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Sunday, August 30, 2009



How honest are these politicians as the electronic media are having one debate after another like crazy horses in an open field to prove who is right and who is wrong? How true are they in performing their responsibilities as public’s representatives? We all know they are shamelessly lying point blank on television and yet the hype that media gives to them is really pathetic… while international channel BBC can go in remote villages of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Bengal to show the plight of villagers being affected by floods (cattle dying, no food or drinking water, homes submerged in water, watery graves… our desi channels’ editors are busy debating BJP leaders being honest and dishonest!

Wonder of wonders! How low one and all can be, fighting a war of words and honour (for these shameless leaders) as if the nation will be fed and get respite from hunger for poor villagers by these corrupted leaders’ honesty??? Pity, how everyone has sold their conscience to cheat the next one standing in the long queue of power, money and greed??? While each leader from BJP is trying to show their honesty by lying openly (surprising thing is that media believes every word of what each one of them say, hahahahahaha…. Strange and really funny! It also shows, our electronic media doesn’t have any intelligence and brain and are still confused about TRUTH and LIES)… the Congress and PM of the nation doesn’t hesitate to lie in recent times (within a span of just 10 days)… yet, the media is not bothered about this…. After all they are only bothered about breaking news… how a producer molests model-actress in open public as publicity stunt and the law doesn’t act because there is no FIR lodged by the victim, who is part and parcel of the stunt!!! Truly global picture of our nation!!!

First, PM of our nation gives a statement – “No need to panic because of drought, we have enough stock of food grains!” And yesterday Manmohan Singh says, “No one has control over drought. It’s a severe drought. If you look at the numbers, it’s in many parts, it affects prices (drought is to be seen Mr. PM as if it is masala Bollywood movie?).” If we have enough stock, will the government explain as to why the prices of food grains are rising every day? Two different statements from our PM within a span of ten days… If experts are to be believed India’s Food Grain Stock (50 million tones) are just enough to feed the nation for another three months… so what after three months??? Beg, Borrow or Steal… is that what our PM wants each citizen to do after three months???

Another big lie of Congress led UPA government is: Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar on Food Security ACT of UPA’s 100-day programme revealed – “The act is yet to be implemented because the process is long and tedious. It will take more than a year to fully implement the programme.”

One big lie after another and there are only barrage of statements and no action at all… while the farmers are suffering every single day facing the drought and floods… when will the government act, after all the farmers will die of hunger and thirst??? (So that they can show their relief work done in crores on papers and record files before sending aid money in their Swiss Banks’ accounts?) It shows how the Congress (Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi and others), who went village to village to BEG votes like beggars, so they could come in power and now that they are in power, they are enjoying life without worrying for the poor, who are dying… It also shows how our PM has failed and has no knowledge of country’s real status!!!

He was seen wooing the Foreign Investors in Rajasthan yesterday by announcing, “We open our gates for foreign investors with all our support (so they can make more dollars Mr. PM)…” So what if your countrymen die of hunger? While Rajasthan is reeling under severe drought situation, our PM without any thoughts will lend all the support to Foreigners while his own countrymen are dying with no irrigation and drinking water, no food grains, no income and no government relief in sight… such reality will never be covered by our electronic media but Jaswant, Advani and others are lying will get all day-long coverage… Such is India and our mentality really-really sucks… we don’t really care how many of our countrymen are dying every day in the country but when an Indian is attacked in Australia… all our media, Bollywood stars and politicians will jump in condemning one single attack??? SHAKE UP YOUR CONSCIENCE FOLKS and do something real good… act fast and act well…

Saturday, August 29, 2009



They lured the nation before the election with their 100-day-programme and load of promises, which they have failed to fulfill, having completed their 100-day in power… However, no sooner Congress was in power they are bleeding the poor citizen of the nation by helping the corporate companies… and offering cheaper power rates to Malls… drought-hit farmers are left to defend themselves by committing suicide and flood victims will ultimately die in watery grave… who really cares?

Now Chief Minister of Maharastra Ashok Chavan announced today (the Ganesh festival is nearing it end) that sugar will be made available at Rs.20/- a kg in ration shops from September 7th… knowing pretty well the State Assembly polls are up in October… How cheap these political parties can be… all this while, Sugar travelled from Rs.20/- to Rs.40/- a kg and they didn’t do anything… only when they were questioned by the media about the drought situation, first the Agriculture Minister says there is plenty of sugar and later says there is shortage so the price is rising… and when the pressure were being made by bloggers of the nation, the media questioned them and soon like a magic, raids were made to catch a cache of sugar worth crores being stored by black marketers, who are hands-in-gloves with these politicians… all just to show they care for their subjects. They remembered just because Maharastra Assembly Polls are nearing…

While farmers and villagers are suffering the drought and flood situations in the nation, the Congress is busy wooing the corporate bigwigs, PM trying to solve Ambani brothers’ gas feud, power subsidies to be given to Malls (only the rich and middle class citizen buy things there) and IIM centres are being increased… at what cost? At the cost of farmers dying because of no monsoon, no irrigation and drinking water, no electricity, no crops to feed their own families and no income to survive the crisis… yet there is no sign of any relief work being done by Congress and State governments of respective states… one wonders, how cruel and callous these ruling politicians can be…

Power surely destructs and India really doesn’t need a Pakistan to cause destruction in the nation. Our political leaders are highly qualified to cause destruction and chaos in the nation to fill their coffers in the Swiss Banks. The pre-poll promises are soon forgotten once the elections are over and top industrialists are wooed for their own benefits… The saddest part is that every single party be it Congress, BJP, Shiv Sena or any other – they all are replicas of each other… greedy, shameless and power hungry… it is time for the public to teach these politicians by not voting them in power… be Sharad Pawar or else Ashok Chavan!



A boy of 16, influenced by his chawl friend Kanu Bhai Joshi (now late), got enamoured so much by seeing Ganesha made of grains in 1960, that the following year, he made Ganesha with 10 to 12 coloured grains (dals, rice, wheat, jeera and others) for the very first time. He has since then never looked back and each year, since 1961, with true dedication and devotion towards Lord Ganesha. Mohan Kumar Dodecha (now 66 years old) has been weaving magic year after year with his saboodana Ganesha and this year happens to be the 49th year of his creation. “We have taken the theme from Dushyant-Shakuntala tale this year,” says the devoted artist.

His friends, Dayaram Hindisotta (since last 49 years), Bhupesh Joshi, a photographer (since last 38 years), Vasant Tiwari (since last 29 years) and his elder brother Meghji Bindu, a renown Gujarati poet, and a his family consisting of daughters Jasmine, Avni and his own daughters Diya and Dipti have dedicated the 15 days creation year after year. People from as far as Kolkata, Gujarat, Delhi, Pune and all over Mumbai, wait anxiously when Mohan Kumar opens his creation for a 14 days for public to pay their respect, devotion and appreciation. If one wish to have a look at his magnificent creation, then from tomorrow (August 30th to September 13th) onwards one can be in Mulund… ask anyone about Saboodana Ganesha and people will guide to his creation, such is Mohan Kumar’s popularity. (One can get all the information and see his earlier creations on his website:

A boy of 17 will dedicate all his youth to weave his magic year after year after his father’s undying faith in Lord Ganesha was also inspired by Magsyay Award winner Shastriji Pandurang Vaidyanath Athavale, who visited and encouraged the young lad. Mohan Kumar reminisces, “His kind words enlightened me and each year I have created a new form. It gives me immense pleasure and every year for 15 days, I am on creative annual leave 24x7.” The size of his creation usually ranges from 7-10 by 5-7 feet and he uses 40 plus kilos of more than 300 hues of colour. Even though, the saboodana rangoli is weaved on the floor, one is amazed for its 3-D effect and one can feel as if the picture is real!

Mohan Kumar has also been inspired by famous legendary artist SM Pandit’s (now late) paintings, having shared a lovely friendship after the initial response from the great artist. He recalls, “SM Pandit’s paintings have a magnitude that depicts full mythological story, and his detailing, colour sense and intricacies are the trademark of his masterstroke! I had approached the great artist to see his work transformed in saboodana. Very surprisingly, he gave me some lame excuses. I was adamant and told him, I will open my yearly exhibition only and only when he arrives to be the first person… He was touched by my dedication and devotion towards his paintings, so finally he relented.” Needless to say Mohan Kumar’s creation made the artist utter just two words – “GREAT WORK!” Since then, they remained friends till the artist left for heavenly abode. The artist rewarded Mohan Kumar’s devotion and creation by allowing him to shoot all his personal collection of paintings at his place in Gulburga, Andhra Pradesh. Today, he is the only person to have the legendary artist’s exclusive art collection.

Will the Guinness Book of World Record recognize this man’s creation and dedication to create unique form of Lord Ganesha since the last 49 years??? The record is indeed a rare unmatched one! I do hope so on its 50th year, next year… However, the magical weaver (I call him a weaver because he weaves his magic with saboodana) confesses, “The greatest satisfaction for any artist in the world is to be appreciated by one and all with true emotions. Year after year, people who see it once, make sure to visit me annually. This is my real reward… because my dedication and devotion towards Lord Ganesha, ever since I came in contact with HIM, is not for any monetary gains or record… Bappa has been very kind to me and my family. HIS blessing has been guiding me and I am thankful for that.”

