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Friday, August 26, 2011


* More than 120 Scams & still counting... in the last 7 years of Sonia Gandhi - Manmohan Singh – UPA Govt.

2.   * 2G Scam is nearing to tighten the noose at the individual who benefitted the most – Robert Vadra, so to divert the nation’s attention a very well-planned movement was started as many leaders have been pushed inside Tihar. It is the fear of the big leaders & corporate heads whose involvement in Black Money, 2G, CWG, Adarsh, Land Grabbing and what not, which has created a myth to turn into the reality for the sleeping nation to get swayed.
 *        * PM, Sonia, PC and FM’s involvement in 2G Scam is now intelligently at the back burner.
        * The unthinkable Congress’ intelligent move worked in favour to create a mass frenzy following for just a bill that will not see it come in many more years.
     * While the nation has gone crazy over the bill, no one is really trying to understand how well everything was staged to fool the nation by every political parties, corporate (involved in all the scams – Tata, Ambanis & others).

6.    * Sonia Gandhi’s well-planned intelligent exit (surgery, did she really have one?) from the scene just before the fast started so that no one can blame her for all the chaos in the nation.

7.     * The man only wants a debate on the bill in the Parliament and not the resignation of the biggest looter of the nation – PM Manmohan Singh... so when and where the debate will end, no one is even thinking about that??? So silly na?

8.    *  Name one man among 1.21 billion Indians, who is fit to be a Lokpal (even if the bill is passed)? After all s/he will be assisted by IAS & others... so what is the guarantee there will be no corruption.

9.   * I am surprised that neither the Opposition BJP & Gangs nor the man of the moment has even uttered or shown their seriousness to make the PM to step down from the chair even after 120 Scams, zillion of dollars looted and loss to the nation... the loot is still on.

10.*  Solution to make the existing system of Law to be stronger and punishing the corrupt ASAP to show the seriousness is never even discussed as the solution to make the system effective and has been missing since time immemorial.

11.* The shameless PM of the nation is not at all bothered even to step down on moral grounds... well, that is the real irony of my nation! And keeps claiming he is innocent, he is helpless in coalition government and lies blatantly and shamelessly ever since he came to power.

12.None of the MEDIA houses are even asking Rahul Gandhi, Priyanaka or Sonia Gandhi about Robert Vadra’s rise from nowhere to become the fastest growing Billionaire of the nation in the last few years, think WHY?

13.* The DEAL = Dubious Equation Arranged (ill) Legally! - (to fool the nation) keeps happening between the ruling government and the movement.

14.  * Whenever there is a DEAL
The fishy arrangement is to CONCEAL
While the nation is misled & FOOLED
The ‘deal’ parties both enjoy the POOL

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

उठो देश के नेता, जागो अपनी नींद से तुम

(From my archive... English translation is given below the Original)

उठो देश के नेता  
जागो अपनी नींद से तुम
अपनी भूलकर देश की सोचो
नहीं तो तुम न रहोगे तुम
बन जाओगे फिर से ग़ुलाम
क्या यही चाहते हो तुम?
देश को बाँट कर भागों में
क्या राज कर सकोगे तुम?

झुलस रहा है नफरत में देश सारा 
आजादी की पचासवी वर्षगाँठ पर
भाई लड़ रहा आज भाई से
धर्म लड़ रहा है आज धर्म से
भारतीय हो गए हैं एक-दुसरे के खून के प्यासे
भारतीय नहीं रहे अब भारत के
टुकड़ों में बांट कर भारत को तुम
क्या राज कर सकोगे तुम?

वह समय था आज से बेहतर 
जब भारत था ग़ुलाम
हर नेता दे रहा था बलिदान अपना
भारत की आजादी के खातिर
देशभक्ति नारा ही नहीं
था धर्म हर भारतीय का
बहा रहे थे लहू अपना
कि राज कर सकोगे तुम!

आज पर तुम्हें हुआ क्या है 
कि फैला रहे हो आतंक अपने ही देश में
एक दिन वह था मेरे नेता
जब लहू बहा कर पाया था हमने अपने भारत को
कर्म माँग रहा है देश भारत हमारा
उठो, उठो देश के नेता
जागो अपनी नींद से तुम!

