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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Monday, August 3, 2015


Respected Mr. Joe Adachi,
Please help to solve my issues after going through my blog posts how Canon Service Centre Andheri, Mumbai made my serviceable camera unserviceable and demanding Rs. 6,500/- now. I invested in Canon because I considered the international brand truly professional. Sad to say, not only I have experienced total unprofessionalism from the staff at the mentioned centre but also am experiencing mental harrassment because I really don't know how to fix my camera without the support of CANON. I am not a rich person to throw away the Rs. 13,500/- camera in dustbin because it was my hard earned money.
I do hope this mail reaches you through the PR guys because I could not get your email ID. The Link to my blog posts is below:
I will be looking forward to hear from you and I do hope you will resolve my issue to make my camera serviceable once again.
Thanking you.
Yours truly,
Johnny D
Wardha, Maharashtra

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Saturday, August 1, 2015


What happened when I went to collect my camera?



                                            SERVICING OR FLEECING?
                                                  EXPERIENCED OR CHEAT?

What does a "Service Centre" do?
A "Service Centre" is supposed to make 'unserviceable' items 'serviceable'.

Canon Service Centre Andheri, Mumbai is just the OPPOSITE!

The above photographs is from my Powershot A720 IS after being serviced (just cleaning of internal dust particles), which was given to CANON SERVICE CENTRE ANDHERI, MUMBAI. The focus of the camera was tampered by the technical servicing guy of the centre, so they could fleece me of Rs. 6,500/- when I would go to them again.

This time, when I went to collect my camera, the customer service executive told me that it was an old camera and the parts were not available. NOTE HERE PLEASE: She also did not have sufficient information and knowledge about which all Canon cameras are outdated. I told her if that was the case, how my camera was accepted in the first place for servicing? How they were asking me to shell out Rs. 6,500/- to make my camera serviceable? Obviously, she had no answer.

I told her that my camera was tampered by the technical staff and instead of making thing right, they were demanding half the cost of my camera. I inquired about the Canon Head and I was told his name was Mr. Shankar Iyer (India Head - Camera). When I told her about my issue, she went inside to talk to him.

Instead of him coming out to talk to me, (he was more busy about Idd holiday inside) and trying to solve my issue, the executive came out with my camera. Iyer did not even bother to come out to talk to their customer, which shows their UNPROFESSIONALISM. They are not bothered to service their customers well, instead they certainly know how to make money by fleecing the customers with costly equipment. It is totally disgusting because Canon is an international brand, which is cheating photographers in the name of servicing.

She then asked me to pay Rs. 228/- for servicing. I told when they did nothing, why should I pay? She said okay and handed over the camera to me. As I was leaving, her cliche ("Sorry Sir for the inconvenience.") made me to tell her, "Don't say things which you don't mean. First, you people tamper with my serviceable camera to make it unserviceable and then ask me a bomb and then say 'sorry'. How unprofessional you at CANON can be?" I told her about my other photographer friends, who were also fleeced by them in the name of servicing. 

Fellow photographers beware of handing your costly equipment to Canon Service Centre Andheri, Mumbai. I along with many others have suffered at their hands and many will be fleeced in coming days. You all can see what they did to my Camera.

I really don't want fellow photographers to suffer losses of their costly equipment at the hands of CANON SERVICE CENTRE ANDHERI, MUMBAI, so I am writing my personal experience to create awareness.

In my next post, read the incompetence of the technical staff / how they try to fleece photographers...

How my photographer friend was asked to shell out Rs. 22,000 Plus for repair by the Canon Service Centre Andheri, when a local guy repaired the equipment for just Rs. 2,500/-

LINK to First Post:


Wednesday, July 22, 2015


What does a "Service Centre" do?
A "Service Centre" is supposed to make 'unserviceable' items 'serviceable'.

Canon Service Centre Andheri, Mumbai is just the OPPOSITE!

They make photographers and other customers' "Serviceable" cameras into "Unserviceable" to fleece them by forcing them to to get the required part or parts changed at high price.

I was taken for a ride last year by them. I was recommended by a photographer friend in Mumbai to get "Internal Dust" cleaned at the Canon Service Centre Andheri, Mumbai. I went with my Canon Powershot A720 IS Camera (22nd March 2014) to get the internal dust cleaned. The Lady Customer Executive instead pointed out the viewfinder cover was not working properly and insisted I get it changed. When I declined, she made excuses to get the internal dust clean would create problems.

Is this HIGH PROFESSIONALISM of an International brand called CANON? Are Canon Service Centres so unprofessional or incapable do such a simple job on their own manufactured cameras?

Fortunately, a gentleman Customer Executive Lalit Tiwari took over from that lady and said, he will get the camera cleaned. I thanked him and gave my camera to service.

I live in Wardha and I travel to Mumbai rarely. That evening, I collected my camera and moved back to Wardha. But when I went to click pictures, I was shocked to find my Working Camera having defective FOCUS ISSUE.

Since I don't travel too often to Mumbai, I could not visit the Canon Service Centre Andheri till my recent visit. I was shocked at the Customer Executive Ms. Shaista Sheikh's reaction when I presented my small Camera on the 10th of July 2015. The first response - "It is very old camera and the spares are not available for this model."