Mohan Kumar has been creating various forms of Ganesha and has dabbled in various materials like wood, paper, granite, rope, pearls, brass, plywood, wire & mesh, marble, pebbles, stain glass, wooden blocks, panch datu (five metals), copper, cotton, steel, limestone, plastic, jalebi mixture, cloth, mino work, wools, beads and net… The amazing finesse and creativity of this creator is that no two Ganeshas are similar in any which way. My association with this humble down-to-earth man has been since the year 2000, when I met him for the very first time. The bonding, year after year have been strengthening in ways only Lord Ganesha can reveal… Hope you enjoy Mohan Kumar’s creation… visit him… and you will be spellbound!

Thursday, August 27, 2009



Politicians are not pious as their spotless white-clad kurta-pyjama depicts them to be. Born liars, corrupt to the core, shameless, no moral conscience, power hungry, greedy to the highest limit, ready to retract by quoting once-twice and so on, will compromise to benefit themselves… they are the species that will not even hesitate to sell their own mothers to a broker, if there is something for them…

Every freedom revolution, the world all over, has seen how these greedy leaders broker the deal to benefit them at the cost of the nation… their closet is full of skeletons that stumble out, no sooner their services are not required any more by the party or the broker. Even India’s independence has seen many such cases when revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and many others who have laid their lives for our freedom. Freedom at what cost, I ask?

Azad, Bhagat Singh and Bose must have never thought that their blood will go a waste while Nehru, Gandhi, Jinnah and Saradar Patel will compromise to rule the nation and let millions of united Indians kill each other with hatred to divide the nation. First we sold our souls to the British traders, lick them for few benefits, let them rule us for more than 150 years and then follow their law as if that is the law in itself. Shameless and a pity that these leaders rule us with other options left… who do we blame??? It is US, the janta, who have never questioned their authority and punish them in public so that they could lead us to a better future.

The situation that India is in, it bleeds and pains me, to see how political leaders are busy fighting a personal ego war with each other, without really caring for nation’s plight… while the nation is suffering with drought, floods and political crisis, these leaders are busy unveiling cans of TRUTH OR LIES (mine is bigger than yours syndrome) to outdo each other… Jaswant Singh to Yashwant Sinha, Brijesh Mishra to George Fernandes, Advani to Aroon Shourie… every single politician is a liar and an opportunist… they will do anything to be in the limelight… Jinnah was secular or not…. But these corrupt BJP leaders have proved that they are not at all secular by any means and they will harm the nation with more and more revelations as the time unfolds.

Jaswant Singh is not as pious as Advani or Rajnath Singh are considered to be… they are all of the same clan… and one can see the hours and hours of media circus on the electronic channels… each one of them are unveiling the secrets of their past… the Congress is no different either… after all they too belong to the same clan…

It is high time, when all these corrupt political leaders should be made to pay up for their sins and manipulations to be in power… and every single citizen of India should punish them for leading the whole country in to such a grave situation… the louder the sound of a leader, the more he is telling the biggest lies of his life… The media should restraint themselves by not encouraging these power-hungry and publicity-hungry politicians lie to the nation through their medium… in the law of court, these politicians should be tried and made to pay for their actions… But who will do it? Yes, the big question in front of each one of us is… who will bell these killer cats? Time for some soul-searching folks… till my next blog… don’t worry, it will be sooner than you expect…



Publicity stunt before the election created a great image of the Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi, who was seen working hard with villagers in dusty villages… However, post-election, where is the Gandhi beta hiding??? Why Rahul Gandhi is not in the forefront to lead his young leaders to the drought-hit and flood-hit villages and save our farmers at the hour of crisis? Is his PR activity finished because Congress is finally ruling the country? Where is mother, the controller of the nation Sonia Gandhi??? Why none of the responsible leaders opening their mouth, mind, and conscience at this hour, when the nation needs them so badly?

I know my blog is being found repetitive because I am talking only about the current crisis, drought and floods, price rise and the corrupt politicians… I wonder why Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar is not sacked by the Congress, not only for misleading the nation about the situation but also for not doing anything about the current crisis. He is only bothered about Sugar Mill Owners to get that 20 per cent increase… When BJP leader Jaswant Singh can be sacked over a book on Jinnah, why shouldn’t the Congress sack the Agriculture Minister for making every citizen pay a price for his misleading information about drought situation and still sitting cool in his air-conditioned office? While Rahul can talk big-big things during election rallies, it is sad that the future leader of the nation is keeping mum on such a grave situation… Would they (Congress) keep silent if their government was in the opposition???

Rahul, walk that extra mile now… for we all know, whether we like it or not, one day Congress will make you the PM of the nation… however, if you don’t show how much you care about nation’s poor farmers and citizen, for sure, the public won’t vote you to power in the next election. Media should catch hold of Gandhi scion and ask as to why his ruling government is so-so ineffective and callous to act and save the plight of the villagers, who have no monsoon, food, crops, irrigation water, drinking water and a means to earn their livelihood… Media, especially the electronic media should be aggressive and make every single ruling party MP and MLA to answer their silence… when the county is in danger….
Rahul Gandhi, please come forward and take some drastic action and save the poor villagers…

Corruption/ PM/ No action plan/ Drought in nation/ Corrupt politicians/ Price rise/ Black money/ 27.08.2009

Corruption/ PM/ No action plan/ Drought in nation/ Corrupt politicians/ Price rise/ Black money/ 27.08.2009

“Don’t let big fish escape,” says our PM to CBI yesterday… Has Manmohan Singh finally woken up from his sleep to tell the CBI officials to curb corruption by catching the big culprits, who are leading in Black Money in the world, if reports from Swiss Banks are to be believed… Yes, Indian businessmen, industrialists, politicians and high corrupt officials are the number one in terms of the total amount of money deposited in those Swiss Alps, safe and with no accountability to our government and nation, whatsoever!

Amazed! Surprised or else bewilderment! Well, at least we have achieved the No.1 spot, so what if it is all about BLACK MONEY! PM’s statement has come way, way too late… if MMS (Manmonhan Singh) was a novice and a new Prime Minister of India, then such statements would have really built his brand image as an honest politician, who really wants the nation to progress. However, an accomplished Economist and now leading the nation in its second term… what was he doing in his first term??? Please answer Mr. PM…

Corruption, right from the top to the lowest levels, is like AIDS… an immune system that is really hard to eradicate from the system by uttering mere statements in a press conference… The day, our leaders and politicians will serve the nation with true dedication and responsibilities, and deal severely with the culprits, corruption will automatically vanish… the conscience, the greed to accumulate more than the others and cheat others… are not so easy to vanish by PM’s statements overnight.

It is really a shame and a pity that we are still living in the dark ages and every white khadi-cad politicians are corrupted to the core… but obvious, the system carries on with the lower levels and to such a level that a police constable or a traffic havaldar will let you off with just Rs.50/- if you have broken the law, like jumping the red light… Government offices, hospitals and anywhere you set foot on, without bribing the officials, one can never get one’s work done… the higher the bribe, the faster the work gets done… Why MMS has not implemented anti-corruption cleaning system to be foolproof in its first tenure at the office? Why judicial system is full of corrupt judges and lawyers??? The sufferers, once again, are the poor people… who have to run always from pillar to post even for a simple job…

Corruption has seeped so much in our blood system that if one cut the arteries… only virus and germs of corruption will come out… really it is a medical marvel! How clean is our PM??? Before election he announces 100-day-programme and promises the nation if he comes to power, he would fulfill his promises… We all know that 100 days will never come till the next election… anyways it is the last term of MMS for sure, so does he really cares for the nation and its citizen’s woes and plights????

Mr. PM, action speaks louder than words and yes, we need a PM, who will show what his words really mean and how effective the system can be… Laws are for poor people, deaths are for poor people, woes and plights are for poor people… well, first tackle the drought situation effectively Mr. PM and save the nation from its plight… soothe the anndatas (poor farmers) by timely help with the relief reaching to the affected lot, so that the country and the economy can grow hand-in-hand!!!

PM has answers to answer… please take up seriously MEDIA and show no mercy to these politicians… No one, except you (THE MEDIA) can do wonders to save the nation, if you will pursue endlessly till they listen to every single voice that are being raised by every single citizen of India… Wake up MEDIA, Wake up INDIANS!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Jaisa karam karega waisa fal dega bhagwan… yeh hai Gita ka gyaan, yeh hai Gita ka gyaan!

BJP top honcho LK Advani has really failed to lead his party after Vajpayee’s retirement… So is it Rajnath, who is trying to lead BJP with his arrogance and ego??? Jinnah was an Indian when we fought against the British… I am not taking any sides because I have been a student of history during my graduation… If we blame Jinnah for the partition, then Nehru and Gandhi are also responsible to lead us to the dreadful happening of partition… anyways, it is not about partition any more as one can see the circus on television, hour after hour.

