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Sunday, January 31, 2010



Barely three weeks ago, Haiti experienced the worst ever earthquake and more than 2 million people lost their lives, homes and everything they ever had. The catastrophe also left many homeless and orphaned with traumatic consequences that is haunting one and all there. However, I was shocked yesterday to watch on BBC a group of Americans, who claimed themselves belonged to the Idaho-based charity called New Life Children’s Refuge, were caught by Haitian Police with 31 children aged 2 months to 12 years when they were trying to slip out of the country.

These Americans were caught red handed because they didn’t had any papers of adoption made compulsory by the government. Worldwide it is illegal to leave any country without proper documents. Such a callous approach when the country and these 31 children have lost their families, home and their every day lives in their own country, these Americans can be so opportunistic to quietly slip out with so many children for trafficking scheme to make money??? Well, how low we can stoop even during such a disasterous calamity??? These Americans have proved that to earn that extra dollar by selling these children to various couples in their homeland, they would go to any extent… even if it means smuggling these suffering children undetected and illegally during such catastrophe!

Now relatives of these 10 Americans have come in support by saying that there is a misunderstanding as they were trying to rescue these children. Rescuing without proper documents and papers??? Strange because they claim themselves to belong to the charity group New Life Children’s Refuge… don’t they know what the official procedures are to travel from one country to another, so why were they sneaking out to Dominican Republic without any papers??? Illegal adoption schemes are prevalent in America and these so-called Americans should know what an act of nobleness is!!! Haitian Social Affairs Minister Yves Christallin was quoted – “This is abduction, not an adoption.”

Strange but true, we humans have lost all its credibility of humanity in today’s modern world, where making more money by any means is considered a business!

Saturday, January 30, 2010



Yes, the blunder was made by our great politicians Gandhi, Nehru and Jinnah to divide the nation in two different countries for their selfish motives to rule with individual power! And the repercussions have been everlasting since the last 63 years and many more years to come by… we have been fighting tooth and nail like dogs on the streets… Millions have died and millions will die in near future just to show how we hate each other to seek vengeance! Truly, the seed of hatred was sowed by none other than The Father of The Nation – Mahatma Gandhi!

Ever since the partition, when millions innocent were massacred by both the sides, courtesy Gandhi, Nehru and Jinnah… the genocide still reverbrates and continues in the name of Jihad, Terrorism and Militants… while innocents living near the Indian border die every day, our politicians are busy issuing baseless, careless and remorseless statements in media, sitting in news studios lying big time shamelessly and spreading more hatred in the respective nations for their power to rule!

While we Indians have always shown our interest to seek peaceful solutions between the two countries, Pakistan has always used arms and ammunitions to show their displeasure about Kashmir – the state that is neither theirs nor ours! Since the last 63 years, they have waged war and almost every time, they have been defeated by our soldiers and yet, they have never stopped their heinous activities across the border. Their ministers have been so vocal about their achievements of hatred that they don’t even make any bones out of it! And our ministers act like a cowards every time to lick the international pressure to have a dialogue even when our soldiers are dying in border protecting the nation from Pakistani firings!

President Pervez Musharaf proudly announced that he diverted American Aid to assist fidayeen attacks on Indian soil after he left office. The current Prime Minister Quereshi proudly claims – ‘We cannot assure if attacks like 26/11 will not happen again in India!’ And here we are, just 14 months after the horrible Mumbai attack by ten Pakistani terrorists having lost 166 lives and hundreds injured for no fault of theirs, fighting among each other for Pak players not playing in IPL… How shameless we can be towards our own country and countrymen who lost their lives – News Channels, Dailies, Celebrities (Shah Rukh & Bachchan) – ((infact, salute to ladies, who showed they had more balls than these gentlemen during the IPL auction)) – panelists, party spokespersons, former players, Home Minister Chidambaram etc etc… everybody is showing great concern as to why Pak players were not bid for at the auction as if IPL is f****** International Pakistani League!

I am truly appalled to see such a strong support for the country, which is always busy in killing innocent Indians through their terrorist groups and proudly claiming in the international scenario because USA and UK support and have backed them with all the arms and ammunitions needed to create havoc in our nation. How soon we have forgotten the dreaded day of 26/11/2008 the world witnessed in awe and shock! All those celebrities and Social Organizations who shamelessly captured Page 3 and National News Channels with their sound bytes burning candles, laying roses and marching in crowd in whites… are busy partying in five stars since then. Our government has no money for poor farmers who have lost everything in floods and drought, but they have the audacity and austerity to spend 31 crores in a year to treat the bastard Qasab, who is making fun of Indian judiciary system and government of India, with delicious biryani and concern that the killer has not met his mother instead of hanging him for his killing act… what BULLSHIT can it be more than this?

PATHETIC! No! We should be proud because our government wants more Pakistani terrorists to wage attack and kill more Indians again and again so that they can lick America’s arse and cry – ‘Wolf Wolf!’… After all it is our own Chicago Indian Consulate, who gave Pakistani David Headley and Tahawwur Rana (they both played a major role in 26/11 attack) the required visas, so they could recce undetected and stay in India for longer period; it is our own Maharastra State Government, who have purchased inferior quality bulletproof jackets, so our police officers could be killed by terrorists AK-47 bullets; it is our own media NDTV (kudos to Barkha Dutt for helping them with her flawless reporting!), who gave away all the information live to Pakistani mastermind sitting in Karachi about the where abouts of our commandos (as a result many died); I really wonder why Indian TV channels have not yet signed Qasab for BIG BOSS reality show???

Well, the irony continues… and will continue forever as long as we have people who sell their own motherland to others, others, who are hell bent to destroy us with vengeance and hatred!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010



On News Year’s eve, my friend and I headed for Baba’s darshan in the holy land of Shirdi. I was visiting Shirdi after almost two or three years and I found everything changed. The Mandir parishar was enchanting and surely looked very beautiful. I wondered in mere three years’ time, so much has changed, however, what didn’t changed was the litter scattered everywhere on streets of Shirdi. There is one more thing that has never changed in Shirdi and that is devotee’s SABURI (Patience) even though everyone has great shradddha (respect and belief) for Baba.

Lakhs of devotee visit Shirdi to get blessings from Baba on the first of January with undying shraddha in their hearts… but what has always surprised me every time I visit Shirdi is why on earth do we all lose patience (saburi) when we are standing in queue? People push each other as if they want to show that they are far greater devotee of Baba than the other person is… there is chaos even when there is a queue system. Even if you don’t wish to push the person ahead of you, you will be forced to because of the pressure from your back… this phenomenon goes on even when Baba’s Samadhi is in front of you. And to make the matter more worst, the temple guards will force you with vengeance to shoo away from your 2-minute-darshan (after three hours or even more at times standing in queue) as if you are an animal. All these happen right in front of Baba’s marble statue and Samadhi decorated with gold shrine and throne… (In my opinion, the silver throne and shrine had more grace on Baba’s statue than the recent god ones. The gold shrine and throne has taken precedence over Baba’s original grace of being God for the Poor!).

I wonder does Baba really want such a thing to happen! I wonder how we humans have been behaving in the most irrational ways even at the place of worship… it is really sad and a pity that we really don’t even know how to behave in such a holy place… while all devotees of Baba have immense Sharddha (Faith and respect) for the Holy Saint, we lose Saburi (patience) right in front of Him! What bigger disrespect it is to show Baba how we behave in front of Him! I am really speechless and this post I have been thinking to write ever since I visited Shirdi on the first of January but just couldn’t! Today, there is news in Mumbai Mirror - “Shirdi Bans VIP Darshan” – and when I read the article, I was bemused about how things have been changing in Shirdi not for better but for worst to come in near future!

Baba’s billions devotee are poor and they come in great hope to be blessed for a happy content lives. But now the Temple committee has agreed to charge Rs 100 /- for ‘Regular Darshan’ and Rs 500 /- for ‘Aarti’ and it will be introduce very soon… so poor devotees who cannot shell out Rs 100 /-, they will have to stand in queue for another few hours to seek Baba’s blessings… what a way to go? Now that even Prasadam Ladoo is being sold to devotees at a rate… I wonder did Baba ever thought how human greed will take away from the real emotions of all the devotees who come to Shirdi with their sincere devotion???

With more than 450 crores invested in property and government bonds, Shirdi’s annual turnover has exceeded more than 250 crores and still the Temple committee cannot keep the streets clean and garbage free (if Matheran can achieve the clean green environment then why Shirdi cannot?)… And as if 250 crores are not enough for the greedy Temple Committee to introduce sale of Prasadam Ladoos and now even Darshan to Baba will become a “PAID PREVIEW” like cinemas… I am really sad for such a development in Shirdi and wish, Baba through His Miracle should stop such a thing to happen, otherwise after Tirupati, even Shirdi ke Sai Baba will become GOD OF THE RICH!

Baba where will the poor go then???

