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Friday, July 31, 2009

d'spenexecuteseverything/ World/ society/ jealousy/ excellence/ love.html/ 31.07.2009

World/ society/ jealousy/ excellence/ love.html/ 31.07.2009

The world is so beautiful yet ugly in nature. Chaos everywhere, unhappy people, jealousy continue to grow its tentacles like a disease… I often wonder why the world always is jealous of others, who are better than them… To me, excellence is an inborn quality that is really hard to achieve with hard work and dedication (I may be wrong though, for sure). It is infectious like habits are…

Each one of us, yearns to be loved and wish to love others, yet it is strange that jealousy seeps into the human system like a virus, all set to destroy the love and beautiful feelings. If you cannot be like others, you can at least try… why? Why people cannot appreciate others’ excellence? Who do we blame for such an atrocious behaviour??? The society or mere an individual, who is jealous about others…

Whether it is in a family, your neighbourhood, working place or else just almost everywhere one can think of… the seeds of jealousy is so strong that it has made the world a sadistic place to live in happiness. We haven’t learnt from ages and ages, even though we have developed our world into a modern marvel with gizmos, discoveries and inventions…What is more astonishing is that our hearts are so small, yet it remains unconquered!

All the modern discoveries and inventions are useless according to me because we still haven’t found a way to discover our loving heart… yes, love resides in every single heart yet… well… life goes on…

Thursday, July 30, 2009

d'spenexecuteseverything/ News channels/ TRPs/ Qasab/ Manohar Kahaniyan/ Satyakatha.html/ 30.07.2009

News channels/ TRPs/ Qasab/ Manohar Kahaniyan/ Satyakatha.html/ 30.07.2009
Mitra Prakshan, Allahabad publisher of Manohar Kahaniyan and Satyakatha, monthly magazines, must be out of the market after the invasion of news channels for sure… because they have and are outdoing these two magazines’ content to the hilt… the Hindi magazine used to write about sex / crime / thefts / and all that is related to lower strata and their readerships too belongs to the same clan…

Today, the fight of TRPS, (Totally Ridiculing People’s Sentiments, according to me) have seen once respected news readers and anchors stooping so low that no one is really bothered about quality content any more… How do you feel? They all ask to victims of catastrophe, murdered relatives etc, etc… wish they could answer the same question on national television when they lose someone dear to crime or natural calamities… I would love to see their reaction and answer… CALLOUS in capital letters, how I would describe their action to garner a TRP war???

Where are we heading in the so-called 21st Century? We, humans have become more pre-historic, barbaric and that too, with all the education acquired in this modern society. A society, which will stoop as low as one can ever think of, just to earn fame, name and money… A terrorist, who killed many Indians, is being sympathized for his want of talking to his mother and what not… while the dreaded beast is smiling at us, Indians and its age-old judiciary system…

All those, who marched in solidarity after the 26/11 attack were very happy having been covered on national television for a 2-second fame and concern… today, no one really bothers whether Qasab should be hang in public or else become the next winner of BIG BROTHER Contest… the first option is impossible as we, Indians are peace-loving country with great sense and sensibilities (even when terrorists enter our house to create a massacre, stupid, isn’t it?)… but the possibility of the later is very much the near future… How can one forget, don Abu Salem’s wife Monica Bedi’s career take off???

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

d'spenexecuteseverything/Health minister/ cigarettes/ cancer/ health hazards/ 29.07.2009.html

Health minister/ cigarettes/ cancer/ health hazards.html

Cigarette industry or say, the tobacco industry is multi crores industry, that Government of India can never overlook or just ignore because of its revenues… each one of us knows pretty well, consumption of tobacco is injurious to health, leading to cancer, T.B and other chronic illnesses… yet, the Govt. of India is selling it to its healthy citizen with much more aggressively… now that the huge picture of cancer on every single packet of cigarettes… who cares with millions of death all around us because of greedy politicians?

What the health minister and the rest of the media have overlooked is how the health minister and the Govt. of India is selling CANCEROUS DEATHS to its healthy citizen so openly… is really one of the most heinous crime… while the health minister is justifying in depicting the huge picture on the pack (to warn the people about its ill effects), his conscious of allowing it officially cancerous deaths is indeed amazing and so callous! I wonder and am amazed as none of the so-called Social Activists / hungry media grabbing so-called kind politicians making it a big issue…

It is indeed a very big issue as to how the Govt. of India is selling deaths to its own citizen… do we really need any terrorists when our own Government is so capable to kill us for their greed / revenues and selfish motives???