BJP’s blame game of fame is on… reality at its best… leaders after leaders, are so keen to give their opinion for two-second-fame that it feels so stupid of BJP’s ideology… Jaswant was expelled without notice. However, the moment Aroon Shourie called top leaders Humpty-Dumpty and Alice in Blunderland… and proposed RSS to take BJP’s reign… the party went on a back foot… instead of taking immediate stern step, they have asked for a clarification… Then there is Vasundhara Raje, who has refused to step down from her post and Rajnath has asked her to resign in next four days…

What is surprising is that in all the three top leaders’ case, Advani has kept his silence and is not at all available and seen on television… So has he lost his power as the Chief of BJP??? Going by the proceedings where in only Rajnath’s arrogance and ego-centric are making news, one wonders, why other top leaders like Sushma Swaraj, Venkaiah Naidu, Murli Manohar Joshi and others are keeping mum??? Power destructs! Yes, it is evident from the recent happening with BJP splitting in fragments and pieces…

While the media is going bonkers over BJP’s circus, no one is bothered about poor people facing drought, floods and epidemics… Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and Maharastra… Sugar’s price is skyrocketing courtesy our honourable Agriculture Minster Sharad Pawar. The blame game of fame is the hot and happening and the news room will go out of the way to cash in on the TRPs game….

Fame, Fame, Fame
Who will ultimately gain???
Common man is always in pain...
So what if the nation goes in drain???

Child Labour/ Prominent in high class homes/ Exploitation.html/ 26.08.2009 - THE FORCE - CHILD LABOUR

NOTE: I had written this piece in 2007, however, with the latest happenings in the society, I have added the latest addition and felt it will open eyes of the society...
Child Labour/ Prominent in high class homes/ Exploitation.html/ 26.08.2009
A lot is being done by various NGOs, while there are lots, who have been exploiting the force. The force is globally known as CHILD LABOUR. Various groups in various measures and ways have exploited children, the world all over. However, what is heartening to note is that, we, as human race have been unable to put a full stop to Child Labour, ever since our existence.

Child Labour is a very common phenomenon in under-developed and developing nations worldwide. However, its presence in the developed nations is right in front of everybody’s eyes and nobody even call them Child Labour. I am talking about Tennis ball boys & girls, who are so prominently seen at the US OPEN, FRENCH OPEN, WIMBLEDON and AUSTRALIAN OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Day in and day out, the media splashes one or two cases of Child Labour and abuse - the recent being TV actress Urvashi and actor singer Suchitra Krishnamorthy, to sell their TV ratings (TRPs) or else publications. Celebrities are often being seen (courtesy media) talking great things to eradicate Child Labour. The reality, however, is just the opposite. In most of the celebrity homes (99%) you will find children of various ages working as maids or errand boys, doing all sorts of dirty jobs for the stars’ family.

There is a very thin line between truth and reality. However, when you know the reality, truth seems to be miles away from the real world of lies! That is the way it is! Orphanages have turned into money minting business in the name of foreign donations, by offering children to paedophiles. Children in these orphanages live in unhygienic conditions, are made to work to earn their bread and butter. They are fed horrible food, not to mention the least. No wonder, many children run away from these orphanages to survive on streets rather than give in to the unusual demands of the corrupted orphanages’ heads.

Pathetic! Gruesome! Awful! Shame! Business as usual! These are some of the expressions that are often remarked by the people, who exploit children for their own comforts. What is interesting to note is that these NGOs, which were started by a committed individual to save children from being the force (Child Labour) loses its main objectives, once it grow into a huge organizations. The reality of such NGOs are an eye opener because their swanky offices, high salaries of their staff (to serve human kind was the sole aim of social organizations, not any more though), the limousines of the NGO’s heads, seminars and functions in five star hotels (celebrities would not attend otherwise and how will they get media coverage without celebrities?) – are really hard to believe and be seen in every day life.

It is not that we humans don’t know these facts however, what is surprising is that we have become accustomed to overlook these TRUTHS in our hypocritical society. NGOs, celebrities, rich and famous and common man have all turned their eyes shut and act or behave as if we all live in a blinded world. How do you think we can eradicate this force (Child Labour) on which the whole society is so much dependent? Be it the ball boys in major tennis championships all across the continents, your Chotu chaiwala (small boy serving tea in various offices), akbaarwala (newspaper boys) or else your errand boy - Child Labour are part and parcel of everyday life. Do we, the society at large really care to eradicate this dreaded disease (dangerous than AIDS) in REALITY? Yes, a mere silence and question mark looms in front of our eyes. Child Labour as the incurable disease starts from the very childhood and it’s our parents, who first exploit us, even before we know the real meaning of the term. Many eyebrows will be raised and many heads will shake in “nays” but then do you remember the very first time you bribed your own child or neighbours’ with a toffee or a shilling (money) to get your errands done? There we go! The truth is miles away from the reality in our world of lies and hypocrisy.

Child Labour is prevalent in every part of the world – the reality, which is the truth of our world. The force (Child Labour) is just impossible to eradicate because the society needs them and have turned a blind eye towards children. Blame the parents, neighbours or else the whole society, CHILD LABOUR is the PARASITE, who delivers a great service (to human kind) and earning to the nations’ economy!

What is most surprising is that if a poor man’s child work for his family, then it is a Child Labour and OFFENCE in LAW but when rich people exploit children for their own benefit, it is FASHION! And they are set free on bail by depositing just 10,000 rupees… The society should crucify such judges, who let the offenders free because they are actually supporting child labour for the rich to enjoy and torture and torment poor children, working as maid and servants in their homes… It is time to act for the nation’s government to punish rigorously the culprit and support the poor people.

25th June 2007



Wake up Indians, wake up! Raise your voice! Is this why we elected the Congress?

PM giving false statement to the nation - "We have enough stock, no need to panic because of drought!"

Food prices to go up and up? Toor dal at Rs.110/- a kg, Sugar at Rs.35/- a kg, Kolam Rice at Rs.40/- a kg… Petrol prices to go up for common man but subsidies to be given to Private Airliners??? No sign of respite at all…

Before the election, the PM announced 100-day-programme… but Pawar says the Food Act will take more than 12 months to be effective…. Why the PM gave Indians such a false promise??? Just to cheat and rule us???

When will Congress 100-Day-Programme start and end? When will the nation savour the effective governing of Congress to sigh a relief?

Drought hit farmers are dying without irrigation water, monsoon, food and relief from government… while PM wants Ambani brothers to patch in national interest??? Will the relief really reach the affected farmers in time or after their deaths?

Agriculture Minister to join hands with the Sugar Mill Owners demand of 20 percent from government, so Sugar can reach to Rs.55 to 60/- a kg???

Vegetables prices to go up and up???

Adulterated BLOOD, MILK, GHEE, SWEETS are being sold under the governing bodies without any fear???

Health Minister is more bothered about his own effort rather than leading his team of State Health Ministers to join together to fight the Swine Flu???

Electricity tariff to go higher and higher, with no sign of relief for the poor citizen, while Multiplexes and Shopping Malls buy them at cheaper rates????

Terrorists from neighbouring country can walk in without fear to kill hundreds yet the government is not setting an example of hanging Qasab immediately?

62 years of Independence yet, we are still busy talking with Pakistani government about peace while their terrorists are killing hundreds of Indians???

CJI refuses to declare his assets in public (that clearly shows how corruption is seeding in the judicial system) but government is keen to implement UID??? How foolproof will be the system one wonders???