I explained to her how the service centre had made my serviceable camera into an unserviceable junk, all because it was handled by Canon Service Centre Andheri, Mumbai technical staff. When I told her about the dust cleaning, she said, "We don't open the camera to clean the dust particles and it was cleaned externally." When I asked her, how you people can clean the "internal dust particles" without opening the camera... she kept insisting for three or four times. At last, I had to ask her, "Can you clean your inside of the stomach from outside?"

She realized she had goofed up. Canon Service Centre Andheri hires such unprofessional foolish person to deal with photographers and its customers, who invest huge money to buy Canon Products? I was totally shocked! Totally unbelievable!!!

She quickly changed the topic by saying they don't have spares for the above-mentioned model. I had to explain my issue twice before she asked the technical guy over phone. She was told that spares for the model is available, so she accepted the Camera. Can you believe that Canon Service Centre Andheri, Mumbai can keep such 'Customer Service Executive' who does not even knowledge about their own products? High standard of "Unprofessional Attitude" towards customers.

After two days, an executive called me over phone and said I will have to pay Rs. 6,500/- to get my camera serviceable again. I told him how they have spoiled my camera and now asking me to shell out half the amount of the camera. On top of that, he was not ready to confirm that the camera would be in perfect condition. I explained my issue to him and requested him to get my camera serviceable again because I was not ready to pay for the technical fault the Cannon Service Centre Andheri, Mumbai did. He said, he would talk to his superior and see what can be done.

Two days later, I get a call from Mr. Shyam, Executive Work Controller, Lower Parel. Having explained my issue to him once again, he said he would look into the matter and try to solve my issue. However, after a day, he again called and said I will have to pay Rs. 6,500/- to get the repaired done.

Is this how Canon Service Centre Andheri, Mumbai fleece their customers? In the name of servicing, their technical experts cannot even clean their own cameras without damaging their customers' cameras? Is this carelessness or new technique of Canon Service Centre Andheri, Mumbai to fleece customers? 

I was told by a big Camera trader from VT Mumbai that many photographers have been taken for a ride by Canon Service Centre Andheri of their precious equipment and cameras. And now those photographers approach him to get their cameras repaired and serviced. This trader is well-known in the Camera Trading Industry Circle and he himself is fed up with the high handedness of Canon company. He now deals with distributors rather than company people. 

The photographer friend who recommended me to Canon Service Station Andheri, Mumbai faced an uncanny similar situation recently. His DSLR 5D Mk II Canon Camera developed small technical snag and when he went to the service centre, he was simply asked for Rs. 22,000/- for replacing the part (s). He was smart enough to see how these people were trying to fleece him too. So, he refused to get it done at the centre.

A local guy repaired his small technical snag for just Rs. 2,500/-.

... to be continued...

What happened when I went to collect my camera? Read in my next post...

PART - II Link:


Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The recent illegal demands by the School Management of Gloria Convent High School, Byculla (please read:

... is nothing new. The Convent has been taking ILLEGALLY Rs. 1,500 /- annually from parents whose child / children are studying in Class V th to Class X th.

The Principal stated to the media (Mumbai Mirror) that the School never asks students for any payments. On the contrary, parents revealed that every year Rs. 1,500/- is charged as miscellaneous fees by students starting from Class V th to X th. The School Management doesn’t provide any “RECEIPT” to students’ Parents for this amount. As per the Government Rule, the School is not authorized to charge any money (in the name of School Fee/s) because the Government provides free education in Maharashtra and the School is paid by the State Government). Imagine, the total illegal amount. Whenever any parents asks for receipt from the School Management for Rs. 1,500/-, they are told by the Principal that if they cannot pay, they should not (indirect humiliation for the parents as well the student). Ultimately, parents pay this amount without questioning or demanding ‘receipt’ for this so-called “Miscellaneous Fees”.

While the School Management is extorting (compulsory as parents were threatened on the 16th of December 2013 Parents-Teachers’ Meeting by PTA) the amount (Rs.10,000/- by each student), in the name of ‘donation’ in favour of their Charitable Society – SOCIETY OF OUR LADY OF GLORY – the Society is not issuing “Official Receipt” of the Charitable Society. Instead, the modus operandi is, only after receiving the Cheques from students, an ordinary pro forma (Xerox Copies) is given to the students and asked to return it after getting parents’ details and signature. This form, as stated in the image below:

In this pro forma, it is made to look as if the Parents of the Students have donated the amount voluntarily. There is no “Receipt No.” of the Charitable Society and neither there is Society’s Registration Number or 80G Certificate Order mentioned in this pro forma, which indicated how the School Management and the Charitable Society – “Society of Our Lady of Glory” is fooling the , Students, Parents and the World.

This matter should be reported to the Charity Commissioner of Mumbai also, that the Charitable Society is extorting money from the students’ parents in the name of donation.

So far, the School Management has kept their silence on the issue and no further demands or threats are being issued to students who have not paid the Rs. 10,000 /- demanded illegally.

* Has the School bought the land, as claimed by the School Management on the 16th December 2013 "PARENTS - TEACHERS' MEETING"? It was stated by PTAs that the last date to purchase the land from the State Government was 27th January 2014.

* Has the School returned all the cheques received so far to respective parents?

* Why there has been no INTIMATION till date to 1900 Students' Parents about the PROCEEDINGS?