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WHAT A WONDERFUL REPUBLIC WE ARE AT 60 (27th Jan 2010, 0510 Hrs)

WHAT A WONDERFUL REPUBLIC WE ARE @ 60 (27th Jan 2010, 0510 Hrs)

1). Even after 60 long years, we need a foreigner (Italian Sonia) to rule us!
2). Even though we became independent in 1947, we are still following most of the Bristish Rules!
3). Since the last 63 years, we have built good relations with most of the other countries of the world but have failed to do so with the country (Pakistan) that was once part of a unified nation, isn’t it strange?
4). We can spend 31 crores per year to safeguard the Pakistani terrorist (Qasab), who killed hundred and sixty six innocent people in our country but we don’t have money to feed the poor hungry farmers of Bundelkhand, who have to sell their wives to feed their families. Strange isn’t it?
5). We cry out aloud when an Indian is beaten in Australia but turn a blind eye when Indians are beaten in India by Indians? What a hypocrite we are, really!
6). Our countryman Rajendra Pachauri (IPCC Chairman) declare the Himalayan glaciers to melt by 2035 to earn 2035 crores from the Western world and when he is caught, he says – ‘It is a human error!’ – Isn’t he great to sell his own country at the Copenhagen Summit against the whole world???
6). Our netas are more busy fighting silly debates on news channels instead of working for the people who voted them to power! Interesting facts, isn’t it?
7). Our political system is so wonderful that a police officer is promoted to DGP (Rathore) of a state (Haryana) for molesting a 14-year-old girl and force her to commit suicide!
8). Our judicial system is so wonderful that for 19 long years and at present, the culprit DGP Rathore is still roaming free, laughing at the media and every single billion plus Indians on national news channels! Which country can boast of such a great achievement? None, except us, after all we are a Republic @60!!!
9). A politician has to die (Jyoti Basu & many others) to be declared HONEST, SECULAR, A GREAT LEADER and god knows what not. But when he is alive he is the most CORRUPT, A GREAT LIAR and HORRIBLE LEADER! I still cannot understand this logic, do you?
10). The government doesn’t hesitate to kill innocent poor tribals (Dantewada & other villages), who are fighting life with hunger, rape, police atrocities under government’s orders to satisfy corporate and government greed by labeling them Naxalite! Heights of patriotism!!!
11). Our Agriculture Minister is so capable to increase price of essential food items to support the Hoaders and Black Marketeers that each time he opens his mouth, prices increases automatically!
12). Tonnes of wheat (Haryana FCI Godowns) are kept in open to rot to go in waste in rain but we will not feed the poor Indians in year of the drought! Kudos to FCI for such a noble act!
13). Our Prime Minister lies to the nation by saying – ‘We have enough food grain stock and no Indian will go hungry because of drought situation!’ How true… Indians are dying because of price rise not food stock scarcity!!!
14). Even Lord Rama is not supporting BJP to come in power… wish they had taken up Ravana’s support instead!
15). Even after 26/11/2008, Force One has not got the land from Maharastra Government in reality… but on paper… land worth crores have already been granted to them!
16). Delhi Chief Minister is so large hearted that she recommends Parole for killer Manu Sharma, not once but twice against the rule and law of granting parole! And guess what, all this happens under the nose of our Prime Minister! Isn’t it wonderful to be a killer than a common man??? And Supreme Court just admonishes the Delhi Government, that’s it!
17). Our wonderful electronic media houses, home minister, SRK (he didn’t buy one but felt ashamed though for India) are so concerned to show their support for Pakistani crickters for not being bought at IPL auction that they all have forgotten how 10 Pakistani terrorists invaded Mumbai to kill 166 people! Now that is what I call heights of patriotism for one’s country!!! KKKKKKudos!!!
18). NGO’s (Vanvashi Chetna Aashram) buildings (it took Himanshu Kumar 17 long years in Dantewada, Chattisgarh) are bulldozed by Special Police Officers under Home Minister…so that poor tribals can be raped, beaten or fired to death, their houses are burned, jailed on false cases and later declared Naxalite… How sincerely our government is working for corporate houses by licking them and killing thousands of innocent tribal population!
19). Cricketers are being sold (at IPL) like SLAVES were being sold in ancient times and the highest bidder wins…What an idea sir ji!!!
20). Millions of Indian cannot migrate and work within India because of only two Thackerays (Bala Shaheb and Raj) and then we proudly claim that WE ARE A FREE NATION!!! What a bullshit!!!
21). News channels are spreading more hatred than the politicians and they claim to be self regulated! What kind of fourth pillar we have today???
22). BYLINE of journalists has become BUY LINE today! They are bought at the drop of a hat!
23). Ever since Mamta Banerjee took over as Railway Minister, there have been more train accidents, delays and all the ill happenings and she has the audacity to blame it on Laloo… strange isn’t it?
24). In 63 long years, we have not been able to even lay solid proper ditch-proof roads but we have discovered water presence on the moon! What a great achievement indeed!
25). Our government function in such a wonderful fullproof fashion that they allow various goons and terrorists free passage to smuggle fake money from Nepal, arms and weapons from Burma and other neighbouring countries, RDX and other dangerous explosives from Pakistan so that politicians can take credit to raise these issues on news channels special debate shows…
26). Last but not the least, since the last 63 years, the politicians have been lying and fooling billion plus Indians with false promises, yet we like true bloody fools select the same leaders in every election again and again to rule us, exploit us and harm us!

What a wonderful Republic we are folks, kudos to every Indian on the 60th Republic Day!

Monday, January 25, 2010


NOTE: These news about how tribals are harassed and then put behind bars for no rhyme or reasons are the standard ILLEGAL procedures of Special Police Officers (SPOs) in Dantewada... under the able guidance of Home Minister Chidambaram and Indian Government... However, you will never get to see such real news on your favourite News Channels AAJ TAK, NDTV, IBN7, CNN IBN, ZEE NEWS, STAR NEWS, DD NEWS or else read in any National Dailies... Pathetic but true... - Johnny D
STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTLAND OF DANTEWADA (25th Jan 2010, 1525 Hrs) – Continues…
By Priyanka Borpujari

On Sat, 16 Jan 2010 19:20:30 +0530 wrote:
When Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh referred to Maoists as being the “single largest threat to the nation”, did he mean this child, whose fingers were brutally chopped off while his family was massacred? Now, even before this 'Maoist' could be sent in for a narco-analysis, let's understand where he comes from.
Name: Madvi Mukesh
Age: Two years old
Tribe: MuriaResidence: Gompad village, police station Konta, district Dantewada (on the Chhattisgarh-Andhra Pradesh border)
Family: Maternal grandfather Madvi Barjar (50) – dead; grandmother Madvi Subhi (45) – dead; mother Kartam Kunni (20) – dead; maternal aunt Madi Mooti (8) – dead; father (21).

Mukesh was with his family on the morning of October 1, 2009, when something unusual happened. Several men wearing military fatigues – SPOs (special police officers), police and other security forces – pointed their guns at these 'Maoists' and shot at them. Mukesh's neigbours were killed – Muchaki Handa, Markam Deva, Tomra Mutta, newly-married couple Soyma Subba and Soyam Jogi.
Mukesh's family was wiped out. He was found to be crying near a pool of blood, oozing from the chopped body of his aunt. His wails were uncontrollable – did he understand the meaning of the loss of his family, or was it because his three fingers were chopped during the carnage?
His 'Maoist' father wasn't at home at that time. He was saved.
Houses were burnt down. Paddy, pulses, brass pots, poultry and cash were taken away. In all, the villagers found that 10 of their people were dead. Some youths were missing. Mukesh Madvi, the 'Maoist', disappeared into the jungles with his father.
About 200 kms north of Gompad, news about an encounter was being circulated in the press. Operation Green Hunt had officially begun on October 1, 2009, and it was declared that some Maoists were killed near the Andhra border. When questions were raised by some sceptical journalists about the bodies of the Maoists, they were told that the villagers had disposed them off.
On January 3, 2010, when I met Amresh Mishra, Superintendent of Police (SP) of Dantewada, and had asked him about the Gompad massacre, he clarified that it wasn't a massacre. “There was only a firing from both the sides. There was no casualty; only some explosives were found.”
January 7, 2010, would have been the day when, like Mukesh, many other 'Maoists' would have come to Dantewada for a Jan Sunwai (public hearing), so that they could put forth their case. Home Minister P Chidambaram had promised Himanshu Kumar of Vanvasi Chetna Ashram, who had planned the Jan Sunwai, that he would be present to hear the unending woes of the people. However, the Governor of Chhattisgarh ESL Narasimhan prevented the Home Minister from making that visit. The Jan Sunwai was bound to have opened a can of worms before the national media, if the Home Minister had attended the meeting.
Mukesh did arrive for the Jan Sunwai along with his father, and several other optimists, on January 5. They were about 25 of them. No sooner did they arrive at Vanvasi Chetna Ashram, they were surrounded by SPOs. About 30 minutes later, they were all packed into three Boleros which bore no number plates.
It has been 10 days since those 'Maoists' were taken to an undisclosed location and there has been no news about them.
So that is the government's definition of a 'Maoist', whom I encountered personally – the tribal carrying logs of firewood who starts walking through jungles since 3 am, and reaches the nearest town by 7 am, to sell the firewood for Rs 60. The tribal who walks about 50 kms to reach the police station, to complain that the forces stationed in his village killed the only hen that he had, is a Maoist for the government. The two-year-old Mukesh is a Maoist for the government of India. Mr. Manmohan Singh are you listening???
Priyanka Borpujari

Sunday, January 24, 2010

IRRESPONSIBLE NEW CHANNELS (24th Jan 2010, 1455 Hrs)

IRRESPONSIBLE NEW CHANNELS (24th Jan 2010, 1455 Hrs)

Instead of uniting the nation, they are dividing the nation by speculating trivial issues by spreading hatred in the nation. And then they fight for their rights of being the fourth state of the nation! Bull shit! Totally bull shit!!! They also claim for being self censored, another crap that is like a shining medal up their sleeves!