These are some of the important questions that every Indian, who voted Congress to power, must ask the government to answer? What action and implementation has the government taken to check such irregularities? We, as a nation is to be blamed for such a plight… it is we, the citizen of India… who have time and again allowed every ruling government to exploit us with false promises and callousness…
Burning candles to show sad emotions for few hundred dead countrymen doesn’t solve or raise the conscience of the government… it is time for every citizen to wake up from their sleep of “why me?” and all the leaders of the ruling government must wake up to bring relief by any means – import food grains if required to check the price rise but please don’t allow your poor countrymen to suffer….
It is the right time for Raj Thackeray to tackle the crisis if he really wants to make his voice heard in the national scenario… by solving these problems he will be the leader of the people… leader who cares for his subject… by uniting the force of the poor, he can rule and not by dividing countrymen from countrymen… Time for some honest and powerful politician to take charge to force the Congress to save the nation’s plight!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It’s festive season with Ganesh Chaturti being celebrated in amchi Mumbai. Pandals illuminated with bright colourful lights, different sizes and shapes of statues of Lord Ganesha, fragrant colourful flowers adorned everywhere – it’s an arresting sight indeed! People everywhere crowding for darshan, puja and enjoying every moment of the week long festive season in joyous celebration, is such a wonderful feeling!
It also reminds me of the beautiful time I have had, during my childhood with friends. Time has changed drastically and today when I look back – I strongly feel that the soul of the festival is totally missing. Everything has become so-so commercial in today’s life. Life was so much wonderful when we were kids – undying enthusiasm, innocence, pure joy and unity were the main ingredients of every festival. In today’s time these things are missing in totality. We are to be blamed for the lapse but then today’s fast paced life has indeed taken a toll on human bonding.
I still remember the passion we had for a festival to arrive almost a month before, preparing and counting each day – day in and day out with great enthusiasm looking at the calendar every single day. The never ending lump in our throats, collecting various props (toys etc) and showing off them with great pride – used to be the ambience in each and every colony. As the day approaches nearer, the passion used to grow stronger to anticipate the festive season. Each and every individual, be it small children or else adults, girls, boys, ladies and gents – almost everybody used to be filled with joyous feeling to celebrate the festival.
The men of the houses used to anticipate company bonus from their bosses, ladies used to be busy preparing sweets and shopping for dresses for their families, and children used to be busy decorating their creations. Wow! Such a wonderful feeling it gives me even today, thinking of the good old days and writing about it! One can imagine how beautiful and wonderful each festival used to be!
Today, you don’t even realize when the festival has arrived and gone, in this fast paced life. The world has divided us in today’s materialistic living conditions. The fervour and the soul of each festival are missing because of commercialisation. Today, everything comes readymade – sweets, decorating materials, dresses and not forgetting the devotion too! Festivals have become robotic in nature. Children have no more enthusiasm because parents are busy working to meet their ever demanding career goals and deadlines for that fat pay package.
In the earlier days, a big colony used to have just ONE pandal to celebrate the joy united as one big family. Today, each colony has as many as ten to fifteen pandals, each divided from the other in the name of caste, creed, language, region, sects and what not! There is loud music everywhere competing with each other as if there is a war. In the good old days, talented individuals of the colony used to get together and put up a great show, with the whole colony enjoying it with pride and joy.
Celebrating a festival used to be such a joyous feeling from within. Today, the exasperated feeling for most of us is – oh, another festival has come! While parents and elderly people reminisce their good old days, today’s children, who are indeed unlucky to miss all those beautiful things we used to enjoy each and every festival with great enthusiasm and passion. In the good old days, the means, in terms of money, were less but it was the united joyous efforts which made each festival a celebration much more worthwhile. On the contrary, even though a lot of money is being spent with much-much less efforts, today the joy is hardly there to experience. Festivals today are being celebrated in the name of tradition rather than celebration, as it used to be in the earlier days.
Earlier people knew how to share joy with each other together. Today, we know how to divide joy and make each other miserable and suffer. Earlier the joy of wearing new clothes used to give an ultimate high, today children wear new clothes at the drop of a hat. No wonder, time has changed and lifestyle too – but is it for good? I often ponder as festivals arrive and pass by in our rich cultural bound country India, which is so very rich in heritage… Well, life in the fast lane has surely killed our ways of thinking and living. The globe has shrunk they say, but tell me why it has divided so much instead of being united? Why have we killed our own small joy and happiness for the sake of being global?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Endless deaths / do we really care? / Resilience or mundane happenings? / Tragedy or Life’s like that? / Animal blood racket.html/ 24.08.2009

Endless deaths / do we really care? / Resilience or mundane happenings? / Tragedy or Life’s like that? / Animal blood racket.html/ 24.08.2009


Is it the ironies of life or our wonderful nation – India? I really haven’t researched enough to state the fact, but I can say that it is one of the countries, where in if one calculates, the number of deaths will outnumber many-many countries around the world. Still, we are the most resilient and laid-back country in such a serious matter…

Deaths everywhere – terrorists kill innocent people, sickness leaves just no one, underworld shoots to spread fear, natural calamities (floods, drought, earthquake etc) engulf the poor in hundreds and thousands, hunger kills many, hatred leaves astonishing tales, killings has become the most in-thing among friends and relatives, well, the total number in a day has never been calculated nationwide by any research agency or our news channels…

While millions are dying, our politicians are busy fighting for Jinnah, opposition seat in Rajasthan, the media is happy about Australia’s loss to England, the nation is busy celebrating Ganesh Utsav, the city folks are more worried about movie releases… we just don’t bother any more about deaths around us… I was really astonished once when I saw, the family enjoying antakshari on television soon after the burial of the head of the family; can we humans be more callous than such an episode? Well, I am talking about normal humans not celebrities, who always turn in spotless whites at such ceremony talking about their next stop to a happening party…

No time is wasted at all… as long as death is not affecting one’s life… even then, tears will roll dwon just for few minutes and then everything becomes normal… We have become immune to deaths… it doesn’t affect at all… numbers don’t bother us… However, it has often made me think… when a situation arises like 26/7, the rich, poor and everyone unites to fight nature’s wrath… one could see each one helping the other but no sooner the situation is back to normal… the seed of hatred germinates its tentacles that are often exploited by politicians and rich to kill more innocent poor people….

What more callous and a state of stooping to such an extent, whereby a gang of 14 people sell blood of beggars, drug addicts and even animal to more than 1 lakh people in the country??? How and why, the doctors closed their eyes??? Has anyone thought about this fact? It is but obvious all the doctors of the hospital, where such bloods were being sold, were also part of the gang… killing people knowingly for that extra money… so that their family can splurge on their luxuries and waste shamelessly…. What is the Health Minister doing after such a case has been unearthed??? The hospital has to be taken to task and every doctor and staff members are to be blamed for allowing such a racket to flourish? Will Mr. Azad take adequate serious step to punish the whole hospital????

Well, at the most, an enquiry will be ordered and then everything will be forgotten till the next breaking news… The rulers are not at all bothered how many are dying and allowing various nefarious activities to flourish in the name of progress of our country….

Each Indian has sold the soul to cheat, exploit and kill each other with various means… Who really cares???

Sunday, August 23, 2009



PM of our nation gives a false statement – “No need to panic because of drought, we have enough stock of food grains!”

If we have enough stock, will the government explain as to why the prices of food grains rising every day?

Pranab Mukkherjee states – “We will import food grains to bridge the shortfall!”

It shows how our PM has failed and has no knowledge of country’s status.

Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar says – “10 million tones rice shortage likely in 2010.” On Food Security ACT of UPA’s 100-day programme – “The act is yet to be implemented because the process is long and tedious. It will take more than a year to fully implement the programme.”

Why the UPA Government lied to the nation before election about 100-day programme, if they cannot achieve its implementation?

Scottish government releases 1988 Lockerbie terrorist bomber (270 people died) Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi on humanitarian grounds without completing the judicial enquiry on the condition that he will be guilty all his life. He is welcomed in Libya as their hero…

Is it oil in Libya that was the reason of the deal or just terminal cancer??? Imagine a terrorist who kills 270 people is released to be given a hero’s welcome in this modern world…

SRK detained in Newark Airport, shouts out aloud from America on TV uttering – “Since My Name Is Khan, I was detained!” Back home he requests the media not to blow up the issue out of proportion…

Star’s publicity stunt gone wrong, as everyone lashed out SRK for making such a big noise out of his experience.

TV actress Urvashi Dhanorkar tortures 10-year-old maid burning her hand and hitting to black-blue is let out on bail for just 10,000/- rupees.

How can the judge allow bail when she has committed double crime of torturing a child maid and keeping a child labour in her home??? The judiciary system sucks! Where is the Child Labour Act Mr. Judge? She should be booked even if she has not tortured the child maid. Will the Media and Police act to give justice to the poor maid???

Poor farmers of drought hit (Maharastra, Uttar Paradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa) districts’ plight is increasing every day… no irrigation water, no monsoon, no drought relief aid from government.

Sharad Pawar announces – “More stock of food items will be given to all ration stores.” Mr. Pawar, the farmers need water for their crops, how will the ration stores stock help the poor farmers? Please explain.

Farmers in Bihar are holding guns to protect irrigation water from neighbouring villagers.

Imagine life without drinking water, food for family, no income, no crops, no water for irrigation and no sign of aid from our nation’s government.

Prices of dal, rice, vegetables, sugar, cooking oil, pulses and others are skyrocketing…

Our PM is busy trying for a patch up between the Ambani incorrigible brothers for gas.

Villages in Bihar and Ayodhya in spate of floods since two days…

No coverage in electronic media while they are busy talking about stupid BJP ideology and Chintan Baitak as their breaking news.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Floods in U.P & Bihar/ News channels sleeping/ Government has no answers/ Farmers waiting for timely rescue and compensation.html/22.08.2009
If agencies’ (PTI & ANI) reports are to be believed, several districts of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are in grip of floods since the last two days… however, what is really surprising is that none of the news channels are showing or informing the plight of these two states… How active are the channels’ reach and head? But obvious, if news channels are already two days late in reporting the natural calamity, nation’s government will obviously sleep peacefully…
Ironies of some states that while drought has already gripped and made life miserable, the arrival of floods in several villages, including Ayodhya are facing flood situation. Needless to say, while the government is trying to portray that they are doing enough to tackle the situation of drought, one more blow is the flood… hundreds of villagers and farmers are suffering every single day because of natural calamities.

