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Monday, February 22, 2010

NOW THE PRESIDENT IS LYING TOO! (23rd Feb 2010, 1105 Hrs)

NOW THE PRESIDENT IS LYING TOO! (23rd Feb 2010, 1130 Hrs)

The PM lied to the nation before winning the election a year ago… all the promises were lies… A number of Congress ministers and Chief Ministers have been lying to the nation and respective states concerning their respective ministry… The CON of the Congress is on once more when the budget is being tabled at the parliament…

Yes, it is true that any act of violence is an act of cowardice and inhuman but then what has Congress done since the past 60 years to stop the growing numbers of Naxals when it first started in the early sixties??? SLEEPING and waiting for them to grow in 20 states today (it shows how poor in these states were ostracized, threatened, raped and beaten for corporate gains by none other than the ruling government)!! Why do Naxals only target the Police Force??? Have they ever asked and pondered seriously about this? What would you do, if your families are raped, beaten, killed and your houses are burnt in front of you by Police Force…all because you are a poor villager and tribal, who just wants to live in peace and content to just exist???

I am ashamed that President Patil’s own husband had grabbed land of a poor farmer and what did the President do? NOTHING! What did the President do to curb the Sugar price rise when Sugar was been hoarded by Sugar Mills in Maharastra and Gujarat (as many as 11 Lakh Tonnes were hoarded worth crores for SIX LONG MONTHS) when the country was facing the so-called shortage, so the mill owners could make their crores with kickbacks deposited for Congress leaders in their Swiss Banks? NOTHING! What did the President do when poor tribals in Dantewada were being captured illegally by SPOs in the name of interrogation (these tribals are still missing from their villages)? NOTHING!
What did the President do when poor farmers in Bundelkhand were selling their wives (the NCW ordered 48-Hour probe when the news were aired on CNN-IBN but where is that report, no one knows – the channel was bought by the ruling government and the news died there) so their families could eat the next meal? NOTHING!

Well, this is the President (puppet of the Congress party) we Bharatiyas have to live with… who is seen less as compared to the ever-active Abdul Kalam Azad… who was everywhere during his tenure as the President of India! Does it even prick her conscience to say that “Farmers benefitted with the price rise (the BIG LIE)”… truly so, according to Pratibha Patil, the price rise benefitted the farmers so much that they had to sell their wives (Bundelkhand) to buy the next meal; they had to protect irrigation water (Bihar) with guns; they were so happy with the price rise that they committed suicide (Andhra Pradesh & Vidarbha) in joy; they benefited so much that they had to block New Delhi with their protest to ask for a price rise for their produce (Haryana & Punjab);… well, Ms. Pratibha Patil, it is a shame that you can lie in front of the whole nation with your speech pre-budget!

The Congress Government has been killing the aam aadmi since the past one year with price rise and you say ‘we are concerned about aam aadmi’… truly pathetic! While the government created all the unrest in Mumbai and Hyderbad… did you come forward to intervene in any which ways??? NO! While your Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit flout rules of PAROLE to help killer Manu Sharma roam free to create a brawl in pubs… what have you done? NOTHING! While our country’s Chicago Consulate provides multiple visas (David Headley) to a terrorist to kill our countrymen, what have you done? NOTHING!

Well, what is the use actually to say all these things… you people will suck blood of the poor Indians to feed the rich corporate companies so that they will deposit those crores in your Swiss Accounts… but remember where will you take all these crores when you will die? The Swiss are enjoying with all the black money the Rich and Corrupt Indians are depositing and are using against us by funding the terrorist groups worldwide…

Well, the aam aadmi will have to survive under such incompetent and incapable governance and there will be more who will have no option but to lift a gun to fight the atrocities of the government so that if you cannot kill the poor through price rise, you will launch OPERATION GREEN HUNT! Bravo my President, keep it up and please support your husband to grab more land from the poor… all in the family!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010



George Bush Junior didn’t even bothered about UNO’s permission to invade Iraq because of Saddam Hussein’s Kuwaiti Invasion when his father Senior Bush was the President of US of A. His arrogant stance to avenge his father’s humiliation at Saddam’s hand was perhaps inspired and master-planned like a true Hindi film… when a young Amitabh Bachchan watches his parents being killed by the villain… and years later… the angry young man kills the villain after destroying his den to avenge his family’s death a la Bush’s destruction of a small oil-rich country called Iraq.

