forget about putting a stop on war!

SWISS BANKS – THE VAULT OF THE WORLD: The haven for all the black money of the world to be safely accumulated in one of the smallest countries in the world. Dons, mafia, diplomats, leaders, industrialists and all those who have made money through corruption has an account here and there is no government bodies to challenge Swiss Banks about what and where the whole money is diverted and utilized? Swiss banks are one of the main sources for the increase in global terrorism, which is creating destruction worldwide. Obviously, no country heads will discuss about his own savings in such a bank with all the money he has made in kickbacks, arms deal and drugs selling etc, etc.

THE RICH IS SPARED ALWAYS: While there are billions who use public transport system worldwide, no one will point even a finger at the rich… who contributes the maximum by possessing number of vehicles in their nuclear families. Every rich person should be made to possess only one vehicle per family for their transportation needs and the government should snatch away all the excess vehicles. Such a move will drastically put a check on the pollution and carbon emission in every country.

LEADERS’ CONVOY SHOULD BE KEPT TO MINIMUM: Whenever a leader moves from one place to another, the convoy of vehicles is always contributing in a big way emitting high amount of carbon and misuse of public money. If the convoy is kept to the minimum of just THREE vehicles instead of a dozen plus, imagine how much one can save?

EXPLOITATION OF NORTH & SOUTH POLES IN THE NAME OF RESEARCH: Till modern day inventions and discoveries made it possible for researchers and scientists to reach the North & the South Poles, glaciers were untouched and safe. However, with the rapid increase of exploitation of these two poles by various research agencies from various countries to rape those virgin territories for their greed… even these Poles are been raped in the name of science by various intellectuals. All the machineries and gadgets definitely have contributed in a big way for the glaciers to melt before time.

HIMALAYAN EXPEDITIONS HAVE BECOME A ZOO PARK AMUSEMENT FOR CLIMBERS: The Great Himalayas were untouched till Sherpa Tenzing and Edmund Hillary made it to the summit of Mount Everest decades ago. However, in recent years, Everest has become a zoo park amusement for climbers, who are testing nature’s testimonies to remain unconquered resulting in a regular flow of climbers, who are disturbing the ecological balance between the nature and respective human society. This has to stop with immediate effect, so that nature multiplies rather than being reduced to a mountain without any glaciers.

COUNTRIES WILL NEVER HELP THE POOR TO SETTLE IN A BETTER ENVIRONMENT: All over the world, the ruling government never really cares for the poor people, who live without proper drinking water facilities, basic sanitation, electricity, health care, education, employment and food. And fortunately enough, the percentage of such people are higher than city dwellers in each country. It is this higher percentage of population that will play a major part to solve the problems of climate change than the city dwellers. If these people are taught, looked after properly and supported by the ruling government, they can save their respective surroundings in a much better ways rather than destroying nature to struggle to live in poverty. However, who really cares for these poor people in the five-star culture? In fact, the uneducated village population is much more vigilant to safeguard their surroundings’ environment rather than the selfish greedy so-called educated city dwellers.

FARM FIELDS SHOULD BE PROTECTED LIKE HERITAGE STRUCTURES BY RESPECTIVE GOVERNMENT BODIES WORLDWIDE: Farmers sell their land for better prospects in cities. The rich people buy all these lands to satisfy their greed to accumulate more wealth – the real irony worldwide. Such a move leads to disturbance in the eco-system because the green belts are being concretized. Billions of dollars are spent to safeguard all the heritage structures in the world, so why farm lands cannot be protected by the government in the similar fashion to always maintain the balance in the eco-system? Yes, the population explosion is and will be blamed for meeting the demand and supply theory. However, if the government can check all the migration from villages to cities by giving proper life to the poor people, this phenomenon can be worked out just like in any city a heritage structure is taken care of by spending millions of dollars.

Climate change should be dealt in a simple way rather than making it a complicated issue by the respective world leaders. A simple approach will be more effective. Yes, it is simple to overcome any hazard if one uses the ‘common sense’. But then, there is a huge shortage of ‘common sense’ in the modern world as everyone has bloated egos to nurture one’s personality and authority in the world! Hope we learn fast before it is too late. Only when we will respect the nature, the nature will in its own way respect us to live in peace and harmony.

Friday, December 4, 2009



One really doesn’t need high IQ to come to such a conclusive fact of the rise of global terrorism in the world today. If one uses one’s ‘common sense’ (much more powerful than the highly intelligent policy makers or consultant to top leaders), the conclusive fact that global leaders and the U N O have over the years done almost nothing except killing innocent people and increasing the woes of the common man in different parts of the world. The height of stupidity is: How can one achieve PEACE by waging WAR?