--- स्वरचित ---
२३ जनवरी १९९९ 

Wake up, wake up leaders of the nation, wake up from your sleep!

Wake up leaders of the nation,
Wake up from your sleep;
Think about the country forgetting yourself;
Otherwise you will not remain you;
Once again you will become slaves,
Do you wish this to happen?
By dividing the nation,
How will you rule the nation?

The whole nation is engulfed in hatred,
Today on the fiftieth anniversary of Independence;
Brothers are fighting with brothers today,
Religions are fighting with religions today;
Indians have become deadly among each other,
Now Indians are no more India's ;
Fragmenting the nation into pieces ,
How will you manage to rule?

Those times were far better than today,
When India was under British Regime;
Every leader was sacrificing their lives,
For the sake of India's freedom;
Patriotism was not only the slogan,
But it was the only religion of every Indian;
Shedding their blood selflessly,
So you could rule today!

What has happened to you today,
You are spreading hatred in your own country;
Those were the days my leaders,
When millions gave away their lives to free India;
Our nation is calling for action;
Wake up, wake up leaders of the nation,
Wake up from your sleep!

Johnny D
23rd January 1999

Monday, August 15, 2011

मत कर तू अपने देश से प्रेम ऐ देशवासियों

मत कर तू अपने देश से प्रेम ऐ देशवासियों 
नहीं तो भ्रष्ट नेताओ के तले रोंदा जायेगा

हो सके तो लूट ले देश को जमकर तू
तेरा बाल भी बांका कोई न कर पायेगा 

जमा कर देना स्विस बैंक में करूड़ों तू
तुझे जेल में भी नेता बिरयानी खिलायेगा 

हाँ नरसंघार कर सके तू अगरबे में अगर
PM से ज्यादा सुरक्षा तुझे मिल जायेगा

मत कर तू अपने देश से प्रेम ऐ देशवासियों 
नहीं तो भ्रष्ट नेताओ के तले रोंदा जायेगा  

--- स्वरचित ---

Sunday, August 14, 2011



Google a word with SCAM in front of it and one will get tired to keep adding one scam after another... so much so that it is a never ending tiresome work... but ministers, corporate, MNCs, Babus, IAS, IPS and God only knows where and when all these scams will ever end or stop...
Think and you will be amazed at the number of SCAMS the nation has successfully created under the most corrupt Prime Minister India has ever had or will ever have. As I was preparing the list, it seemed to me it is surely an endless effort, as every new day, few more SCAMS are reported in the media... The list is a compilation of SCAMS all across India in both Congress Ruling States and BJP and others...

It all started with Congress Austerity drive, where in MEA – Minister of External Affairs SM Krishna and his aide Tharoor were found to be living in Five Star Hotel Suite and running their office too (all on public money), even though they were provided with Official government Residences... when the media reported the matter, on back foot, the Congress high command asked them to vacate the hotels immediately... later it was known that the hotel bills were paid by some external sources, as reported in the media. And, the never ending list of Scams under Manmohan Singh & Sonia Gandhi ruling, sorry not ruling but LOOTING the nation...

2G Scam: It is the creamiest of the cream to ultimately benefit Robert Vadra (UNITECH)! 1.76 Lakh Crore was the loss to the nation, to benefit every powerful individual one can think of: Robert Vadra, Tata, Anil Ambani, Balwa, Kanimozhi, Raja, Morani... yes, the list is endless...

CWG Scam: Robert Vadra (DLF) once again benefitted, with the help of PM, CM and Kalmadi!

BLACK MONEY Scam: PM and FM Pranab Mukherjee are trying the level best to save the cream of the Indian conglomerate, instead of punishing the people involved, they are protecting them by not disclosing the names of the enemy of the country!

ADARSH Scam: Four Chief Ministers, Army & MoEF for just one Building!

ISRO Scam: PMO’s involvement & Indian Space Agency!

AIR INDIA Scam: How many more billions will be pumped in before the loot is stopped to allow the private carriers to benefit!

FOOD GRAINS ROTTING Scam: Rs. 58,000 billion worth rotting every year! Not to mention the actual figure may be double or three times than the actual!