As late as 5.45 pm today, only DD news did inform about the flood situation in Bihar because Balan, Kosi, Mahananda and Bagmati rivers are flowing above danger level… more than a dozen people have lost lives and many are fleeing the affected areas… The State Water Resources Department officials had earlier claimed that all the embankments in the state are safe… while just the opposite has happened…

In Uttar Pradesh because of heavy monsoon, Ghagra and Saryu rivers are flowing above danger levels. As per the agencies report, there are no signs of any officials and rescue teams so far… The janambhomi of Lord Ram, Ayodhya is also affected including several other districts… Wonder, in this jet-age, news are travelling so slow with the private news channels, who only has breaking news of SRK detained in Newark airport, are sitting depending on some PR to inform them of such natural disasters…

How will the government act now, one will have to see Sharad Pawar, PM, Pranab Mukherjee and Chidambaram issuing only meaningless statements on television… the nation surely wants answer as to why the poor farmers are being slaughtered at the hands of government, drought and floods… ACT FAST, SHAKE UP YOUR CONSCIENCE & PLEASE WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!



Oh ma English,
Oh ma English!
Have been microsoftened by the Bill
London bridge has fallen down
Fallen down because of IT!

IT is for US, states the visionary Bill
Gates now opened for and by US
To convey just what one thinks
No matter if there is no 'U'
Humor still makes you laugh

There is no power for pens any more
As laptop strikes faster
How can the world defy the Bill?
The process still remains the same
One just realizes, not with 'S' any more

A 'check' (cheque) still is honored in the bank
Traveling with a single 'L'
Has not stopped people around the globe
Center (centre) has remain where it should be
The circumference is now all about IT!

Oh ma English,
Oh ma English!
Just click the bill, thats IT!
No more in grammar books
Now that you are online

Johnny D

20th August 2009

Health Minister’s outburst says it all/ inactive State health ministries/ Swine flu death increasing/ Nation still sleeping.html/ 22.08.2009

Health Minister’s outburst says it all/ inactive State health ministries/ Swine flu death increasing/ Nation still sleeping.html/ 22.08.2009


Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad’s outburst at the NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) says it all… passing the buck and the blame game are on. While the health minister woke up too late even before Swine Flu had taken hold in the nation, now he is blaming all the State health ministries to safeguard his own image… Sad, that a leader, instead of leading his men in the right direction has just to say – “Bloody…when will the States wake up? Hum yahan 20-24 ghante kaam karte hain aur aap baite huye ho!” These statements are enough to show how serious our health departments or ministries are?

Deaths due to Swine Flu is increasing day-in and day-out… the fear, the awareness, the treatment, the tests, the hospitals, the masks, the medicine and the common sense still are at large, ineffective and shabby… In the electronic media, it was pathetic to see how casual our Health Minister seems while answering questions… general awareness through dailies are still missing after just one day of campaigning… Is just one day of generating awareness enough Mr. Azad?

Until and unless more people die, the government will not take proper and serious action and that is evident when you see how the ministry is dealing with a dreaded disease… why are we so cool about everything? Until and unless the terrorists enter our nation, kill people… the government will not take any precautionary action… we have seen how Mumbai was attacked on 26/11… While all the ministers are safe living in their air-conditioned homes, why should they care about common man’s death?

Looks like Mr. Azad is not aware of his responsibilities as the Health Minister of the Nation – but obvious the Centre has to lead and ask each State to be active in dealing with any natural calamities or insurgency… while the Centre was sleeping during the initial days, it is wonderful to know that the State Governments are still sleeping… Common man’s death hardly means anything for these corrupt ministers… all they care is how to make more money while people are suffering and dying due to floods, drought and flu…

From just one city (Pune), the flu has spread to most cities (Bengaluru, Chennai, Bilaspur and others) and various parts of the nation… treatments are still at large in big cities, so can one imagine what must be the state of smaller cities and villages, if the flu strikes? It is time for ACTION not issuing meaningless statements in the media to show how concerned Mr. Azad and the Nation’s government are? Will we unite to fight the flu collectively rather than blaming each other? Well, stop telling the State Health Ministries – ‘I have been able to speak to Chief Ministers of States more easily than I have been able to reach some health ministers. Instead of me chasing them, they must chase me. Health is a State matter and each State must have its own plans to protect the lives of their people.’

Such statements coming from the head of the Health Ministry is really amazing! Kudos to Mr. Azad for informing the whole nation as to what and how our ruling government is doing to safeguard its citizen from Swine Flu! Well done Mr. Azad… it is really the most commendable service to the nation! Hats off to you….

Will the electronic media please take up these issues on a larger scale to see Mr. Azad’s exit from the ministry? We really don’t need a minister who is here to tell what others should do and how careless his department has been over the pandemic… as it is people are dying, whether Mr. Azad is there or not… No moral conscience at all!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Waah Soniaji/ Congress MLAs, MLCs 20 per cent of salary for drought relief/ drought relief disbursement should be live telecast for transparency/21st

Waah Soniaji/ Congress MLAs & MLCs 20 per cent of salary for drought relief/ reality is funnier than fiction/ drought relief disbursement should be live telecast for transparency.html/ 21.08.2009

In one of the leading dailies, today there was front page coverage of Sonia Gandhi’s asking our netas to pay more… however, what is really funny is that 20 per cent salary is calculated on just the basic and not the total home taking package in thousands. Even in such times, the announcement of drought relief fund is made to accommodate our netas… who are always making money by sucking blood of the poor…

MLAs and MLCs draw around Rs. 44,000/- per month, even though their basic salary is just Rs.2000… please note folks, how the rest of the money is saved for these corrupt politicians to save them from income tax… while the poor common man and farmers die buying essential food items at higher price and pay heavy taxes… so 20 per cent is just Rs.400/- based on Basic Pay… even at such crisis our filthy rich and greedy politicians cannot shell out Rs.8,800/- for a noble cause… Will Soniaji explain the citizen why such hypocritical approach and concession are made for our politicians??? What is government doing in this case?

One and all know that crores and crores are collected in the name of Drought & Flood Relief Fund and what not… however, the affected and sufferer rarely get anything except how a known politician will highlight the distribution of rice and few essentials to poor affected citizen in affected areas on television… We all know how aid which arrives from overseas are directly sold in black market… yes, folks, that is how you see your local station vendors selling those imported jackets and other clothing items in Rs.50 or 100 a piece…

In the world of Reality TV, where channels don’t hesitate to show all stupid realities of life by staging every single episode, sadly, not even a single Channel, News or Entertainment, have bothered to show the reality of how the accumulated crores are given to the poor farmers. The need of the hour is that farmers will die, either because of drought or floods, so the government should order all the channels to show how they are distributing and reaching out to each affected farmers in the country… When a child falls in a deep well or ditch, all the news channels will air 24x7 but what is really required is never shown and how it is done…

We as a nation has to wake up from our deep slumber to reach out to our anndatas, the poor farmers, support them with means to end their plight while facing natural calamities and support them in real sense… happy healthy farmers mean happy healthy crops; happy healthy crops mean a happy healthy nation; and a happy healthy nation means happy healthy progress…

Soniaji, PM, Agriculture Minister and responsible MLAs should act now for a better future and better transparency and a permanent solutions to such crisis should be taken collectively as a national crisis because hunger is worst than terrorism and hunger leads and weave a path towards that destruction… Will we see the UPA government announce the order of Live Telecast of Drought Relief Fund disbursement to our poor farmers??? Will the government reach out to poor farmers before their suicides or after they have died… Live telecast should be made mandatory… Reality can never get better than such a noble act of our government…if at all it happens…

We will see how the channels take up this issues… are they concerned only for their TRPs or else do they really care for the nation they live in… Please media, highlight these issues aggressively so that in the Parliament such issues are discussed and we can see action being taken… this way, we will be a happy nation, where everyone will be happy and not suffering….

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Drought woes has started/ Government is still to do enough/ Pawar’s no plan action/ PM’s mindless statement offers no solution/ Farmers death/20th Aug

Drought woes has started/ Government is still to do enough/ Pawar’s no plan action/ PM’s mindless statement offers no solution/ Farmers death has just started.html/ 20.08.2009

Trying to raise a voice for our farmers, I will be writing on the topic on a regular basis. And I also do hope TV anchors will take up this SERIOUS issue and question the government for an answer and solution as to why they are always trying to solve it on a temporary basis. Honestly, it is high time our media system should be more responsible towards their duty and responsibility, follow up the serious issue endlessly, till the government finds a real permanent solution. I request them sincerely from the bottom of my heart regarding the serious issue…
Our PM just to assure the nation gave away the mindless statement in the media – ‘We have enough food stock, so no need to panic because of drought!’ – The PMO’s media activity is just so childish because it is common sense, what will happen next year (for our food stock) if there is drought in 246 districts in the nation this year… Mr. PM, how will we meet our food stock requirements next year (but obvious, prices will increase further, isn’t it?)??? How can Dr. Manmohan Singh, an economist of such a high caliber give such a statement in the media?
My previous blog (18th August) did see the media questioning the Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, who confirmed that near about 10 million tonnes of rice crops’ shortage will be experienced next year because of this drought… He also said that they would release more food items to ration stores all over nation… Mr. Pawar, how will it help the poor farmers in any which way to combat the drought? Can you please explain the nation… Common Sense, common sense in capital letters Mr. Minister… It is WATER for CROPS that our farmers need at this hour of crisis…
Will the government really look into this serious issue in a serious manner? Will the media please question and highlight this issue more seriously? Will our ministers forget about other trivial issues and talk more about this issue aggressively in our parliament hours to force Manmohan Singh’s government to take serious action and implement a permanent solution? There are more questions that requires to be answered by our government to take care of our poor farmers, who are protecting irrigation water with guns today… Agriculture minister should be answerable to each farmer’s death in the nation… Our PM too should be responsible as to why he is looking the other way at rich industrialists rather than our poor farmers???
Well, I request all the channels’ head to highlight the plight of our farmers in a serious dedicated manner to get a proper government action for a permanent solution to fight drought or other natural calamities like flood… this year, it is drought, chances are there will be floods the year to follow, once again crops will be washed away… what will the government do next year to solve the problem then? While rich stars of Bollywood are wooed by various insurance institutions to insured their lives in case of accidents, why our government cannot make it mandatory for these institutions to insure the crops of our farmers in case of loss and damages from natural calamities… this will not only help the crop production for the country, but also will save many farmers’ lives… nation’s anndatas!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Drought/ farmers’ increasing woes/ nature always support the rich/ government aid never reaches in time to the sufferers/ natural calamities/18th Aug