The irresponsible news channels stand to speculate the issue of Pakistani cricketers at the recent IPL auction is not only pathetic and desperate measures but in my opinion ANTI-NATIONAL! Yes, instead of supporting all the franchisee owners for boycotting the Pakistanis from the IPL, they are supporting Pakistanis as if all the news channels are funded and run by Pakistanis. I am appalled at the state of desperation of all the news channels, who were more concerned as to why Pakistani players were not bid for at the auction without really using their f****** common sense!

Have they forgotten how ten terrorists from Pakistan attacked innocent Indians and foreign nationals on 26/11 in Mumbai a year ago??? Well, for NDTV, they have supported and helped the terrorists with intricate details during the 26/11 attack to such perfection that people sitting in Pakistan could easily issue orders and instructions as to what to do next… who can forget Barkha Dutt for helping the terrorists on that fateful day with her reporting. Indeed it is a shame for these so-called educated intellectuals of the fourth state, who have day in and day out shouted aloud in their respective news shows by collaborating against the IPL management.

While the Pakistani government mince no bones while declaring jihadis attacks on India since so many years in the world scenario, our Indian news channels are fighting on their behalf as to why Pakistanis were not bought at the IPL auction. What a way to show to the world our cowardice and will, to sell patriotism at its best even when the Republic Day is just around the corner. Yes, we Indians are a bunch of cowards, who will feed 31 crores a year to terrorist who killed 166 innocent people by waging attack, give him the highest security cover in the country (even the PM doesn’t have the kind of security cover that bastard Qasab has today), feed him chiken biryani and what not…

And the heights of height is that the irresponsible media houses highlight the plight of the bastard as if he is innocent… he makes fun of Indian judiciary system and the media highlights that too as if they are gunning for Nobel Prize for reporting the plight of the f****** bastard! Instead of hanging him to show how serious we are in dealing with terrorism, we are treating Qasab as if he is the President of Pakistan! For once, I would like to congratulate and give my strong support to all the franchisee owners of IPL for treating Pakistanis the way they should be treated. They fully deserve such kind of treatment and kudos to all the owners for uniting against them!!! I am so happy because they showed they have balls to stand against Pakistan in their own individualistic manner!

For how many more years will we Indians behave as if Pakistan is the most peaceful state and helping India to grow by spreading love through the barrel of the guns? Where were Rameez Raja, Zaheer Abbas and other Pakistani cricketers when the ten bastards from their country attacked India on 26/11? Why didn’t they opened their f****** mouth to show how concered they were while hundreds were killed for no reasons at all? Where were they when Sri Lankan cricketers were attacked in their own country by their own terrorists group???

Media houses have acted in a very irresponsible manner to speculate the issue and it is time they should be checked by the Indian government for spreading hatred in the society by speculating issues to ganer their f****** TRPs! A media professional should be responsible and report the facts but then, why will they report facts when they are getting crores deposited in their Swiss Accounts by all the terrorist’s networks and corrupt leaders!!!

Are these news channels fighting ferociously against the corrupt system of the Indian Hockey Federation when players were not being paid their incentives and deserving packages? Are they fighting for the poor farmers, who have not yet received the drought and flood relief from the government??? Are they fighting for the farmers who are selling their wives to eat their next meal??? Are they fighting for the poor tribals in the remote corner of India, who are being raped and facing atrocities of the police systems and government forces? The answer to all these questions is a BIG NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



First they divided the one nation into two different countries based on religion – and that is how India and Pakistan were born… hatred persists even today after 62 long years between the two and one can see what these stupid politicians have achieved in all these years – DESTRUCTION, CHAOS, HATRED, DEATHS and you name it… instead of taking the respective country forward, the politicians of both the countries have successfully spread HATRED in the respective citizen for their selfish gains… even though, people of both the countries wish to unite, visit each other, play in good spirits… the politicians have time and again sowed the seeds of hatred…

And what is more surprising is that all the News Channels have always instigated the public to become more violent towards silly issues thereby creating chaos and destruction in the peaceful society… I ask one and all, why the f*** these politicians are voted into power again and again so we all can suffere again and again at their hands, kill each other in the name of religions, languages, and what not??? And when such a thing happens, it is not the rich who are at the receiving ends because every rule is broken and laws are implemented to benefit the few elite… it is we, who suffer for no fault of ours and it is we, who have the power to elect and throw out the politicians from their respective powerful seats and portfolios… so why the heck we are allowing such kind of callousness so silently???

Yestreday, Ashok Chavan insisted that every taxidriver should know how to speak and write Marathi and license would only be issued to those who have lived 15 long years in Maharastra. Agreed! One must know how to speak the local language in the respective so as to be a part of the system. But tell me how Maharastrians can speak the NATIONAL LANGUAGE – HINDI? As many as 70 per cent of Maharastrians cannot speak, read or write Hindi – the National language… so does that mean that they should leave the country INDIA and live and work in some other country? How stupid and silly these debate and issues are moving ahead in the nation, which is proud for its multi-diversity of language, culture, cast and creed.

In fact, in my opinion, BJP should start a movement called HINDI NAHIN TOH HINDUSTANI NAHIN for those who don’t know how to read, write and speak HINDI shouldn’t be given INDIAN citizenship and they should leave the country… after all this is what the Shiv Sena, MNS and now the Congress are preaching by emphasizing Marathi to be compulsory for all those who are living in Maharastra, so why Maharastrians who cannot speak, read and write HINDI should be allowed to live in India?

I ask the politicians what has really changed by changing the city’s name from Bombay to Mumbai, Madras to Chennai, Bangalore to Bengaluru, and Calcutta to Kolkata? Has it benefittted anyone in any real sense? Has Mumbai become a heaven or better than what Bombay was? NO! Every single day, people are dying in the name of stupid violence that has no relevance at all for the progress of the cities and nation. Intsead of working properly in a systematic way to make lives of countrymen better, our politicians are busy make it worse. It is time people should unite and throw out these politicians from their power so that they will know what it feels like to live life without power.

I am sure Chief Minister of Maharastra, Shiv Sena and MNS will give first priority to Pakistani terrorist Qasab for a job because he is speaking only in Marathi nowadays… so he will be given a job, even a domicile certificate, and as it is he has the best security cover in the whole nation, courtesy Maharastra government… and no… why should Congress hang him… he is a Marathi now because he speaks the language and all those Indians, who live in Maharastra and don’t know Marathi should immediately leave the state and live and work elsewhere…

Hindi nahin toh Hindustani nahin… yeh mere desh ka nara hoona chaihiye!!! Jaago Bharat! Jagoo Hindustan!!! Jagoo Hindustaniyon, jaldi jagoo!!!



Honestly, every natural catastrophe reveals how we humans have been overlooking the basic flaw of our civilization inspite of us being educated and having all the modern discoveries and inventions at our disposal. Dreaded tentacles of death engulf as many lives as nature wishes to wipe out in just one stroke. Those who escape the wrath of nature react at first searching for family members, friends and then just about anybody and everybody who has a little sign of life still left… however, the real test of time comes after the initial shock.

To live the next day and then the subsequent days, weeks, months and years… the catastrophe leaves a fear within and life becomes a curse. Survival takes precedence over tragedy and lost members and everything one has build in the past gradually slips away behind, as hope strengthens and leaving no choice but to move forward in life… lessons nature teach us through these catastrpohes, the so-called educated humans, is so soon forgotten that I wonder often when will we ever wake up from our deep slumber. And this is what I call as the REAL IRONY of our Human Civilization!

When tragedy strikes, we unite to face it helping each other with whatever means one has… however, when we are living in peace, we keep busy by plotting various kinds of fight and evil actions. WHY? I know, it is so easy to say – ‘nature or god wants us to be like this!’ YUCK…!!! But what about various lessons that nature has thrown in front of us to learn to be better humans first??? Why do we overlook the good things in life to run after the evil things without really thinking twice about its consequences???

Haiti is fighting a war that is really hard and just impossible to win with all the money in the world… millions have died and many are dying every single day because of lack of food, water, medical supplies and the trauma… well, yet we have the heart (some evil humans) to loot aid flying in from all the countries… billions of dollar never reach the suffering population, who have lost almost every thing they have ever had and wandering in streets not knowing how to cope from the traumatic experience and with nothing in their capacity… yet there will be few greedy inhuman bastards, who will not hesitate one bit to loot and make more money during such tragic hours…

My heart boils when I think of these bastards… who brings out the worst in beautiful life that is meant to help each other and excel by uniting whatever talent… but just the opposite happens almost all the time. I remember when there was earthquake in Maharastra’s Latur region and Gujarat on 30th September 1993 and 26th Januray 2001 respectively… aid from various countries flew in India for all those suffering people. But do you know, many of the aid containers were off-loaded in various ports and straight away taken to chor bazaar (fleece market) and sold to wholesalers, who later made crores selling it to small traders and finally all those aid items (food, clothes, jackets, shoes, blankets and what ever was in the respective containers) were sold on the streets of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and other cities… and the men responsible for such an act were political leaders and rich industrialists… who don’t even bat an eyelid or are shaken by their inner conscience during such a time. How callous we can be even when millions are struggling to live another day without anything??? This is the irony of human civilization that I am talking about… think about it folks!!!

The same is happening in Haiti too. The survivors, who till yesterday were helping each other to save lives of their near and dear ones and strangers, in fact, are now fighting among each other snatching food, drinking water and whatever that is reaching them in aid… to survive just another day. While aid workers from all over the world are facing problems to distribute the aid items to the survivors, the scenes of police and armed guards keeping the large population at bay by batons… is really the real irony of the whole catastrophe. How soon we all forget to help each other even at trying times and that is what surprises me the most!!!