America was well-supported by 42 NATO countries without UNO’s approval (Tony Blair is facing the heat now in his own country) to invade and destruct the nation with no real intelligence report of WMDs… Saddam is dead, Bush is in oblivion but Blair has to explain the promises and lies to his nation… However, like every war waged by the so-called Superpower of the world (a myth, read my earlier post: AMERICA & 42 NATO COUNTRIES HAVE ACCEPTED THEIR DEFEAT IN AFGHANISTAN & IRAQ CONSIDERING THE LATEST DEVELOPMENT (1st Feb 2010, 1500 Hrs) – even war in Iraq (in its 9th year) is a losing proposition for the great America and all the Western World… destruction seems to be the favourite past time of all American Presidents and history speaks for itself…

If US can invade Iraq to topple Saddam’s government, why the hell Bharat cannot invade the terrorist nation to put an end to all terrorist activities that has been killing innocent countrymen since the last few decades??? It is time, WE MUST! But then, in reality we are not fighting against Pakistan all these years… it is the US, who is fighting against us in Pak garb and since the last 63 years, they have failed in this hot and cold war inspite their superpower status (it seems like a Facebook Avatar for the US of A hahahahah)… The Americans hate Muslims but it is they who created Osama Bin Laden, the dreaded and most-wanted terrorist in the world, to disintegrate the Russian Republic into fragments so America could finally claim its Facebook Avatar… They hate Muslims and Muslim nation but they never hesitate to give billion and billion of dollars as aid, supply all the modern warfare systems and ammunitions to Pakistan since the last six decades…

While American President can invade Iraq, Afghanistan and planning to invade Iran now for silly reasons, neither Bush or else Obama is interested to invade Pakistan to save the world from TERRORISM… after all the terrorism industry was created by none other than the US and their economy earns and runs on all the arms sale to these terrorists through their agents and brokers, who will not hesitate even one bit to sell their own motherland for dollars… They show their grave concern about terrorism and the superpower’s intelligence (CIA & FBI) have been so incompetent in the last one decade to even locate Osama Bin Laden… shows and says it all… behind every terrorism act, there is an American force supported by their President.

Bharatiya leaders should wake up at least after 63 years now to open their eyes to realise that all these bullshit bilateral talks will not solve terrorist attacks from the terrorist nation because of the undying support of the Americans… Many of our countrymen have died protecting the nation from these bastards and many will die in coming years if something concrete is not done soon… while our Home Minister is stringent to act against the Naxals created by the misgovernance of 60 long years of history… why Chidambaran doesn’t have the guts to invade the terrorists breeding nation Pakistan? While they are sending in their terrorists to make a kill in Mumbai and Pune and J & K borders at their will, like fools, our Home Minister and PM want bilateral talks to discuss WHAT??? Horseshit? Pigshit? Or else Assshit???

It is time to show to the world and especially America that Bharat is serious to stop all terrorist activities in our nation by making a kill at terrorist camps in the terrorist nation Pakistan… And it is high time for the UNO to support Bharat’s invasion so that worldwide terrorism industry can be destroyed forever!!! And if Obama is really serious about putting an end to terrorism, then he should come forward to show the world that he really deserved the Nobel Peace Prize and that he didn’t bought it like all the awards are bought!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010



The genocide and the deadly massacre of the Partition in 1947 has not taught even a single lesson to the Pakistanis and not forgetting since the last 63 years, we Indians haven’t learnt any lessons either. They have been killing our countrymen in wars and terrorist attacks on and on, yet like bloody fools… we keep on going back to talk with them while they are busy killing our soldiers and innocent citizen… but obvious, the hatred created by none other than Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohd Ali Jinnah to divide the one nation still haunts both the countries and its respective citizen ever since the Partition.

The seeds of hatred and killing were sowed by our respective politicians and the White Skinned bastards, who were kicked out by a UNITED INDIAN Freedom Fighters. What has changed since 1947? Almost NOTHING!!! The Congress has over the decades not changed even a single out-of-the-box approach to tackle all the killings from the terrorist nation since the independence and even now, they have shown their soft approach towards all the terrorist attacks killing innocent in our country. Why the Congress government wants to have a talk with Pakistan when our ever sleeping Prime Minister had made it very clear post 26/11 attack that ‘until Pakistan stops all terror attacks, there is nothing to talk about’???