Humans have always exploited the poor… the universal truth… wonder if ever it is going to change at all… When nature strikes in the shape of floods, drought, earthquakes or else hurricanes or typhoons… the earth shatters and there are deaths and devastation all around. However, yesterday when I was watching the news, it struck me as to how one-sided even the nature could be to affect only the poor while the rich cash in on by making more and more money to fill in their coffers over the plight of the Poor’s deaths…

I saw farmers in drought-hit regions of Bihar holding guns trying to protect the little water reservoir they have, so that their neighbouring farmers will not steal the water from them to grow their crops… Are we really living in the 21st Century? It was sad and a touching tale of how our farmers have to survive to feed the nation. While they struggle and starve just to grow crops in adversities to feed the nation, forget the government, even the nature is against them. Instead of holding farming tools and machineries, they have guns in their hands… What more tragic can a situation be when even agriculture water has to be protected in our land by guns???

Can you believe that it was less than a minute coverage by DD News… Yes, they are no celebrity dining in five stars or shedding their clothes on screen or flying in jets from one continent to another… so why would the private channels give them unending coverage to reveal the pathetic situation of our nation’s anndatas… Why have we turned our eyes to the other side of reality? Drought has hit many states in the nation and the PM is consoling the nation that we have enough stock of food grains so we should not be scared of nature’s wrath. Through my blog, I would like to ask our PM, what is the government doing to provide irrigation and drinking water to the affected farmers and his poor families in the drought-hit regions???

Why are our farmers holding guns instead of farming tools in the first place? What are the adequate measures taken by the Central and State Governments of the respective drought-hit states? Is the so-called declared aid really reaching the affected farmers or else the officials are siphoning it to fill in their coffers? If there will be no proper production of crops this year, will it not affect the nation in the coming year? So why is our PM so casual in dealing with the drought??? Why, year after year, the nation’s farmers have to only depend on monsoon for crops? Why, ever since our Independence in 1947, nothing has been really planned to counter the situation of drought and floods?

How many more years will we will remain the same? While the cities have become a suffocating concrete jungle, sadly, there is hardly any real development in our far flung villages of our nation… Inadequate medical facilities, proper irrigation facilities and sources, poor machineries, no proper drinking water… well, the pathetic state in which our farmers grow crops are indeed commendable and worth every penny a record to be listed in the Guinness Book… sadly though, they are not even cared for in real sense by one and all in the nation…

We are too busy to talk about a celebrity being insulted in another country. No matter whether there are floods or drought or an earthquake…it is always the poor who will suffer endlessly in silence, die in pathetic conditions and will the one, who will always fill in the coffers of the rich… Well, the nature too doesn’t seem to hesitate to increase their miseries…

dspenexecuteseverything/ Was SRK really humiliated/ did he really felt the insult/ dollars bigger than self-esteem/ film promotion gone wrong.html

Was SRK really humiliated/ did he really felt the insult/ dollars bigger than self-esteem/ film promotion gone wrong.html/17.08.2009

Various channels, various versions! Various newspapers, various versions once again! Who to believe and whom not? From 2 hours ordeal to an hour six minutes, the timings of SRK’s detention at Newark Airport has been falling on and on in various medium… 2 hours became 1 hour 45 minutes and then 1 hour five minutes and finally 1 hour six minutes (US daily)… speculations, speculations and more speculations…
Was SRK really humiliated? The truth, one can presume only the Khan and the immigration officials can reveal… Throughout his television interview or interaction with the media in India, SRK was never heard saying – ‘Just because my name is Shahrukh Khan, I was harassed.’ In stead, one could repeatedly hear only one sentence that was emphasized by our Bollywood actor – ‘Since my name is Khan, I was detained for 2 long hours.’ Why was SRK plugging repeatedly only MY NAME IS KHAN on television???
Yes, everyone knows Karan Johar’s next film starring SRK is titled MY NAME IS KHAN. Incidentally such an episode is being shown in the film, if Karan is to be believed. So we all know now as to why King Khan was plugging the only line everywhere… Did Shahrukh even one bit felt being humiliated by the US Airport officials’ treatment deep in his conscience??? If he had, he would have taken a return flight almost immediately after his release. Instead, he went ahead with his professional commitments to entertain all the waiting guests after having chicken tikka masala… after all DOLLARS are bigger than SELF ESTEEM, what say Mr. Khan? A case of ... For A Few Dollars More... I can allow anyone to insult me and even talk about it on television...
Imagine, he felt so humiliated that he went onto garner sympathy from his waiting guests… who ohhhhd and aaaahhhhhhhdddd the actor to soothe his hurt ego or one should say his recent insult in US… funny and really strange that an actor of his caliber can go on and tell one and all about his insulting experience with pride… Will one ever share the insulting experience one has had??? I really doubt so friends….
Now, an insulted Khan is being quoted ‘I don’t want an apology, just forget everything.’ First, he cries ‘wolf’ for being insulted and now saying ‘forget it’… Wow! It is really something… Where has SRK’s self-esteem gone? Blew up in dollars in a fraction of a second… If one has to believe the newspapers’ report from US, it was because his baggage didn’t arrive with him, he was detained to complete all the formalities. The US officials are not at all being apologetic like our Khan’s self-presumed greatness of forgetting the episode and does not need an apology… Truly filmi hah!!!
What is more surprising is that none of the Indian channels really bothered to take the second opinion or the other side of Khan’s hulla bol… even though we are living in a modern world, where in each channel has an anchor or tie-up with various overseas channels… why the channels didn’t take any quotes from the US officials before airing Khan’s anger??? Well, SRK’s promotion of his new film has surely gone the wrong way even though it has generated waves all across US, UK and India… Such a cheap gimmick to promote your film… SRK’s PR manager should think of something better we guess…
An insulted Khan would never ever visit US but no, Shahrukh will because he loves his fans so much that he would willingly tell his story of insult to the world and US deshwashis loudly through electronic channels… Self-esteem! Who cares? Jab tak dollars mil rahe hain, insult vinsult kya cheez hai Baazigar??? Kyunki MY NAME IS KHAN!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

dspenexecuteseverything/ Filmy angle to SRK’s 2-hour-detention in America/ Farhan Akhtar’s readymade plot for DON – II/ humour after serious issues

Filmy angle to SRK’s 2-hour-detention in America/ Farhan Akhtar’s readymade plot for DON – II/ humour after serious issues.html/ 16.08.2009
Don ko pakadna muskil hi nahin, namumkin hai! Don ka itenzar toh gyaraah mulko ki sarkar kar rahi hai… – My name is Khan, Shahrukh Khan!”

“Your name has popped up in our computer Mr. Khan… please come…”

Arrrrr re…. main, mainnnnnn main Shahrukh, sorry, I am Shahrukh Khan, Bollywood actor…”

Farhan can surely start his DON – II with the scenes… follow with SRK arriving in Mumbai with media waiting for his quotes…

A hurt Don feels humiliated and wages war on Americans…

Supporting cast: American Immigration Officials, Rajiv Shukla, Ambica Soni, Karan Johar and Farah Khan and many from Bollywood fraternity…

Gori billi arrives from America to avenge Don’s life for not giving her autograph when he was detained there…

The plot is set… Farhan go ahead and make DON’s sequel… Indians would love it and the Americans would hate it…

Will Farhan – SRK come out with the sequel… chances are… well you keep guessing…

Imagine the film is made and the promotional activities commence… SRK once again arrives at Newark Airport (after all he is King Khan, so how can he stay away from America?), and is once again detained… Media waves hit like frenzy once again… this time, however, they have their Press Kit about the sequel… The audience worldwide is glued to their Idiot Box… some feeling sorry, some angry, some elated (knowing the truth behind the act) and so on…

DON – II releases… the box office is rolling in worldwide, the media highlights – “Jaisa ki aap dekh sakte hain ki DON – II Shahrukh ki asli dastaan hai, jab Americans ne unhe detain kiya tha… and on and on….”

The success celebration party of DON – II… finally Farhan announces … “Ladies and gentlemen… DON – II ke liye humne kya nahin kiya… SRK detention was all staged and a publicity stunt… for his next release MY NAME IS KHAN.”