The immediate announcement of aid from various countries to save humanity at such times come as no surprises, however, what surprises me is why we have built and created weapons of mass destruction to destroy other nations by spending billions and billions of dollars when everything is peaceful in the world??? Have you ever thought as to why America and 42 NATO countries are always busy spending billions of dollar to destruct properties and infrastructures and kill innocent poor population in various wars, instead of building nation, just like every country is doing currently in Haiti???

The irony of human civilization is that power destructs and never creates and the earthquake in Haiti is an indication from nature for all those power hungry nation involved in wars saying – ‘it is still time to save humanity in your beautiful life, so leaders of the world don’t waste money on destructing lives and countries just to prove that you are the most powerful of all… because when I (nature) strike… with all the money and power in the world… you just cannot bring back what I can take in just one stroke. Open your eyes and learn from such happenings that I (nature) recreate time and again so that I can teach you all that you have been gifted with life to make it beautiful… so don’t try to become GOD or else ME because if I can give you every joy, I will not hesitate to take it away from you. Wake up, wake up from your deep slumber and try to save humanity by doing good just like you are doing it in Haiti now!’

Monday, January 18, 2010



The Fourth Pillar (the Media) has created so much chaos in the society with 95 per cent speculated news 24 x 7 x 365 days that NEWS has lost all its credibility in today’s modern world. National Editors of various news channels think and act as the God to nail every subject they are interviewing in their respective shows, unless of course, it’s a PAID INTERVIEW.

What is more heartening and amazing is that when the media is attacked, the respective professionals act as if they have been targeted for showing the truth to the whole world and act as cry babies… yes, it is true that they (media professionals) don’t like to be criticized for all the speculations they create in their imaginative brains without using their simple Common Sense in reporting the truth.

Yesterday night, Barkha Dutt (NDTV) was interviewing Home Minister Chidambaram over phone on the speculation that he was seeking to belittle the post of NSA (National Security Adviser) and intends to take on the role of being the Country’s Internal Security Czar as outgoing NSA M K Narayanan was reported to have objected to his proposal. Barkha Dutt speculated Home Minister’s Press Release by mentioning NSA in her question to Chidambaram. It was amazing to see Chidambaram losing his cool to admonish Barkha Dutt on national telecast saying – ‘First you should read the Press Release carefully because nowhere I had mentioned about NSA. So please don’t speculate what has not been written in my Press Release.’ – Barkha was visibly very upset for being insulted by the Home Minister, who was very angry on the issue. Literally, all those who watched the said telecast, must have seen how she felt humiliated at Chidambaram’s hands (whom she has given maximum coverage to build a brand called ‘Chidambaram – The Home Minister’ in all her shows since the past one year) and had to shut up by changing the subject to the next speaker.

This incident also showed how an experienced editor of a channel can twist facts in front of the nation while interviewing senior leaders to speculate the serious issue of nation’s security… so one can imagine what all goes on when live interviews are not done and news are just flashed as SPECULATION! Hope Barkha Dutt will henceforth read all the Press Release more carefully so that she can speculate to avenge her insult at Chidambaram’s hands!

Kudos to Chidambaram, for once, for shutting Barkha Dutt’s trap so that she doesn’t speculate things that has not been mentioned in Home Minister’s Press Release!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

DANTEWADA: From Detention Drama to 'Dacoit' Declaration – PART - II

Continued from PART – I …

NOTE: These news about how tribals are harassed and then put behind bars for no rhyme or reasons are the standard ILLEGAL procedures of Special Police Officers (SPOs) in Dantewada... under the able guidance of Home Minister Chidambaram and Indian Government... However, you will never get to see such real news on your favourite News Channels AAJ TAK, NDTV, IBN7, CNN IBN, ZEE NEWS, STAR NEWS, DD NEWS or else read in any National Dailies... Pathetic but true... - Johnny D

A real life experience by this brave girl, who faced the wrath of Police Administration and Local Journalists in Dantewada…even putting danger to her own life for the sake of poor tribals, who are being slaughtered by SPOs in the name of investigation… who will protect INDIANS from INDIAN GOVERNMENT??? – Johnny D

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTLAND OF DANTEWADA (13th Jan 2010, 2000 Hrs) – Continues…

From Detention Drama to 'Dacoit' Declaration – PART - II

By Priyanka Borpujari

On Tue, 12 Jan 2010 10:35:45 +0530 wrote:

We got a jeep-taxi and began to stack in all our luggages. The Ashram was locked and I looked back at the remnants of tireless effort of 17 long years of one single man. The taxi driver turned the car key, and one cop came, and switched it off. He told us, “You cannot leave.”

The drama begins... We got off the car, sat for a while, but soon realised that we were not being told why we were stopped. It was 4.30 pm then, and more cops arrived. Almost all of them were busy talking over their mobile phones. None of them, except for one stout lady constable, wore any uniform. Heading the team looking over us was Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) on Probation, Rajan Jaiswal. This petite Denzel Washington-look-alike refused to talk to us, and said that all we should do was just sit. Realising that it would be one long drama with many different acts, I tried to argue that we had a bus at 5 pm, and we needed to get our ticket money back. He promised to get the cash back for us; I didn't believe his words.

The value of a tribal: We sat under the tree where Himanshu fasted for 10 days and spun the charkha. Suddenly, we saw about 30 tribals walking in from the main road, towards us. Some of them went ahead and spoke to Lakhimi, one of the tribal women with us. She told us that they had arrived from a distant village to attend the Jan Sunwai (public hearing) which was scheduled to be held two days later on January 7th – wherein Home Minister P. Chidambaram had promised to show his presence but was told to stay away by the Chhattisgarh administration as they feared that their dirty linen would be out for the nation to watch and condemn.

I don't know when and how: We were all too busy making phone calls and sending SMSes to out friends about our illegal detention – but about 10 minutes later, we saw that the 30 people were distanced from us. The tribals were taken about 100 metres away from us, into an open field, and were surrounded by about four SPOs. I tried to go towards them but was stopped. Precisely at that moment I saw the difference my education and urban upbringing could make in that situation – those tribals and I were illegally detained, but my English-smattering and names-dropping skills could bail me out; but the tribals would only slip further into the quicksand. I knew I would be out sooner or later; I wasn't so sure about the vulnerable 30 who trust everyone so blindly. That's when Satyen and I realised that the 'joke' was going too far.

About 15 minutes later, we saw three grey Boleros, without any number plates, approach those tribals. Some men got off, they wrote something on some papers and slowly, the tribals were made to get in. I ran for the video camera and began to document what was happening. The SPOs stopped me, but I gave a straight look and told them that I couldn't be stopped from filming. Satyen too, by then, had begun to document. The 30 tribals were packed and sent into nowhere, and as I turned around in horror as the truth set in, many pairs of male eyes were staring at me, some of them looking at me through their mobile phone cameras.

Read what happens next in PART – III…

DANTEWADA: The Greed, The Threat and The Exploitation

DANTEWADA: The Greed, The Threat & The Exploitation!

Underneath me lies
greed of the corporate companies
while atop,
the poor tribal lives
facing atrocities of government's armed goons

Rape, threats, beatings
burned houses, and
hiding in nearby forests
have become the norm
of poor tribals
living life in nature

Home Minister promotes
Police Suprintendent to IG (Inspector General)
For raping tribal women repeatedly
SPOs (Special Police Officers) get power for raping women
by flaunting their automatic weapons
Media bought by government by crores worth advertisements

NGO's volunteers framed for murder
Rusting in jails with wounds
Tribal men goes missing
under proper police exercise
There is no one to question
as all is happening under government's control

The huge mineral deposits
The few tribals resisting the government
The greedy corporate companies
Who will win, who will lose?
Indians are being killed by Indians
All under the honourable Home Minister

Johnny D
15th January 2010

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTLAND OF DANTEWADA (14th Jan 2010, 1555 Hrs) – Continues…From Detention Drama to 'Dacoit' Declaration – PART - I

NOTE: These news about how tribals are harassed and then put behind bars for no rhyme or reasons are the standard ILLEGAL procedures of Special Police Officers (SPOs) in Dantewada... under the able guidance of Home Minister Chidambaram and Indian Government... However, you will never get to see such real news on your favourite News Channels AAJ TAK, NDTV, IBN7, CNN IBN, ZEE NEWS, STAR NEWS, DD NEWS or else read in any National Dailies... Pathetic but true... - Johnny D

A real life experience by this brave girl, who faced the wrath of Police Administration and Local Journalists in Dantewada…even putting danger to her own life for the sake of poor tribals, who are being slaughtered by SPOs in the name of investigation… who will protect INDIANS from INDIAN GOVERNMENT??? – Johnny D

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTLAND OF DANTEWADA (14th Jan 2010, 1555 Hrs) – Continues…

From Detention Drama to 'Dacoit' Declaration – PART - I

By Priyanka Borpujari

On Tue, 12 Jan 2010 10:35:45 +0530 wrote:

Dantewada is such a huge practical joke! and hence it is all the more depressing...although I got back from Dantewada two days ago, it took me time to settle down in the claustrophobic Mumbai and gather my thoughts about what I was recently witness to... there has been quite a lacuna in the detailing of our detention... so here is "my" version, which is very long and elaborate and devoid of any interesting photographs... so you are warned in advance :-)
From Detention Drama to 'Dacoit' Declaration

In my own “coy” ways, I would terrorise my friends and family. But thanks to the Dantewada police, I have been declared a dacoit. No, this anointment didn't come in easy – it took several hours of mayhem and confusion and conspiracy. And so the story of the practical joke begins....