The primary reason is to divert nation’s attention from the serious issue of Price Rise! How well the news channels ochestrated for two long weeks the MY NAME IS KHAN controversy and the frenzy that was created by the media made everyone forget about the Price Rise while spewing and spreading venom of hatred to create an ambience of such a hatred filled situation in Mumbai and other major cities… the nation forgot everything about Price Rise while the Congress, Shiv Sena and everyone involved in the Controversy made their respective crores… Yes, we are bloody fools to let the government to exploit and fool us instead of solving the serious problem that they can easily solve… but then their leaders and rich corporate houses will not be able to make those crores that are safely and shamelessly deposited in their Swiss Bank Accounts without any conscience to suck the blood of the poor citizen.

The Congress wants to talk so that they can spend more than 31 crores to protect the Pakistani bastard terrorist Qasab, who is making a fool of the Indian Judiciary System and Administration. Yes, the Congress is very proud of such a great achievement to show to the world – ‘Look, we are such a warm host even for the terrorist, who killed hundreds of innocent in a cold-blooded attack on 26/11 while millions of our countrymen are dying of hunger and poverty!’! Who is paying this atrocious money in crores, which is being wasted on a fucking terrorist??? You and me folks… The Congress indicates that we will feed Chicken Biryani to the terrorist while starving our poor polulation with pride!

The Congress wants to talk because our national icon Shah Rukh Khan is more concerned about the Pakistani Players thereby speculating his love for the terrorist nation so that his film (which lacked content and performance) becomes a hit! And here once again, the Congress has proved that their State Government would protect theatres and multiplexes to release a film, while terrorist strikes Pune…

The Congress wants to talk so that they can lick arses of America and the Western World so that more terrorist attacks are planned and executed by America (they aid the terrorist nation with all the weapons and modern ammunition needed to kill us) and Pakistan and all they would utter is “INTEL FAILURE!” Isn’t it a great way to show how much they care for us, the citizen of the nation!!! Great achievement Mr. Manmohan Singh… truly, after Obama, you will be conferred with the Nobel Peace Prize next year for treating the terrorist nation and its allies (USA & UK) with such a kind heart!

The Congress wants to talk so that jehadis and terrorists can keep their continuous attack in the Kashmir region, so that our brave soldiers are killed while protecting the nation and their families will be given Rs.1 or Rs. 5 Lakhs compensation and a meager amount of Rs.500 to Rs. 3000/- pension… of course, they will never get their money immediately after the government announcement but their grieved families will have to beg for years and pay bribes to all the government babus of respective departments and by that time, their lives have already become miserable… Kudos to our Prime Minister and Home Minister such a wonderful

Sunday, February 14, 2010



One week before, Pakistani terrorist leaders shouted aloud on television for attacks on Indian soil, mentioning Pune in particular (the clip was being telecast by almost more than a dozen news channels for days) and our Chief Minister and Home Minister claim “there is no intelligence failure!” Wow! Obviously, the intelligence of both these leaders was busy in promoting and releasing a movie… so why should they be bothered about innocent people being killed by terrorists… Lack of responsibilities and it clearly indicates that these leaders are more concerned to get crores deposited in their Swiss Bank Accounts by promoting a film!!!

The bomb blast in German Bakery, Pune also shows that our Indian state is slowly and gradually heading towards a situation like it is in Pakistan now… The CM of Maharastra is only interested to safeguard theatres and multiplexes of Mumbai so that his crores is deposited by KJ & SRK for being the PRO of their film… who really cares what all is happening elsewhere in Maharastra…

Debt ridden farmers committing suicides because of no drought relief from State or Central Goevrnment…

Innocent children being raped by sick bastards in the society… and no strict measures or security are being provided by CM Ashok Chavan… would he keep silent if one of his own children is being raped in broad daylight???

Terrorists striking freely at their will to hit Mumbai and now Pune… while that bastard Qasab is enjoying Chicken Biryani and wasting 31 crores per year (he is the higest paid Brand Ambassador of India appointed by the State of Maharastra and Indian Government led by Congress to earn 31 crores per year without a f****** tax cut) hard earned money of Indians… and no one, I repeat no one is bothered to get that bastard kill even after 15 months… after all Mumbaikars are more concerned to watch MNIK with security gunmen all around…. Sucks man…the attitude every single Indian…

Well, is “Pune Bomb Blast” a conspiracy theory like “The Separate Telangana State in Andhra Pradesh” by the Congress Government to divert public attention from PRICE RISE and MNIK Controversy?