Everyone is happy, smiling and laughing and Farhan finally announces his next venture – “DON – III… yes, we are working on the script now!”

The curtain falls down…

Saturday, August 15, 2009

SRK detained in Newark airport/ Former President APJ Kalam frisked by American airlines/ ill-treatment or hypocrisy of American policy.html/15.08 - II

SRK detained in Newark airport/ Former President APJ Kalam frisked by American airlines/ ill-treatment or hypocrisy of American policy.html/ 15.08.2009 – II
We will always lick the white skin even if they shoo us away… a pity, that has really not changed ever since the first East Indian traders landed on our holy soil… We are still running behind those big American dreams and especially the film industry is always going there to shoot and woo the desi Indians (NRIs) in a shameless ways… will woo foreign (white skin) actors with open arms in Bollywood as if they are so important to us… as if, we just cannot succeed without them…
The SRK incident is being highlighted in such a big way as we all know he has a wonderful PR (public relation) with the media. The nation woke up from partying hard on the eve of the Independence Day to jump on TV to give quotes… Where were all these people (Farah Khan, Rajiv Shukla and Ambika Soni), when our former President APJ Kalam was frisked by American airlines’ crew and insulted??? Imagine, Mr. Kalam was the President of India for such a long time and having had visited various countries as the first person of India and one of the highly respected dignitaries in the World Political Scenario… he was ill-treated by the Americans just because he belongs to a Muslim community…
The incident was definitely highlighted but not to the extent as is in the case of SRK… no one really came forward to speak about Mr. Kalam’s humiliation and the down-to-earth man was so humble that he didn’t feel any humiliation at all… That is Mr. Kalam’s greatness for he is way above all such petty things… Yes, it was wrong, definitely very wrong on their part to treat such a noble and respected dignitary in such a fashion of our country… but do we ever learn???? The incident just got a small editorial space in newspapers in one of the corners… what a way!
We will still lick white skin and feel they are better than us… No way! If an Indian had not contributed ‘Zero’, they would still be counting with just nine numbers… If Indian doctors are not in America, they would die of innumerable diseases without intelligent doctors… If cheap Indian workforce is not in their country, will they ever progress so much… Sadly though, we Indians will never learn… SRK will have his next concert in US of A very soon for sure… after all the dollars are more important than self esteem to be an Indian, hai na?
Well, it is really pathetic that such treatments are given to global icons because they are Muslims… What is more surprising is that it is America, who is supporting a Muslim country Pakistan in various wars… even though they have waged war in various countries – Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan… they are still to win one war with their intelligence, even though everything is in their disposal…
Will the film industry really unite because of SRK and country’s insulting experience? Will Bollywood close its door for American companies and actors? Well, they will still lick the American dollars and soil and will take the very next flight to shoot film in New York and other American shores… Bollywood will willingly (licking) help Hollywood Studios to establish in our shores, so they can insult us, time and again… Nothing has changed and nothing will change…
I really feel pity on us… the proud feeling of being an Indian in our own country is far better than being insulted and humiliated in foreign shores… Will we ever learn???

Independence day/ President’s speech/ India/ In dependent.html/ 15.08.2009


One of the two days (26th Jan & 15th August), where in patriotism pops up within us in a truly hypocritical manner… deshbhakti geet is played on loudspeakers, the Tri-colour is unfurled, the khadi-clad politicians will talk all big lies and as the sun will set… one will see plastics flags thrown allover, crushed under feet and well… we all know how commercialized even our Independence Day has become today…

I always wonder how independent are we in our independent India… are we independent or else in dependence on everything and every which way one can think of… of society, law and order, system and what not… so are we really free in true sense??? Naaaahhhhh… freedom is a myth not a reality… of course, debatable like every other topic…

On the eve of Independence Day our President always addresses the nation talking and claiming all big things and what not… I was very surprised to see our President saying – ‘Citizen of India should cooperate with the government….’ Whosoever wrote that speech, surely made his place permanent but I wonder, instead of government helping the citizen… it is just the reverse what the President uttered… imagine, why the citizen of free India elect their representatives every five years???

I would like to ask the President of India, should the common man cooperate with the government so that the food prices, fuel prices, vegetables’ prices, taxi fare and all the other commodities prices are raised on and on… with no real respite to be seen in near future??? Should the citizen of India cooperate so that government can give loads of subsidies to rich industrialists??? Should the citizen cooperate with government so that flats are sold in crore and crore of rupees by the builders??? Should the citizen cooperate with government corrupt officials to suffer in silence??? Should the citizen cooperate with the government so that terrorists can walk-in freely and kill us with no remorse??? Well, the list is endless my dear friends…

Truly independent policy of our President’s vision for a better future to live in free India, JUST COOPERATE WITH GOVERNMENT!!! It is really sad that such a statement is issued by our President on the eve of Independence Day… Imagine the situation… how dangerous our independent India has become today… instead of our government taking care of the citizen, the government wants us to take care of them… so in dependent are we today…

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pvt. Airliners/ Aviation Ministry/ Prime Minister/ Common man’s woes.html/14.08.2009


First the private airliners declare a one-day-no-flight strike (18th August) because of high cost of fuel and airport charges… Government declares they would have to bear severe consequences… Airliners call off the strike… the negotiation between the airline owners and aviation ministry is put on a hold… the citizen (always the sufferers) sigh a relief!

Dal and other food items’ raising prices is alarming and more dangerous than the Swine flu… government really not bothered… so what if Toor dal is being sold in Rs. 90/- a kilo or Rs.70/-… Kolam rice at Rs.40/-, Sugar at Rs. 28/- etc. etc… what difference does it really make to the government or else the rich airline owners… they still dine at five-stars and waste as usual… so what is new? It is the common man, who has to make its end meet with a stipulated salary, foregoing all the luxury of a happy living life… Who really cares???

While the food items’ prices are no where falling down, the Prime Minister has intervened in the deal between the airline owners and aviation ministry… Kudos Mr. Singh, you are so concerned about few rich industrialists! I am sure, very soon, the prices of aviation turbine fuel and airport surcharges will be lowered to keep the private airliners happy… after all, they are the people, who are closer to the ministers and government… It is really a shame because while the rich can afford to splurge on every silly thing, they are still begging for alms from the government and aviation minister… They will be given alms (aid) also at the cost of common man’s woes!

I wonder at times how our government works at the macro level… few, just few Airline Owners Vs The Common Man’s Woes! What is more important… to lower the prices of the food items or lower the aviation fuel’s price and airport surcharge??? It is not the common man who flies in and out of country or cities… the rich can always afford high ticket prices with all the money in the world… but what about the common man??? Well, since he is habitual to survive and keep living with his minimum needs in a meager salary, our PM will not bother at all to curb the high price index of every day food items.

Independent India’s dream of a happy nation! Way to go Mr. Manmohan Singh and Aviation Minister… Please go on and lower the prices of the aviation fuel and airport surcharges so that few rich industrialists are happy to make more money for your coffers… As regarding common man’s woes… why bother at all!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

dspenexecuteseverything/ Swine Flu/ scare/ dare/ care/ worldwide suffering.html/ 13.08.2009

Swine Flu/ scare/ dare/ care/ worldwide suffering.html/ 13.08.2009

The pig scare has gripped the world in vengeance… wiping its victim a slow and at times fast death… headlines scream, anchors ham, politicians foot-in-mouth quotes and the panic button is ineffective with more death that follows like ghosts…

The scare and dare formula doesn’t work in such a dreaded flu… the nation’s government should educate people rather than just press the panic button to shed their responsibilities. However, as usual, our politicians are declaring holidays for school, colleges and no-shows for multiplexes… If one ever uses the ‘common sense’ in true sense, will such a move restrict the flu to spread in real sense??? What will happen after a week’s time… will the virus disappear from air because the schools, colleges and multiplexes were closed??? It is really so funny when stupid politicians take such stupid steps…

First, the scare and now the politicians are daring the flu by declaring holidays with no real solutions to contain the dreaded disease. However, one of the best solution and age-old theory of ‘Prevention is better than cure’ has been forgotten by one and all. One of my friends living in United Kingdom suffered the disease and got cured within a week’s time with simply timely care. His wife informed me how the old couple fought with bravado rather than panic…

Swine Flu is more prominent to affect children rather than adults… the trend is known worldwide but in India, it was shocking to see how adults have been scared, rushing to flu detection centres and fighting among themselves in front of TV cameras… Adults, who do get affected by the flu, do face the problems if they already have many other medical problems, which increase the complications, so my friend informed me. Yes, it is true that European or the Western World is well-equipped with their governments’ active action plans than our corrupt Indian system.

To contain the flu, instead of being scared if people will calmly take precautions and help self by going in isolation units (at home or hospitals), one can get cured in a week’s time. My friend went into isolation for a week and it was like jail for the old couple to live separately after so many years of marriage. However, they took all the precautions, kept busy with work and the separation overcame the flu with a positive approach. Surprisingly, none of the medical fraternity, health minister or else the over-the-top electronic media is highlighting such a simple approach.