PDS Scam: The maximum quantity never reaches the poor!

MGNREGA Scam: Billions have been gulped by various government officials!

LIC Scam: Multi-billion kickbacks for loans to benefit LAVASA and corporate companies!

FORCE 1 Scam: After 26/11, Force 1 is yet to be allotted Land for their camp in Mumbai!

BULLET-PROOF JACKET Scam: We lost an able officer and no one has been punished yet!

CASH 4 VOTE Scam: Billions to buy ministers!

LAND ACQUISITION Scam: More than 40 regions and many politicians involved!

CROPS LOSS Scam: Rs. 1000 Billion AID announced by CM Chavan in December and even in August, the AID has not been disbursed because of Red Tapism! No one is asking the interest earned by this Rs. 1000 Billion goes in whose pocket!

IRRIGATION PROJECT Scam: After 30 Years & 180 % escalation in project cost, various projects are still incomplete or non-functioning in Vidarbha and many other regions, many CMs have come & gone!

ROAD REPAIRING Scam: Road repairing starts only when monsoon is in full swing! And mind you, once the monsoon is over, no one even talks about this... mud is filled by contractors of PWD... it is a multi-billion scam!

ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION Scam: Builders-Politicians - Corporate nexus benefits!

MID-DAY MEAL Scam: Government Schools & Aanganwadis all across never get the sufficient food grains for children – be it cities or else rural region!

FCI GODOWNS Scam: Only 20% Storage Capacity since last 64 years! As more and more food grains are allowed to rot while millions die of hunger & malnutrition in our nation!

MINING Scam: BJP & Congress (Andhra Pradesh) Politicians have benefitted by defying laws while the Tribal Villagers are being thrown out from their ancestral house and fields!

SWINE FLU Scam: H1F1 vaccine at high price was bought in bulk (now lying waste) from MNCs while Indian firms were exporting to foreign countries at cheaper rate!

PLANTATION Scam: Damodar Valley Corporation Ranchi swindled Rs. 8 Billion and many others!

NHRM Scam: National Health Rural Mission in Uttar Pradesh!

IPL Scam: Robert Vadra (DLF – SRK Kolkata Knight Riders) again benefitted!

SPEAKASIA Scam: Rs. 8,000 billions!

PRO-EDITORS-POLITICIANS-CORPORATE Scam: Radia – Barkha Dutt – Rajdeep Sardesai – Prabhu Chawla – Tata – Raja & Congress!

NTRO Scam: UAVs security gadgets procured @ higher rate for KARGIL!

UID Scam: Forbes India News claim it to be the Biggest Scam as it doesn’t have Legal Sanctity!

FAKE PILOT Scam: 22 Cases so far as on 10th August 2011& Involvement of DGCA Officials!

PLANNING COMMISSION Scam:  Defines BPL as Rs. 15/- per day for Rural India and Rs. 20/- per day for Urban Areas was enough to keep Indians out of Poverty!

PROVIDENT FUND Scam: Judges and Builders swindled PF Funds!

HOUSING LOAN Scam: Banking Officials & Corporate Companies swindled billions!

FINANCIAL MARKET REGULATIONS - SECURITY Scam: Corporate governance swindled billions!

IT Scam: Satyam!

THERMAL POWER PROJECTS Scam: Land to Coal to water... everything is being looted

BSNL Scam: The government company has been losing money in billions and no one is even worried about it!

ELECTRICITY Scam: MSEDCS buy power @ Rs. 3.10 and supply to franchisee @ Rs. 2.70 & Rs. 2.33 per unit to various corporate companies to incur loss of more than Rs. 380 Crore!

JHARKAND POWER Scam: Irregularities in implementation of Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification Programme in Palamu division!

IAS Couple Scam: Billion of rupees found underneath beds!

SECURITY LAPSE Scam: Bombay rocks again with multiple blasts as CCTVs maintenance lapse fails yet again as billions were spent on the gadgets!

SECURITY Scam: Financial Market Regulation Security has been compromised!

TAJ CORRIDOR Scam: Mayawati’s Multi-billion dollar Ambitious Project in UP!