Do these leaders, who rule various countries of the world in their dark black suits, traveling in limousines with black armed guards 24 x 7 have ‘common sense’ at all to solve such a simple theory of peace in the world? Well, if they have… there would have been peace long time ago. By bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the Americans became the Super Power of the world, but were challenged time and again by the mighty Russians. The cold war saw how America used their divide and rule policy when Gorbachev was the head of the Kremlin, to divide the U S S R into small individual states.

Not satisfied with the small fragments, America’s CIA developed Osama Bin Laden into a force to dismantle Russian army in Afghanistan. While the Super Power supplied arms and modern warfare to strengthen Osama’s army in the initial years, the time came when it took a religious ‘U’ turn when Al Qaeda was unhappy with American Israel policies. However, the CIA like the Pakistani ISI supported them with bulk of arms and ammunitions to create chaos in various parts of the world to create the lethal and dreaded industry called ‘Terrorism’! All these while the U N O (I coin them as Useless Nation Organization) was sitting in their air-conditioned offices and doing nothing to contain the move of the Americans and Pakistan. The height of U N O is that only after the war has created all the killings, sufferings and destruction… do they wake up for HUMANITARIAN GROUNDS & HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION… isn’t it funny folks?

Common sense it is, and so simple it is to contain terrorism, if at all the global leaders want to stop or close this industry, but… things are just the opposite. Everywhere in the world, people talk about various blasts, terrorists’ attacks and destruction… however, not even a single media reveals the truth about the arms and ammunition’s supply in such gory attacks? Yes, media also plays an important part in highlighting terrorist attacks, thereby giving importance to various terrorist organizations’ achievements and also various countries head statements after the attacks. Why there is no mention, whatsoever, about who supplies these terrorists organization all the arms and ammunitions? Obviously, it is one among us… so tell me how difficult it is to catch that one man, who is behind all these terrorists attacks?

The truth, behind that one man, there are various global leaders, bankers, industrialists, and media giants… who are the main culprits and earning billions of dollars by supplying arms and ammunition to various terrorist organization from their countries, so they can rule their respective nation. Not that the U N O doesn’t know about such a simple mechanism of the whole terror game but since they are also part of the game plan, they wake up to show their concern about the half dead people in various parts of the world by shouting aloud of violation of human rights and it is here the media plays an important role once again.

Now U N O is supposed to be a united organization right? However, when the US waged war on Iraq, they opposed from their air-conditioned offices watching through the well screened glass windows from the top floors… but did they really came united to stop the Super Power to create more chaos in the already chaos country? In fact, 42 Nato nations send their troops to be with America. Now that George Bush junior has had his share of enjoyment killing millions of Iraqis and thousands of American and allied forces’ soldiers and destructed and looted the small oil-rich nation, it is Obama’s turn now to play war killing games in Iraq, rape them from their natural resources they produce, create more miseries and instability while unlucky American soldiers will be wrapped up in colourful USA flag and sent home to their parents with much fan fare… Now, the UN has woken up from their sleep and so has the British, to reveal that the US and UK were planning Iraq strike since a year even before they finally attacked, by misleading the whole world that Iraq had WMD, which even after 8 years, they have found NONE! So will the International Court of Justice, who punishes war criminals, punish Bush and Blair? NO! They will only punish people, who are weak and powerless…

Terrorist Organizations depend or is run on two major things… Funds and Arms! Swiss Banks are the havens of all these greedy leaders, who finance terrorism in the most secret ways through Swiss Alps. Yes, since Swiss Banks have a privacy policy, no country can challenge to know how much money has been deposited by various industrialists from various countries. Now, what has the UNO done to stop this malpractice of Swiss Banks… It is from here, money flows or change hands between various global leaders and corrupt citizen of various nations, who are supporting the dreaded industry called ‘Global Terrorism’. Has the UNO ever raised such a concern with the Swiss Banks? NEVER! Has any country head ever thought how all the black money from all over the world are accumulated in the Swiss Alps and what really happens with all the money that the Banks uses for? The answer is once again NO!

Yes, no one has ever thought about such a simple route, because by purpose things are shown as very complicated to the world. If transparency is made open to all the countries, whose corrupt politicians have deposited their black money in Swiss Banks and the UNO challenges to know what and how the Swiss Banks operates and do with all the billions and trillions of dollars… the simple answer to global terrorism will come out in open. Obviously, since the whole system is corrupt and vicious while being interlinked with global leaders, no one will ever know who finances the terrorist organizations and who supplies them all the modern arms and ammunition.