I got the happy mail from my friend just yesterday, while she shared everything about her husband’s treatment and isolation. Surely, there was pain, worry and suffering in her words… but the joy to overcome the flu with a small sacrifice paid dividends and it was so simple… simply care for the person suffering with swine flu, isolate him or her and just be cautious of small-small things…

All one need is an extra little care with love and affection…

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

dspenexecuteseverything/ Movie-mania in South/ crazy die-hard fans/ star value above Bollywood actors.html/ 12.08.2009


Bollywood stars may be popular worldwide but the craze of devoted fan-following is nothing as compared to our desi-sambar Southern style… you have to see and experience the euphoria to believe it! They will do anything and everything that one cannot imagine to follow their stars… while the crores fee per film by A-graders has just brought Bollywood in limelight… way ahead, Rajnikant and Vijaya Shanti (when Amitabh Bachchan was drawing 60-70 lakhs per film) were the only MEGA-STARS (mind you, they are not called Super Stars) who were commanding a fee of 3 crores and 1 crores plus per film plus a territory percentage respectively.

Rajnikant still commands the box-office standing even today and no star in India can ever match his fee per film. The openings of his films are always of such a magnitude that one wonders – what the heck! Advance booking of his film opens one week in advance and even before you can think of getting a ticket, three to four days in advance (before the booking window opens), his fans will get up early morning (maybe at 1, 2 or 3 am) and start to queue up to get tickets in advance so that they don’t miss the first day’s shows… Can any Bollywood or Hollywood star ever dream of such fanatics to watch their film on the opening day with so much zeal, dedication, perseverance, patients, craze… adjectives will run short but the serpentine queue goes on and on…

I have lived in Hyderabad and Chennai. When I saw it for the first time, I was curious and was shocked to death when my friends informed me about the fact. The change in guard is often replaced by friends and relatives from time-to-time but the joy of the first ticket by the fan is hard to believe, to put in words… There is a dance of joy, cry of being the first man to hold the first ticket and jubilation… well, I can go on and on and may even get tired…. But the die-hard fans will patiently stand in the queue to see the first show three-four days even before the advance booking opens its window…

The stars’ huge cutouts may measure anything between 60 to 100 feet high, standing tall like a monument with real flowers garlands, red tilak and flags… near the cinema halls, and at various street (where fan following is great in numbers) corners… the date is kept aside and booked for that special leave from office on the day of the release. Wow! Really amazing in true sense!!! I have stood in that line just once to see Chiranjeevi’s GHARANA MUGUDU (Telugu) for two long days and night with my friends… it was an experience of a life-time! Not even a single moment in those 48 hours plus, one could sleep because there are so many entertaining things happening… fights, petty quarrels, dance and what not…

Now comes the surprising package of the tiresome wait for the day of release… people throng in thousands, some with tickets and many without, just in hope that they would get in black… needless to say, the first show tickets are exorbitantly selling like hot cakes and there are chances that you may sit just next to the person who sold you the tickets… The fans wait in silence till the time the first reel unfolds… and then… there is a huge uproar deafening your ears to the hilt, with whistles, clapping sounds and voices… As the hero enters… hold your breath please…. Coins in hundreds will be thrown on the screen, showering from balcony to lower stalls… the sound of coins falling on the ground and whistles amaze you as to what exactly is happening in the hall… For the first five minutes of the film, one cannot really hear what the hero is saying…

Every now and then, a dialogue is delivered, there are clapping sounds and whistles to follow and each time the villain is bashed up, more noises follow… movie-mania in Southern India (especially in Chennai and Hyderabad) is really hard to believe! Devoted fans may not eat a meal a day, but one will not miss the first-day-first-show or donate money to build temples of the stars, they worship… mind you, I have not used the word ‘LOVE’ here… because in Southern India, stars are worshipped not loved, like in Bollywood or Hollywood, which fades away from time-to-time. Their faith in their respective stars is life-long and never fades away even if the film is not worthy to be a mega-success! Movie-mania in Southern India is an experience one can relive to tell again and again, with zeal and enthusiasm…

While writing this piece, I have relived those two days in line and it is a joy that I wanted to share with one and all…

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

dspenexecuteseverything/ Health Minister/ ill-prepared government/ swine flu/ panic in the nation/ terror attacks/ never learning from our past.html/1

Health Minister/ ill-prepared government/ swine flu/ panic in the nation/ terror attacks/ never learning from our past.html/11.08.2009 – II


I was really appalled when I saw Ghulam Nabi Azad, our Health Minister’s interview on various news channels… as it has been our glorious past, we, Indians have never-NEVER learnt from our past mistakes, be it a natural calamity, various terrorist attacks or else the havoc created by dreaded diseases like AIDS or the recent one Swine Flu. WE ARE NEVER PREPARED for any thing and we will never be prepared for anything ever…

Are we truly democratic in our approaches towards any of the above mentioned disasters, even though we are one of the largest democracies in the world? Why are we, the citizen of India, time and again, vote politicians to power, so that they can talk carelessly (forget about performing their duties towards a prosperous healthy nation) by just blaming the huge population problems, system failure, ill-preparedness of the situation and last but not the least passing the buck to the next scapegoat… isn’t it funny how our wonderful democracy works for the welfare and safety of its citizen???

While the whole world knew about the epidemic Swine Flu’s dangerous tentacles spreading like wild fire, our government and health ministry were busy in their own world. Only after an innocent child became the first victim, they woke up from their deep slumber and not knowing the implications of its dangerous magnitude, were seen busy giving silly quotes in the media circus… While terrorists from our neighbouring country walked freely in Mumbai to create a massacre, not even a single politician has really intervened or created an issue (They will create stir about North-South divide / They will fight to name and rename the recently opened sea-link / They will take the nation at ransom for silly reasons and all the stupid issues in the world…) as to why the MEDIA is portraying the plight of the person (Qasab) as if he is a hero/saint or a saviour of our nation…

Qasab wants to meet his mother / Qasab wants to be tied rakhi / Qasab wants biryani / - some of the silliest, callous and amazing reporting that has been highlighted by our media – was an iota of thought ever given by respective Editors of various national dailies and electronic channels??? While he was seen laughing at the judge while the trial was going on, our media was oh-so-sweet-caring and sympathetic towards Qasab’s emotional bonding with his mother, have an Indian as his sister to tie Rakhi and his penchant for a delicious plate of biryani…

My heart really boils about such a callous approach toward such dangerous situations – be it terrorism or else an epidemic like Swine Flu… I know pretty well that my write-ups in my blog will hardly be effective and will never reach the DEAF EARS of our politicians to awake them from their responsibilities… We call ourselves educated in this modern world, sadly though EDUCATION has hardly awakened or taught us, to be more humane in our approach than just greedy pigs… like the Swine Flu!

Monday, August 10, 2009

dspenexecuteseverything/ Swine flu/ inadequate medical facilities/ fear among people/ greedy businessmen.html/ 11.08.2009

Swine flu/ inadequate medical facilities/ fear among people/ greedy businessmen.html/ 11.08.2009

While the nation is gripped by the fear psychosis of Swine Flu, there are greedy businessmen, who have sold their conscience to make the most of the situation. Really, what a way to go folks!!! No, I am not surprised at all because I know it has been happening time and again since ages. However, what really surprises me is that our Government of India is not at all bothered about such a situation… the short supply of masks and medicine… the quote of the ‘happening’ by our Health Minister to rub the wrong side of the bereaved parents of the first Swine Flu victim… the crazy media (who has forgotten everything else in the world and hysterical anchors hamming as if they are in Ram Leela Maidans…

Indeed, it is a total chaos… instead of educating and calming the citizen, the media hysteria is actually creating panic everywhere… Someone, someone should definitely take the first step to curb the hysterical ways of media, especially the electronic media because they are not only going overboard in reporting all kinds of news in a fashion that can only put a shame to the Ram Leela actors but also creating unnecessary panic with their over-the-top reporting… there are also people, who are selling the masks at a higher rate because of its short supply… isn’t it sad that while our Independence Day is just a couple of days ahead, we Indians are not bothered about our own people’s sufferings and deaths… wonder, when we humans will learn the beautiful lesson of life???

Even when such a calamity endangers our existence for a healthy nation, our government cannot even supply or provide adequate amount of masks and medicines to the affected patients… Isn’t this one of the biggest tragedies of our Independent India??? One of the reasons of all the media hype is also because Swine Flu is and have been taking lives of the rich and middleclass and hence government is bound to act (or show that they are acting or functioning properly)…. Hundreds of poor and lower class people die daily without proper food, a glass of drinking water, lack of medicines and medical treatment… do the media and the government really cares for them???

Swine Flu or AIDS, floods or draught, earthquake or heavy rains… nothing has really changed in the world… the conscience of greedy people still is killing more people than ever before… wish… one can only wish!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


The ghosts arrive
Snatching away
Even their little joy
Poverty has bestowed
To be just alive!
Good food is a rare sight
Surrounded by fully armed men
Drinking water is precious
Dead bodies
Oh, one can find them everywhere!
Thirst, hunger, sickness
No work, grains or even rain
The ghosts don't even hesitate
Exploiting poverty for dollars
To splurge on their ivory towers!
Johnny D
8th August 2009