On January 5, the inmates of the Vanvasi Chetna Ashram (VCA) in Dantewada woke up to find that Himanshu Kumar was missing. We panicked a bit, but realised that what he had done must have been the best. He couldn't afford to languish in jail for having raised his voice for the scores of tribals whom the government plans to eliminate to be able to hand over their land to profit-hungry mining companies. It was essential that the gory David versus Goliath battle for survival continue to be fought, and new ways had to be found. That's how we understood the rationale behind Himanshu's disappearance.

The seven security personnel outside the VCA, who had been posted for Himanshu's “protection” and constant vigil, were surely unaware about Himanshu's disappearance; for they seemed to be calm and staid, going about their usual activity of languidly sitting with their guns on their laps. But the inmates of the Ashram – about 10 of them – realised that there was no point in staying behind. By 7 am, the Ashram wore a deserted look and my preconceived notions of bravado, or the lack of it, as I saw it that morning, began to run in my head.

MORAL OBLIGATIONS: Nevertheless, four of us decided to stay behind – filmmaker Nishtha Jain, writer-journalist Satyen Bordoloi, law student and AID volunteer Suresh Kumar, and I. We took this decision as we were concerned about the four tribal women who worked as maids in the Ashram – we knew that if the cops learnt about Himanshu's disappearance, those four women would be the most vulnerable. Given Chhattisgarh's record of tribals disappearing after they are summoned for a genteel questioning, we didn't want four casualties right before our eyes. There was little we could actually do to fight off the protectors-turned-persecutors, but we couldn't elude ourselves from doing that very little too.

We planned to leave Dantewada for Hyderabad by a 5 pm bus that same evening, and it was decided that we would drop all the girls, along with their luggage, to one of their homes before we could leave the Police State. Around 3 pm, Satyen walked outside casually and got into a conversation with the young Special Police Officers (SPOs) who were guarding the Ashram. During the conversation the SPOs learnt that Himanshu Kumar wasn't in the Ashram anymore, and as Satyen later told us, the anxiety and cold sweat on their forehead was too conspicuous.

Read what happens next in PART – II…



Rathore’s confession yesterday didn’t surprised me at all and also it reveals all as to how he has been so successful to keep himself free from the clutches of the corrupt Indian Law since the last 19 long years – “You want to know the secret of this smile? I will tell you. If you come into my drawing room, you will find a photograph of my wife, my nine-year-old son and me offering flowers to Jawaharlal Nehru. If you succeed in harming me more, I will smile more.”

Yes, he smiled once again that vicious smile of a villainous triumph when he managed once again to get bail to slap the media professionals as if saying – “Do what you like, shout out aloud and try your level best but you still cannot touch me as I am well protected by the corrupt system.” Indeed, it was not the hardest slap on the face of media professionals that Rathore punched but it was the tighest slap on the Indian Judicial System, Law and above all the Congress Government as Home Minister and Law Minister were involved to reopen the 19 year-old case to give justice to a teenager, who was molested by the DGP and droven to commit suicide.

It shows how our system SUCKS!!!!!!!!! And no wonder, Rathore boasted at just the right time to reveal who is behind his freedom after commiting the heinous crime. His confession on knowing Nehru surely raise suspicion about Gandhi family’s hand in still allowing him to roam free inspite of being sentenced by the Supreme Court 6 months RI. How well the Congress has played its cards to show to the nation with its concern to give justice to Ruchika… which is actually an eyewash! Behind the fa├žade of showing concern, the Congress has allowed the DGP to roam around free and smile at all those who want him behind the bars…

As if 19 long years wasn’t enough, the man still has the audacity to smile at the nation with great bravado to show that no one, I repeat, NO ONE can touch him because may be he knows too many secrets of all the political leaders under whom he had served for more than two decades. It is common sense that leaders must have been blackmailed by this vicious character that if he goes to the gallows, he would reveal all… hence, not even our PM, Home Minister or Law Minister have been able to put him behind bars for the shame he has brought to Indian Police and the Lawless System.
So the questions arise now:

Is Sonia Gandhi helping DGP Rathore because of his Nehru connection?
Inspite of Home Minister Chidambaram and Law Minister Moily’s intervention, why the Land of the Law has not been able to put this villain behind the bars?
19 long years, he was helped by various politicians so now who are the current politicians, who are helping DGP Rathore from being punished in the court of Law? – Obviously the ruling government!!!
What is the degree of corruption in the Judicial System of the Nation?
Will Rathore ever go behind the bars???

Well, I know for sure that even if media spents another 19 years, our corrupt politicians will not allow DGP Rathore to go behind the bars, now that we all know he is well-connected with the Nehru Family…

Friday, January 8, 2010



Yes, it is true that had he not captured the inhuman act of death of the Police SI on broad daylight in Tamilnadu in his camera, no one would have known how inhuman the politicians could be to safeguard their own lives. However, as a human… capturing a man dying in such circumstance is surely the most bastardly act of the cameraman, who instead of helping the dying SI, preferred to capture the inhuman act in his camera for that extra buck. It is not a matter of SHAME but true CALLOUSNESS that is hard to define how far news correspondents can go to get extra mileage for his channel or else earn those lakhs by selling the tape.

More than the politicians, including Tamilnadu’s Health Minister Subburaj and Environment Minister (who didn’t bothered to help the dying SI), I feel the cameraman’s act as truly BASTARDLY and how on the earth did his conscience allow him to enjoy capturing the dying moments in his camera (obviously thinking of his next promotion or else those thousand rupees he earned selling the incident) instead of helping the dying and suffering SI. I am really not sure, what the cameraman was thinking while capturing such a dreaded dying moments for his individual glory and promotion.

Obviously, it is really worst to see how our politicians acted, in fact, they were worst than animals (I remember watching a video on National Geographic Channel, how all the buffaloes united to safe a calf buffalo from the clutches of four ferocious lions) in watching the SI die in front of them. What was heartening to watch was the way drinking water was offered to the critically injured SI. The ministers’ act, well, honestly I really don’t have degradable words (in English) to use to describe their acts while giving drinking water to the dying man… How inhuman we can be even in deaths?

Ministers, who are guarded by police and security persons 24x7, can be so callous, shameless (they knew they were being captured on tape) and inhuman to leave the SI die on road while giving flimsy explanation about bombs being on the site, says what these bastards (I am really not ashamed to use such harsh words, in fact, I feel I should use more abusive words for all these bastards – politicians and the cameraman) care for a dying citizen or a human life…

These respective people are in fact worst than the person who attacked the SI and in the court of human conscience, I strongly feel that along with the politicians, the cameraman should also be punished for killing the dying SI as they helped the attacker by not helping the dying man with their callous attitude of inhumanity!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

THE THREE IDIOTS (8th Jan 2010, 1230 Hrs)

THE THREE IDIOTS (8th Jan 2010, 1230 Hrs)

The Maker: Vidhu Vinod Chopra

The Writer: Chetan Bhagat

The Media: Electronic News Channels!

As if we viewers are all foolish, the media frenzy just after the release of 3 IDIOTS and the on-going war of words followed by admiration and you scratch my back and I will scratch yours, by the above mentioned idiots were really hilarious and funny. I have neither read the book nor seen the movie but surely my friends and I were laughing our hearts out to see how agitated filmmaker of repute can make an idiot of self in front of the whole nation by irritatingly saying SHUT UP to media professionals, who were shamelessly covering the event even after being rebuked and insulted…

Surely, while the maker showed what an idiot he is by misbehaving with media professionals, the crying baby writer Chetan Bhagat was trying to sell his book, which must have not made enough money for him before the film, also showed what an idiot he is… to get into the game of highlighting the movie (after all he was paid to play his part for the publicity stunt) and last but not the least, the media made an idiot of self by covering the event endlessly for days to finally show Vidhu Vinod Chopra asking for FORGIVENESS from media professionals and Chetan admiring the cast and crew and the filmmaker days later.

Publicity Stunt just before the release of any movie has become so predicted that there is really no shock value left but laughter and PJs for one and all in trains, buses and drawing rooms and clubs… A maker, who has blatantly copied Robin Williams film PATCH ADAMS to make a successful film MUNNABHAI MBBS, was talking of being original… yes, it was really hilarious! What surprised me was how media professionals, who were insulted by the filmmaker stood shamelessly to cover the event with no self esteem and honour… I know, I know their respective channels must have bagged a huge package for ads from the filmmaker so but obvious the poor correspondents have no other option left but to cover the event with no self respect to show to the world what kind of idiots they are…

One really wonders, when will our creative brains think of something REALLY ORIGINAL to show to the world how brilliant they are and not just IDIOTS?



Perhaps for the third time, intellectual and intelligent Indians have woken up in REAL SENSE to teach corrupt politicians of Congress and BJP that an EUNUCH is more capable and honest than them. Yes, the title of my blog was one of the headlines in Asian Age today. It is indeed enlightening to see small town Indians of Sagar in Madhya Pradesh voted 50-year-old Kamla Bua as MAYOR, an Independent eunuch! I tell you, I was overwhelmed to read how citizen decided to take such an intelligent decision to finally wake up from their sleep collectively.