UREA Scam:

Lottery Scam:

Ration Card Scam:

Flood Relief Scam:

Drought Relief Scam:

Temple Land Scam:

Indian Oil Corporation Scam:

High-End Cars’ Duty Exemption Scam: Cricketers, Bollywood Stars, Rich & Car Dealers benefitted in this multi-billion dollar scam!


Election Fund Scam:

Defence Scam: Scorpene Deal!

Tata Finance Scam:

Koda Scam:

Aircraft Import scam;

ISRO Land Scam:

BCCI Scam: Dalmiya!!!

Fake Currency Scam: UP Bank!

EMRI Scam: Rs. 5,600 Billion / crore!

Ordinance factory Board Arms Deal Scam:

AICTE Bribery scam: Chairman RA Yadav!

SBI Scam: Fake cheques to loot the bank by bank officials in Kanpur!

Bollywood Scam: 2009 Nasir Khan & Morani’s involvement!

Gold Quest Scam:

Railway Ticket Reservation Scam:

RPF Scam: Looting poor passengers to give seat in General Compartment!

Kandala Port Trust Scam:

Medical Council of India scam:

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSC) Post office Scam:

IFFI Scam: Goa!

Citibank Scam:

MSTC Scam: Mineral Scrap Trading Corporation!

NSDL Scam: National Security Depository IPO Scam:

TEXT BOOKS Scam: Text Books for free distribution to poor students sold as scrap by District Education Officials in Gujarat!

.... More scams are unearthed every single day and there are many small-small scams (worth just few billions that I have not mentioned in the list!

To be very honest, I am really tired to keep maintaining record of all the scams in my nation. I am truly sad, frustrated, and very angry and wonder when will this ever stop! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011


“behtar toh ghulami ke din the, jab har koi apne hindustan ke baare mein marne tak ko taiyaar tha... azaadi ne dekho kaisa rang badal dala hindustan aur hindustaniyon ka!!! dukh hota hai jab garib janta ka ye haal hota hai...unka kasoor bas itna hai ki woh GARIB HAI & KOI NAHIN HAI UNKA, KOI NAHIN! KHUDA BHI NAHIN!”

If we can all walk in unison to burn candles @ TAJ & Oberoi post 26/11, I wonder why we cannot walk in unison to see the politicians taking action to save the lives of the poor? This is not majbori (compulsion)... but this is sheer insensitivity and callousness towards others' death and the other being POOR! So why should we really care? Poor are dying as it is, every single day... what is the big deal?

This insensitivity and callous nature of urban population, who have shut their eyes to everything that is not affecting them, have resulted in the rule of arrogance of the government to kill millions of poor in every single place of the nation to satiate their never ending greed... nation is being looted left, right and centre... poor are being killed by bullets, bombs and various policies in the name of economic development and nation’s progress.

We have become so insensitive towards death of the poor that we really don't care at all and everything is normal the next very day as if nothing has ever happened... we only cry when such attacks take lives of one of our own dear ones... that is the time we realize the pain, the sorrows, the helplessness and the anger... till it is the unknown poor... no one cares! That is why I hate the spirit of Mumbai / India while everyone is applauding the INSENSITIVE SPIRIT OF MUMBAI as if it is a great thing.... it is sheer stupidity and callousness towards fellow Indians... WAKE UP before such blasts starts happening in your own backyard... Does it need a terrorist attack to unite us each time?

Do we really want a change? NAA.... that is why all these things are happening... because of our resilience and closed mouth & sleeping state, the government is doing such things at will and oh so openly... looting billions and billions of dollars, and killing millions of poor everywhere and we will just shout for a day and then say - "yaar majbori hai, office toh jana padega nahin toh khana kaun khilayega?"... because poor are dying so no one cares... but when the attack was on the rich and the affluent @ The Taj, Oberoi & Leopold... the whole of Mumbai woke up to burn candles and then what? CM was sacked and so was the Home Minister and everything moved at a faster pace... however, not for too many days... when the CM & the HM were sacked, came in the new ones, who are worse than the previous ones... more bombs have blasted the streets of India and more poor innocent Indians have been killed in all such attacks.

There have been more bomb blasts under the so-called able leadership of Chidambaram: I beg to differ though, he has been responsible to create more chaos in the country than any of his predecessor.