If one would look closely to watch the REPORTING OF ALL THE NEWS CHANNELS post just few hours, every reporter seemed to have prepared in advance what s/he had to say to blame David Headley even when the Investigation Team were doing their jobs collecting evidence and pieces from the blast site… none of the reporters were really reporting and describing the scene after the blast… everyone was uttering like a Parrot… which raises great concern about the authenticity of Congress Government’s seriousness to deal terrorist attacks in the city and the nation… On top of that within an hour’s time, CM was claiming that there was no intelligence failure and that they were not informed if at all the Home Minister had issued them any warning… while the whole nation knew about David having recce many places during his multiple visits in India… So did the news channels knew about the Blast prior to it had happened??? How come every reporter of various news channels was saying the same thing…. Was a Press Release given to each channel before the blast at 7 pm??? It was very evident by the style in which they were all reporting about the blast… so the Congress Government has some serious answers to give to the nation… (Remember the 7/7 Tube Trains Bombing in London by four youths??? The consipiracy theory states that it was Tony Blair’s Government who were involved in the bombings to target the minority Muslims living in UK)…

Yes, yes… all the news channels will debate endlessly with really no results at all, political leaders will blame each other, Congress leaders and speakers will shed crocodile tears, Indian foreign ministers will cry in front of American leaders to lick their arse and candles will be lit, people will walk together in unison to protest the blast, flowers will be laid at the blast site for few days and then everyone will rock the party circuit like before without caring a damn about where the next blast will happen? And all the while, the Congress will gain to have been successful to divert the nation’s attention from PRICE RISE and MNIK!!!

Does Ashok Chavan really deserves to be the Chief Minister of such a sensitive state, which needs someone to take serious action (without talking bullshit) and not wait for 15 days for situation to get worse in the city before putting in all the security force to guard multiplexes and enjoy watching films while terrorists were planning their next move???

What are his credentials???

In the last 15 months, Maharastra has seen more scams, be it

the missing bullet-proof jackets of the martyr Hemant Karkare,

Disbursement of Relief Announced by the government to kins and relatives of 26/11 and jobs promised by the state government (many are still running from pillar to post to get their compensation for losing lives of their near and dear ones),
Price Rise,

Supporting all the Food Grain Hoaders in the state and killing the poor aam aadmi with steep price rise,

Supporting MNS by not taking action against the cadres to bash up students appearing for Railway Exams in Dadar

The Force One has still not been given the promised land, for their base camp in Mumbai even after 15 months… it shows how serious our government is to fight terrorism!!

Well, these are some of the major issues that Ashok Chavan has not been able to solve for the state of Maharastra and to every question by the media, he has only one answer to give (well parroted)… “Well, I don’t have any information about that but I shall let you know…”

Saturday, February 13, 2010

SO WHO IS THE BLOODY FOOL? (13th Feb 2010, 2115 Hrs)

SO WHO IS THE BLOODY FOOL? (13th Feb 2010, 2115 Hrs)

An icon supports Pakistan and the whole nation supports him… so do we really love our nation or the terrorist nation Pakistan? The verdict is clear now… who is the bloody fool?

Indian news media spreads more hatred than the politicians… so who will prosecute the Fourth Pillar? The incapable Congress Government… so who is the bloody fool?

Ashok Chavan can pull all security to release a film but cannot take any action against Grain Hoarders to check price rise… so Indian Democracy is all about providing tight security for the release of a film and allow the hoarders to increase the price of food grains, really Mera Bharat Mahaan!... so who is the bloody fool?

Ashok Chavan and the Congress is expected to have earned more than 20 crores for supporting Khan and Karan Johar in mere 15 days while poor police personnel were refused their leaves… so who is the bloody fool?

Each news channel has earned more than 1 crore respectively for supporting Khan through 24 x 7 coverage and publicity gimmick! While the whole city was taken for a ride with a tense ambience created by the media… so who is the bloody fool?

A New Dark Age of Filmi Promotion begins in India… soon Hollywood and the Obama Administration are to follow to save America from recession… so who is the bloody fool?

MNS silence proved that they are hands-in-gloves with the Congress… while Raj Thackrey is against Indians from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar migrating to Mumbai… surprisingly, he was not at all bothered about SRK’s support for Pakistan… very strange!
So who is the bloody fool?

The underworlds’ gangs, who killed the lawyer supporting terrorist groups, are more patriotic than all Indians who went to see MNIK for supporting the terrorist nation Pakistan.