This is one of the third instances when an eunuch has made such a major leap in Indian politics. Who can forget Shabnam Mausi, who went onto become a member of Madhya Pradesh State Assembly from Sohagpur and served successfully her five-year-term. Kamla Bua’s success in Sagar also reminds one of Kamla Jaan, who was voted to be the Mayor of Katni in 1999, another small town in Madhya Pradesh. Kamla Jaan’s journey lasted for just 42 months, when High Court verdict changed everything in favour of corrupt politicians – on the grounds that a person of undefined sex cannot be elected to a post reserved for women.

Sohagpur, Katni and now Sagar – three small towns of Madhya Pradesh has shown the whole India why they have no more trust in our corrupt system and greedy politicians. I am sure that many in our metropolitan cities might not even have heard of these small towns and may even not know their locations. But trust me, these small towns have shown what unity means and why they needed the required change for a better living and ruling. Indeed, such a major change should be an eye-opener for one and every single Indian to cast their valuable vote for someone who would do some good.

It is indeed funny because yesterday while I was watching news, I saw Maharastra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan answered “I AM NOT AWARE OF…” for thirteen different questions put to him by media… tell me, when a CM doesn’t know the basic mundane problems of the State, does he really deserves to be on the post? Shame on Mumbai people, who marched with candles after 26/11 but have forgotten DEATH for QASAB! Or will Ashok Chavan will allow Qasab to slip away like the three dreaded terrorists, who are roaming free after slipping away from Police custody in Delhi… well, I am sure Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit must have ordered the police to allow them to slip because if she can flout rules to allow killer Manu Sharma to roam free on parole and get into pub brawl while serving the parole, she can definitely set free the Pakistani terrorists with promise of crores in her Swiss Accounts. I am sure Congress must be very proud to have such intelligent Chief Ministers in Capital State and Nation’s Business Capital Mumbai in Maharastra, who know almost nothing that is happening in their respective states.

Kamla Bua’s success is notable in many accounts because she won with the biggest margin of 42,000 votes in the civic poll. Kamla Bua is the second eunuch to be elected the Mayor after the success of Kamla Jaan at Katni in 1999. Congress candidate Rekha Chowdhury even lost her deposit, which was the highlight of the civic poll and added insult to her injury and the BJP counterparts Suman Ahirwar barely managed to save hers hahahahahahahahahaha…. The perfect way to teach these corrupt greedy politicians for being defeated by none other than kinnars… And what a way to express her winning, Kamla Bua said, “Since eunuchs were socially ostracized lot with o family or dependents, she would ensure that all the money went into improving Sagar’s teetering infrastructure.”

Wish we Indians living in big cities learn something valuable from these small towns and unite to overthrow greedy politicians from their power trip, so that they learn their lessons to do something worthwhile for the nation! Kamal bua ki jai ho!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

THEY HAVE NO WHITE FLAG(6th Jan 2010, 2200 Hrs)

THEY HAVE NO WHITE FLAG! (6th Jan 2010, 2200 Hrs)

It is often said that “home is where the heart is”. German poet Christian Morgenstern, inspired by English literature nonsense, further went on to state, “Home is not where you live but where they understand you.” But in Dantewada, which presents a classic example to English literature students about the definition of ‘irony’, the notion of ‘home’ is quite blemished. Two significant ‘non-developments’ on the last day of the year made us realise the frugality of the reality of belongingness and the need to be understood.

Delhi University professors Nandini Sundar and Ujjwal Singh were on their way to meet the four rape victims from Samsetti village on Wednesday, December 30th. Around 7.30 pm, they were accosted by cops. They checked the papers of the car and then asked the duo to step out. The cops then told them that they could not proceed any further. When asked why, Sundar was told, “We have received such orders from our seniors. You will have to comply with us. You cannot proceed further, but you will have to leave Dantewada.”

Sundar later told us over phone – even though we are all aware that all our telephonic conversations are now tapped – that when she and Singh tried to go around that village and its adjoining town looking for a lodge to spend the night, none of the lodges would accommodate them. Of course, the lodge must have been well-fed or well-threatened to forego the business that they could have gained from the duo’s night stay. It is more likely that they were threatened. After all, this is the land where power flows from the barrel of the gun.

The cops continued to stick by Sundar and Singh, even following them when they stopped by to eat some dinner. Finally, they found refuge in the boy’s hostel of a college. “However, at midnight, some SPOs came knocking at our door and then asked us inane questions rather rudely. Some time later, they left us alone but stood guarding the door outside all night long. In the morning, on December 31st, they said that they will escort us out of Dantewada, northwards to Jagdalpur,” she said.

Here was one woman who wanted to meet four others whose dignity and liberty had been gravely assaulted. And this woman, whom we may assume to be empowered because of her education, was also relegated to be yet another victim of this state’s dirty games. All she wanted to do was understand what prevented the four women from taking the collateral route to get justice for themselves. But in Chhattisgarh, every person is made to stoop.

In the morning of December 31st, Himanshu Kumar wasn’t expecting a certain person as his visitor. It was the landlord of the house where Himanshuji had been living and working from, since May 2009, when the Vnasvasi Chetna Ashram near Fasrspal village was razed down by cops. The landlord was already being pressurized by the state administration to get Himanshuji to vacate the house. But on Thursday morning, the landlord came to tell Himanshuji that he hadn’t been sleeping too well at nights because of the constant fear of being pressurized by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), the Collector and the CEO of the Zilla Panchayat. When Himanshuji asked the landlord if he was contemplating on selling the house, the landlord denied any such intention. Although a lease agreement of a year had been signed for the occupancy of the house, it was clearly heard in the landlord’s nervous voice that the administration did not want the presence of Himanshuji within the state. This resilient man, on the sixth day of his fast with body adipose depleting, is seen as a threat to its macabre ways with which it is playing with many human lives.

Himanshuji now has to vacate the house in about a week’s time. He has also learnt that even if there was land available in Dantewada, the administration had issued a stringent warning stating that nobody could sell him any piece of land – be it for his residence or VCA. In the evening, Himanshuji decided that all the shelves, containing various books and journals on Vinoba Bhave, Gandhi, revolution, education, religion, etc., be thrown open for the few of us here. We ransacked the shelves and found a copy of the Holy Bible. Himanshuji insisted that he would keep that for himself. He wiped the thin layer of dust and just opened the book midway. And he laughed aloud. We looked at each other, and then at him. He said aloud, “I open this book, and the lines that stare at me are, “Love your enemy as you love yourself…Reconcile with your enemy.” And we laugh too at the practical joke played on Himanshuji by god himself. But who is the enemy? What is the enemy? More on:

Why is a citizen of this ‘independent country denied residency? Why does he want to continue his fast despite the fact that he may have to go hungry on the street? Why are you still reading this and only sighing? Why are you silent still? Do you, dear reader, have any suggestions to this man who is struggling to smile as he sees his countrymen killing their own people? Do you, dear reader, have any answers to your own impotency?
This impotency of the civil society (no, I don’t indicate the ‘civil society’ here to be the Fab India-clad, Che Guevara-obsessed, Scotch-drinking ‘liberals’) and the fiery potency of the administration is the New Year’s gift to this man. Think for a moment how he must have slept on the last night of 2009. Think for a moment where you were on the last night of 2009.

January 1st, 2010 – Himanshuji decided to meet Kopa Kunjam in the jail. He went to Dantewada jail, met Kopa, who broke down upon seeing Himanshuji. It was a moment of strengthening each other and letting the other know that the cops were here to only break the morale. “Kopa told me that he had been told that he was deliberately framed in a murder case which he hadn’t committed. He also said that he had been beaten up many times; he was even hung up from his feet upside down and beaten,” said Himanshuji, trying hard to camouflage the thought of the horrid way in which his friend was being treated, as a punishment for their friendship.

“Among the meagre equipments that they possess, the tribals don’t have a white flag.” That’s the hope for 2010.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



For Indians living in urban India, rupees two means almost nothing more than a small change… that is often given as alms to beggars or else tips while having a garma garam chai in road side stall… however, I and my friend had a real life experience to know what ‘rupees two’ means to a poor Indian. It surely opened our eyes in disbelief as reality struck us with a thunderbolt!

31st late night, my friend and I boarded a Maharastra State Transport Bus from Kalyan to Bhiwandi on my way to Shirdi. Since our trip was decided at the very last moment, we had to make our journey from Kalyan to Bhiwandi, then to Nashik and finally Shirdi by bus.

Now, the fare from Kalyan to Bhiwandi is Rs. 8 /- per individual and most of the passengers had given the conductor a ten rupee note… the bus was crowded and he didn’t had any small change with him to give the balance rupees two to each passenger… My friend gave a 20 rupee note and we just sat quietly, presuming the conductor would give the balance later to us. The journey time was just 30 minutes and we could see how each passenger (mostly workers returning home after late evening shifts) was getting restless when the conductor was just collecting the fare and issuing tickets without returning the balance rupees two to them.

Few of them shouted and demanded the conductor as to why he is not giving the balance amount… in this case just rupees two! The conductor surely was agitated after a long stint on the New Year’s eve, stretching to almost midnight and ushering 2010. So he kept himself busy issuing tickets and said in a disturbed tone to take the money later. Many of them said what if they would forget while getting down in hurry at their stops? The tussle between the poor conductor and passengers continued till the bus arrived Bhiwandi.