“The attacks include the February 2010 bombing of the German Bakery in Pune; the April 2010 serial bombings at the Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore, the drive-by shooting at Delhi's iconic Jama Masjid in September 2010, and the December 2010 bombing at the Shitla Ghat in Varanasi, and not to forget the recent spate of lawlessness to lathi charge and firing of teargas on sleeping poor at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi. Oh yes, who can forget the Telangana crisis?”

When will all these killings end? When will Indians stand on the street or in front of the Parliament to ask the arrogant ruling government when will you make our lives secure? The recent spate of Serial Bomb Blast in Mumbai has been so coolly blamed on the terrorist outfits, almost immediately, but look at the larger picture... it coincided so well with the PM’s Cabinet Reshuffle... so the media had to be fed with something sensational and something big, so that the nation’s attention will be diverted from the horrible reshuffle and all the scams and the safeguarding of the Black Money by the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister... And yes, the Congress has succeeded in doing so, as callous news anchors are shouting their hearts out, to outdo each other, to sensationalize the blast... while every other important news goes back in dustbins.

Tomorrow few Mumbaikars will don white dress to light up candles (but obvious it will not happen this time because the rich have not been killed), walk in whites and then by evening party as if nothing has happened... heart boils because we are really not ready to ask our politicians what the hell is happening in our own country... till then these things will keep on happening... killing of innocent will keep on happening and till one is not affected, people will sleep, sleep and do just nothing!

What to say about the nation who prefers to sleep and just not ready to ask the bloody corrupt politicians why the hell my nation is being looted, bombed and innocent being killed at their will??? WHY? WHY? WHY? - It is not terrorism but the intelligent way to divert the nation from the recent CABINET RESHUFFLE, SCAMS & BLACK MONEY TRAIL!!!

And it was so easy for most of the urban population to say – “Oh, what can we do? We have to feed our families so we have no option but to go for work the next day!” We already have 10,000 readymade excuses to show our resignation and the will that we have to accept whatever is happening without demanding our rights to get protection from our own government. Ask the family who have lost someone dear, someone who earns the bread & butter for the whole family, ask the mother who has lost her son / daughter, ask the father who has lost a son / daughter or brother or sister, ask the old grandmother who has lost her last hope... who will fill all these voids in their respective lives, WHO? WHO? WHO?

The PM & the CM will declare one lakh or at the maximum 5 lakh compensation for lives lost, the probe will never reach the conclusive report and yes, no one.... I repeat NO ONE WILL EVER BE CHARGED OR PROSECUTED for all these bomb blasts and if at all, we catch a dreaded terrorist, we will feed him biryani, teach him Marathi and then if possible give him a wild card entry to the high profile stupid TV show BIG BOSS and then the callous MEDIA will splash him as the hero of the nation!

My heart really boils when the poor are being killed for no reasons at all... it is the poor who make the rich more rich... every single drop of blood is being sucked and till the last drop is sucked this vicious circle will continue with more vigour and passion to satisfy the greed of the few rich and corrupt politicians... after all, the urban India want their comfort intact and as long as they are comfortable... let the poor die, who cares really?

They will move on and go to work the next day with a fear the next bomb blast may take some more lives but as long as we are safe, why should we really care about all the killings of the poor all across the country... mujhe toh mera AC mil raha hai aur 24 ghante electricity mil raha hai... khana bhi mil raha hai... main kar bhi kya sakta hoon?

That is why at the start I wrote:

“behtar toh ghulami ke din the, jab har koi apne hindustan ke baare mein marne tak ko taiyaar tha... azaadi ne dekho kaisa rang badal dala hindustan aur hindustaniyon ka!!! dukh hota hai jab garib janta ka ye haal hota hai...unka kasoor bas itna hai ki woh GARIB HAI & KOI NAHIN HAI UNKA, KOI NAHIN! KHUDA BHI NAHIN!”

“It was better in the days when we were under the British when everyone was ready to die for the nation... see how FREEDOM has changed the colours of India and Indians!!! I am sad when the poor have to suffer this way... their only fault is that they are POOR and that there is NO ONE for them! Not even GOD!