The only simple way to stop terrorism is to starve them from finance reaching them to buy arms and ammunitions. Is it really such a big task? Well, if you ask me… NO! Indeed it is much simpler than waging war for peace. However, our highly intelligently stupid and foolish world leaders will never do such a simple thing… Now, the whole world knows that America manufactures near about 63 per cent of global arms and ammunition… so but obvious the main supplier to all the terrorist organization will be the US of A! Will Obama catch that one man, who is the mastermind buyer of US arms, who supplies arms and ammunition to the terrorists? Yes, your guess is right… NEVER!

While the US didn’t hesitated one bit to invade Iraq, they have always supported Pakistan, the haven of terrorist camps and base. WHY? So simple… While they try to show their crocodile tears and concern to the world about terrorist activities, they have never stopped supplying arms and ammunition to Pakistan and terrorist organizations. What is the use of such a Super Power, who talks something and does just the opposite! Is US of A really the Super Power of the world? Well, in my view… their power is not even worthy enough to compete with a small country Iraq… and one and all has seen how in the last 8 years, even with the help of 42 NATO countries, they are still struggling to maintain peace and harmony, forget about winning the war in Iraq and Afghanistan… hahahahahaha… The joke on being such a powerless Super Power is the real fact of today’s America!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


AIDS (1st Dec 2009, 1945 Hrs)

1st December is World AIDS Day! The dreaded disease raises its head only on this particular day every year throughout the world. Funny, how resilient we humans have become, while millions die in various parts of the world. However, today I am writing about a different AIDS, that is so prevalent in the world, yet we have all closed our eyes to let it spread like a plague. This AIDS is much more dangerous than the dreaded incurable disease. You may wonder when you will read how we have allowed such a vicious disease to spread all across the human world, and think…

GREED: Just like the AIDS virus, greed in us has led into such deplorable conditions today, that one is neither ashamed of oneself nor one really cares about its outcome. Yes, greed is ACQUIRED! It is the ‘greed’ that has spread an endemic called chaos in our society. Each one of us wants to become rich at the press of a button, without really doing any hard work. Accumulating wealth by snatching away from poor man’s plate, we don’t even hesitate today to kill to satisfy our greed. It’s the greed that has made sons killing father-mother, father killing son-daughter, brother fighting brother, sister fighting sister, man fighting with man… the end result leads the greedy behind the bars or else towards death that one cannot even save from all the wealth accumulated by snatching away other’s happiness. I often wonder as to why we acquire such a dreaded disease that leads us to fall before our own eyes…

CORRUPTION: The world has become immune to corruption in every sphere of life. Right from birth till death, there is corruption everywhere and one has no option but to pay off… Yes, corruption is IMMUNE! Corrupt leaders, corrupt system, corrupt law & order… the list is endless and the more you think about it, the more vicious the web becomes to hold you in its clutches. In fact, right from the top to the bottom, we have become immune to corruption, so much that even before one wishes to follow the simple procedure, one thinks in advance about getting one’s job by different means. Corruption is the disease that is hard to eradicate and there is no vaccine or else medicine that can challenge the dreaded virus. Wonder of wonders, there is not even a single scientist in the world that is working towards solving this menace.

POWER: Power never constructs but destructs and everyone knows it pretty well. However, deficiency of power also leads to various mayhems and hence every one of us is heading towards power struggle. Be it politicians, government officials, teachers, students, goons, men, women… every one is gunning to be powerful… Yes, power is DEFICIENCY! Deficiency of power destructs in various forms and one who achieves power also destructs to rule the world. However, history has shown how powerful men and kings have ultimately succumbed to lose everything in their power struggle. If you have, you have problems to continue being powerful and if you don’t have, then you will be exploited, threatened and crushed for being powerless.

HATRED: A syndrome that has taken over the human kind with such force that no one, I repeat no one could escape from the clutches of hatred… Yes, hatred is the SYNDROME! However, I have often wondered as to why and how one develops hatred in one’s loving heart? God gave us such a small loving heart and sadly we humans have never really worked on it and that is why there is chaos all over the world, as one old autoricksaw driver once told me. So true that we have never been able to develop more love in this loving heart. However, like a universal syndrome, we have developed hatred to such an extent that no one, I repeat no one is really happy to live in this world.

When you join all these four elements – Greed, Corruption, Power and Hatred – they become more powerful and dreaded and vicious and yes they are incurable like AIDS the disease!