However, just for your information, there were many passengers, who searched their pockets for small change and even managed to give it to the conductor to take back their ten rupee note… We realised the real value of ‘RUPEES TWO’ for a poor Indian during our recent bus journey. I told my friend… for us it is just a small change but for other passengers it was such a precious amount that they would not let go off so easily…

Strange it may seem, to many of us living in cities, but imagine how the poor Indians are spending each precious rupee they earn while commuting every day from home to work and return… The escalating prices of everything has really hit the poor Indians badly… wish our government does something better for them, so they could live with honour and peace!



Nithari Killings: Media went berserk and what happens? – NOTHING!

Arushi Murder Case: Media went berserk and what happens? – NOTHING!

Jessica Lal Muder Case: Media went berserk, Manu Sharma sentenced… however, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit flouts PAROLE RULES to help killer Manu Sharma let lose in Delhi for two long months, only to be caught in a Pub Brawl once again… and what happens? – NOTHING HAPPENS TO DELHI CHIEF MINISTER!

Shibu Soren charged with murder: Media went berserk but what happens? – SOREN IS BACK AS CHIEF MINISTER ONCE AGAIN!

Tribal woman Ledha Bai was repeatedly RAPED by Balrampur Superintendent of Police, Sitaram Kalluri, who is promoted as IG (Inspector General of Anti Naxals wing of the Chhattisgarh police of Dantewada range, while Ledha Bai is trying to bring justice to women in the capacity of a social worker, in Surguja: What happens? – THIS SERIOUS CASE DOESN’T EVEN GET MENTIONED IN ANY NEWS CHANNELS & NATIONAL DAILIES UNDER CHIDAMBARAM’S ORDER! Read more on:

The rich and the influential people in Indian democracy cannot be touched and even if they are (under public pressure), then they get all the privileges to stay in great comfort in jail, made possible by our respective honourable Chief Ministers, Prime Ministers, Home Ministers, and various leaders. DGP Rathore’s case is not the only one that needs to be seen as the media circus continues on and on… at the persistence of the ruling government to divert the attention of 1.2 billion Indians fighting a war every day to survive with continuous price rise of food items. It is indeed a shame that the FOURTH PILLAR – THE MEDIA has been helping the government by becoming their PR machinery by continuously showing NEWS for weeks and weeks while ignoring the REAL ISSUES faced by poor INDIANS! WHY? I ask WHY such a callous attitude and approaches are there towards the poor Indians by the ruling government and the media!

While the first four cases involve the rich and the famous, the last one is the sad story of many Ledha Bais in the tribal region of Dantewada, which doesn’t even get a small SNIPPET space in National Dailies or else ONE MINUTE News in National News Channels? Are all the media houses bought by the ruling government for their own selfish agendas? YES! That is why there is no news about DANTEWADA Tribal Women, who are raped, jailed and threatened by Special Police Officers under government tactics and policy, so they can capture the rich mineral lands to sell off to rich industrialists and corporate companies. Their only fault is that they are uneducated poor tribals, who are leading their lives in remote villages of India in utter poverty without proper healthcare, education system, drinking water, sanitation and living conditions and the 24 hours fear of being abducted illegally by Special Police Forces under the pretext of being Naxalites and then raped, beaten and threatened and thumb impression taken on blank white papers… coincidentally those areas are rich mineral belts and they are labeled as Naxalites by the government.

What will happen to DGP Rathore? I feel like laughing at the way our Home Minister Chidambaram is dealing the case with… strange it may seem, even the MEDIA is not using their COMMON SENSE to ask the government of India as to what will happen if his MEDALS are snatched away from him? Come on guys, you have such highly intelligent editors in your news channels and all you can show is the REPEAT TELECAST of the same news on and on since the last ten days or more???

Questions that the ruling government should be asked:

1). What was the government doing since the last 19 years?
2). Why has the government woken up now? The government is equally guilty as Rathore is.
3). What is the authenticity of Supreme Court’s verdict and punishment? How much did Rathore paid the Supreme Court Judge to get just 6 months punishment?
4). Will the government expose all those who are and were involved in saving Rathore all these years? Who are the people who are behind Rathore’s rise to DGP after the molestation case? Will they ever get punished?
5). Why people like IG Anti Naxals Wing of Dantewada Range Sitaram Kalluri was promoted by the government of India, when he is a RAPIST of tribal woman Ledha Bai? His offence is much bigger than Rathore’s… so why Chidambaram and the media are keeping mum about the reality of today’s India? If they can re-open Rathore’s case, why they cannot book a case against Sitaram Kalluri?

May I ask the media, is RATHORE the only one who is so important in the whole of India to be punished by the government? There are lakh of rapists roaming around in the nation and they are a big blot on Nation’s Judiciary System, Political Corruption, Police Atrocities, Crushing Poor Indians and above all the Government of India’s approach in dealing with just ONE CASE that was buried for 19 long years…

Please be responsible towards your duty towards the nation my dear media professionals and leaders of the nation… help to solve the miseries of the poor and please, please stop this media circus to help the government divert the attention of the nation from the real issue called THE GREAT STEEP INDIAN PRICE RISE OF FOOD ITEMS!

Monday, January 4, 2010


NOTE: These news about how tribals are harassed and then put behind bars for no rhyme or reasons are the standard ILLEGAL procedures in Dantewada... under the able guidance of Home Minister Chidambaram and Indian Government... However, you will never get to see such real news on your favourite News Channels AAJ TAK, NDTV, IBN7, CNN IBN, ZEE NEWS, STAR NEWS, DD NEWS or else read in any National Dailies... Pathetic but true... - Johnny D

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTLAND OF DANTEWADA (4th Jan 2010, 1445 Hrs) – Continues…


By Priyanka Borpujari

On Sat, 02 Jan 2010 18:37:31 +0530 wrote:

The countdown has begun for the ultimate decay of Vanvasi Chetna Ashram. The last straws are now crackling up, and it is only a matter of time when Himanshu Kumar will leave his seat under the huge tree, where he has been fasting since December 26, 2009. A new year has begun and has brought with it the steady flow of stealth from the Chhattisgarh government.

But the country watches this ghoulish war silently, like a three-hour film. Some of them have the audacity to write meagre words about this civil war, as though they are writing a review of this free film screening. They write how all men and women carrying bows-and-arrows are Naxalites, how one man espousing Gandhian ideologies is propelling the tribals against the modern idea of ‘development’, how our GDP will not show the upward trend if we do protest about mining and large dams. Those who cannot play with their words will throw in some money to Himanshu Kumar, partly to salvage themselves from the guilt of ignorance about the tribals and partly because it sounds cool to be associated with some ‘NGO-type’ work. After they have heard what Himanshu Kumar has been screaming all these years, they stretch their facial muscles into a wry smile and walk away. The film is over, so forget it now.

But Himanshuji cannot forget what the lakhs of tribals have been subjected to by the state forces. Nor can the state government forget how Himahshuji is on a mission to expose their demonic ways. An eerie feeling now envelopes the Ashram premises, as we know that the state government’s New Year resolution is to render Himanshuji homeless in this part of the state. The landlord of the house has already asked Himashuji to leave the house by January 15th, since he had been receiving several threats from the SDM, the CEO of Dantewada Zilla Panchayat and the Collector. Kopa Kunjam, one of the significant pillars of VCA, is being beaten up mercilessly in jail by the cops, who openly admit to him that he has been framed in the false murder case. Quite a significant number of those working with VCA have decided to take up safer jobs.

With most of his wings clipped, Himanshuji tried to camouflage the built-up tension in his mind, on the eighth day of his fast. Joining him in solidarity are now Zulaikha Jabi, an activist based in Raipur; Sadanand Patwardhan, a writer and entrepreneur based in Pune; filmmakers Nishtha Jain and Satya Rai Nagpaul from Mumbai; and Bhan Sahu of Jurmil Morcha, from Rajnandgaon district in Chhattisgarh.

Sometime in the morning, when all of us were basking in the winter sun and talking to Himanshuji, we were visited by a gentleman from Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, which is the social service wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). He asked Himanshuji how he could embark on a Satyagrah when he was disallowed to do the same by the State. Himanshuji replied that he was only fasting for personal reasons and that the state could not impose any restrictions on the same. The gentleman argued, “If you are observing a personal fast, then why are you making it public by sitting like this under a tree with a charkha to keep you busy? Why have you brought in journalists here?”

Himanshuji replied stating that the journalists were only his friends who were visiting on their own will. But the man was tempestuous and wouldn’t be satisfied with such calm replies. He went on to explain how a group of Koya tribals had gone to meet Chhattisgarh
Chief Minister Raman Singh, but was denied the meeting, as, according to Singh, all Koya tribals were Naxalites.

For a change, I could identify the CM’s words. He was in tandem with the modern fascist notion, ‘Either you are with us, or against us’ (Bush’s ultimate threat to the world). That’s how all Muslims are understood to be terrorists. The countdown drama hadn’t come to an end for the day. A team of officers from the Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board (CSEB) arrived, stating that they needed to check the electricity load within the house. Himanshuji said that the house would be soon vacated and that he couldn’t help it if the owner of the house had earlier written a lower figure of electricity consumption. But the officers would listen to no explanation. They went in room by room, checked the number of electrical appliances, and drew an estimate of electricity consumption. While their assessment was on, they were getting nervous as their words and actions were being recorded on camera by filmmakers Nishtha and Satya.

The officers were saccharine sweet in their language, and went on to state that they were writing only the lower limits, i.e., even though there are about eight CFL bulbs in the house, they said that they would mention that there are only six. Did they think that we would love them for being so kind to us and dishonest to the CSEB?

Finally, it was found that while the limit for electricity consumption was only 1,600 watts, the consumption here has gone up to 3,400 watts. They said that while 400 watts of consumption would be ‘excused, a fine would have to be paid for the excess of 1,400 watts. They said that a bill would be sent on Monday, mentioning the fine amount that would have to be paid within a fortnight, along with a form so that we could change the limit from 1,600 watts.

Himanshuji later told us that VCA workers had raised the issue of non-availability of electricity in some villages, in April 2009. The CSEB officers arrived at VCA’s erstwhile location the very next day and accused Himanshuji of stealthily operating computer course classes, upon seeing the many computers in the VCA office. They slapped a fine of Rs 28,000, which was duly paid. A week later, VCA was demolished.

Such instances have truly shown me how creative our governments are! IAS officers and their juniors should be made to write film scripts. They would infuse drama in creative ways into the film at the precise junctures. What is happening in Dantewada is truly a film, whose tagline could be, ‘One man’s mission to save the tribe from the forces of annihilation and terror’. The film can be rightly called ‘The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly’. But will the Clint Eastwood in Dantewada have the last word?----------------

Priyanka Borpujari

Sunday, January 3, 2010


NOTE: These news about how tribals are harassed and then put behind bars for no rhyme or reasons are the standard ILLEGAL procedures of Special Police Officers (SPOs) in Dantewada... under the able guidance of Home Minister Chidambaram and Indian Government... However, you will never get to see such real news on your favourite News Channels AAJ TAK, NDTV, IBN7, CNN IBN, ZEE NEWS, STAR NEWS, DD NEWS or else read in any National Dailies... Pathetic but true... - Johnny D


By Priyanka Borpujari

On Sun, 03 Jan 2010 22:51:04 +0530 wrote:

Sambo misses her four children; and has long stopped smiling. The petite woman’s eyes are vacant; she has already seen enough. She has already had enough. © Javed Iqbal

October 1, 2009, 7 am, Gompad:

Security forces and SPOs (special police officers) of the Salwa Judum enter the village of Gompad, which is on the Chhattisgarh-Andhra Pradesh border. Sodi Sambo is shot on her leg, who witnesses the murder of six other villagers by the security forces and SPOs.

Circa October 20, 2009:

Sodi Sambo is brought to Vanvasi Chetna Ashram (VCA) in Dantewada. She is taken to Delhi for a surgery some days later. She continues to live in VCA.

November 24, 2009:

Himanshu Kumar and the victims of the massacre in Gompad, Gachanpalli, Nulkatong and Belpocha file a writ petition in the Supreme Court. The hearing is posted for January 4, 2010.

December 30, 2009, Dantewada:

Sambo develops a mild fever. Blood test confirmed malaria, and the doctor suggests hospitalisation. She wouldn’t be safe in the hospital. So it is decided to keep her at the civil hospital of Dantewada only for the three-hour drip, and then bring her home. Himanshuji is on the fifth day of his fast.

December 31, 2009, and January 1, 2010, Dantewada:

It is learnt that that four cops were enquiring about “the lady who has a bullet wound on her leg and uses a walker”. Thankfully no single nurse works 24x7 and neither are they too attentive. The nurses on this shift, at the civil hospital of Dantewada, know nothing of this patient. We learn that the cops had come twice, asking about Sambo. Everyone was looking for the victim-cum-eyewitness of the massacre in Gompad village.

January 2, 2010, 9 pm, Dantewada:

Sambo is being sent to Raipur by bus, along with a volunteer of VCA and a volunteer of Aid India. They would reach Raipur on December 3, and then take a train to Delhi, where her leg would be operated. Himanshu Kumar’s nephew Abhay drives them to the bus stand.

January 2, 2010, 9.10 pm, Dantewada:

Abhay notices several bikers armed with automatic rifles following them. He instantly calls up Himanshuji, who advises Abhay to bring the car back to VCA.

January 2, 2010, 9.20 pm, Dantewada:

Himanshuji, Satyen and another friend Gangesh then get onto the car and go towards the bus stand. The cops outside VCA, stationed for Himanshuji’s protection, are caught unawares when the car rushes out. They eventually catch up with the car.

January 2, 2010, 9.25 pm, Dantewada:

A jeep of SPOs has arrived near the bus stand. Himanshuji tells the travel agent that the three passengers would be boarding from Geedam, 10 kms north of Dantewada. The car then takes a detour 2 kms south of Dantewada and sees the bus headed to Raipur passing by. The bus is stopped, and Himanshuji requests the driver to let the three passengers board the bus there itself.

January 2, 2010, 9.30 pm, Dantewada:

The bus reaches the bus stand at Dantewada, and Himanshuji’s car follows it. They then see one SPO approaching the bus conductor, who asks him to accompany them to the police station. Himanshuji intervenes; asks the SPO why he was intending to take the conductor to the police station. The SPO politely replies that some enquiries had to be made. Himanshuji then asked him, “Does this have to do anything with the injured lady on the bus?” The SPO denies any such issue. Himanshuji realizes that Sambo could be arrested midway during the journey, and so he asks the trio to alight from the bus. They then drive towards VCA, and Abhay speeds the car into discreet lanes, such that they emerge on the main road towards Geedam.

January 2, 2010, 9.35 pm, Dantewada:

The car catches up with the bus and the trio boards it again. The car follows:

January 2, 2010, 9.45 pm, Dantewada:

Near the bus stand at Geedam, the bus halts. While Himanshuji gets his car refueled, Gangesh walks out to assess the situation. He returns to say that another jeep full of cops had arrived near the bus, along with one of the SPOs whom he had seen near the bus stand in Dantewada. The car rushes to the bus stand, and Himanshuji asks the trio to alight again, knowing well what could happen if they continued the travel.

January 2, 2010, 9.55 pm, Dantewada:

The car reaches VCA; a long discussion ensues about what could be done next. We all spoke in hushed whispers, lest the cops would be eavesdropping. The irony – all phone conversations are tapped; we are all being heard. Yet, no one is ‘listening’! Finally it is decided that Himanshuji, along with his protectors who report his every move to their seniors, would go to Raipur the next day.

January 3, 2010, 7.30 am, Dantewada:

Himanshuji, Abhay, Sambo and the two volunteers leave for Raipur in a car. His security tags along. Plan is to catch the train to Delhi from Raipur at 5pm.

January 3, 2010, 1 pm, Dantewada:

Abhay calls up from Kanker, about 200 kms from Dantewada. He informs that Himanshuji and Sambo have been arrested. Himanshuji tells Abhay to proceed to Raipur, along with the two volunteers, to drop the car there.

January 3, 2010, 2 pm, Dantewada:

We are informed that Himanshuji has not been arrested. The cops had approached them at Kanker at around 12.30pm, when they had halted for lunch (Himanshuji is on the ninth day of his fast). Cops say that Sambo needs to be taken to the police station for enquiry. Himanshuji tells them that he wouldn’t allow them to take Sambo alone. So he had decided to go along with them to the police station.

January 3, 2010, 2 pm to 6.30 pm, Dantewada/Kanker:

Himanshuji and Sambo are at Kanker police station. Abhay drives till Raipur to drop the car. Attempts are made to be in constant touch with Himanshuji, who cannot speak freely. Word about all that is happening is spread around through the Internet, SMS and phone.

January 3, 2010, 6.30 pm, Dantewada/Kanker:

Abhay and the two volunteers, along with Tusha Mittal (reporter with Tehelka), reach Kanker. The cops in Kanker tell Himanshuji that he should arrange for a cab to take him to Dantewada, while the police, in a separate car, would bring Sambo to Dantewada. Himanshuji tells them that he would die but wouldn’t leave Sambo alone with them.

January 3, 2010, 7.30 pm, Dantewada/Kanker:

Himanshuji is with Abhay and the others in the same car. They head back to Dantewada. Himashuji’s security is with him. Sambo is being brought back to Dantewada in another vehicle, for her statements to be taken. When Himanshuji asks them if Sambo would be put behind bars, he is told, “No, we are not arresting her. The SP of Dantewada has made special arrangements for her. She will have to be at the police station all through the night.” Himanshuji is convinced that she will surely be arrested by the next morning and many false charges slapped on her -- this is what had happened to Kopa too.

We speak to a lawyer; he says that if Sambo is an eyewitness, any statement to be taken has to be done so only where she is comfortable, i.e., her home.

Priyanka Borpujari


NOTE: These news about how tribals are harassed and then put behind bars for no rhyme or reasons are the standard ILLEGAL procedures of Special Police Officers (SPOs) in Dantewada... under the able guidance of Home Minister Chidambaram and Indian Government... However, you will never get to see such real news on your favourite News Channels AAJ TAK, NDTV, IBN7, CNN IBN, ZEE NEWS, STAR NEWS, DD NEWS or else read in any National Dailies... Pathetic but true... - Johnny D


Priyanka Birpujari

On Sun, 03 Jan 2010 20:18:01 +0530 wrote:

Update: December 3, 2010, 2000 hours (8pm): Himanshu Kumar is on his way back to Dantewada from Kanker, along with his nephew Abhay, a volunteer from Aid India, a volunteer from Vanvasi Chetna Ashram, and a journalist from Tehelka.

Sodi Sambo is being brought to Dantewada in another car by the cops. The cops have told Himanshuji that she will be taken care of through the night by them, but will not be put behind the bars. They said that they needed to do so in order to take some statements.

Himanshuji is convinced that she will be arrested by tomorrow morning. The same had happened to Kopa Kunjam. WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING IS COMPELTELY ILLEGAL.

Priyanka Borpujari