Ashok Chavan’s Government can show the world that he is capable to release a film but incapable to save innocent children in his state being raped every day… so who is the bloody fool?

Out of 63 theatres, only 13 theatres release MNIK and Ashok Chavan says – “We have been successful to release the film!” The success rate is just 20 per cent while Sena blocked 50 theatres (80 per cent, simple mathematics)… so who is the bloody fool?

The Congress, Shiv Sena, Media, Shah Rukh, Advertisers, Theatre Owners, Sharad Pawar and Raj Thackeray… they all earned their crores but the public gave away their hard earned money to live in a hateful ambience in their own country and watching the movie… so who is the bloody fool?

If Shah Rukh was really brave, he should have held premier in Mumbai and not Abu Dhabi to please the Arabs…

Even post 26/11, Mumbai and the world didn’t see such a tight security in the city given by the Congress Government… but imagine for a release of just a film, the Chief Minister had to come on roads to stand in one feet to protect theatres… so a theatre is more important than a common man… so who is the bloody fool?

Ashok Chavan can protect the theatres but cannot protect the innocent Indians, who were beaten by MNS when they came to Mumbai to appear in the Railways Exams… so who is the bloody fool?

Well folks, we really need more terrorist attacks so that we can unite as ONE INDIA and not a bunch of bloody fools… After all, we are proud to spend 31 crores per year to take good care of Pakistani terrorist Qasab; We are proud to support the Pakistani players to downgrade our own fellow Indians; We are proud to safeguard cinema theatres and let children get raped on the streets… Yes folks, we are indeed proud to be such Indians…. Who willl lick arses of the terrorist nation Pakistan and Australia for killing our countrymen in our country and their country respectively!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010



The hamming anchors of news channels are spreading more hatred in the society and instigating political leaders with their senseless questioning power with useless debates and sound bytes. While, all the anchors and noted editors act as the prosecutor in almost all the cases (even before a convict is convicted by court of law), I often wonder as to who will prosecute the media for breaking the nation into pieces by spreading hatred and hateful ambience in the nation?

Yes, they claim themselves to be the Fourth Pillar of the society and that they are self-regulated and yet, there is so much ONE-SIDED version of reporting to misguide all the viewers by diverting from the real issues and highlighting hateful vengeance and irrelevant topics that are not at all related with the real issues… Sad but true, if this is what our Fourth Pillar is all about… very soon like 200 years ago, some foreign land will once again conquer us to make us slaves in our own nation… all courtesy, the MEDIA! They have sold their once-most-respected BYLINE (nowadays it is termed BUY LINE as they are bought at the drop of a hat), CONSCIENCE and will not hesitate even one bit to sell even their nation’s pride (as is the case in SHAH RUKH KHAN – SHIV SENA STAND OFF) and support the country which has been killing hundreds of our own… and amazingly, hats off to all the so-called intelligent and highly qualified editors running the channels for supporting the cause of Pakistanis and terrorists and not India!!! Kudos and bravo folks… you have proved why no one really cares for our own nation!!!!

I really don’t support the Congress or Shiv Sena’s ideology in any which ways, both are the same because what Congress did in 1947, the same thing Shiv Sena has been doing since the last 40 years… so you see… they are both interested to divide the nation. However, when a national icon and idol for many like Shah Rukh Khan succumbs to Media Game Plan (to highlight & promote his new film) to speculate a serious issue and support the enemy country for his personal gain, I like many other Indians will support Shiv Sena’s stand that Khan should apologise and take back his soft corner for the terrorist state of the world…

While MEDIA has had a field day to speculate and create a situation full of hatred, violence and embarrassment for all the parties and citizen of India, Shah Rukh is running away in America and Abu Dhabi to promote his film… yes in August 2009, he tried his best by showing his anger towards American Authorities when he was detained for hours at the Newark Airport because he was a Khan!!! All through his telephonic interview (to all channels, supported by Congress leader Rajiv Shukla) SRK kept emphasizing only one thing – ‘Since my name is Khan, I have been detained!’ Wonder of wonders, I would like to ask Shah Rukh that if he can feel so much pained and felt insulted for being detained… imagine what most of us Indians are feeling for his insensitive statement to support Pakistanis… Surprisingly, the media is not highlighting this particular issue and blaming the Sena for their protest. Indeed, it is funny and pathetic because instead of the country uniting for Country’s Pride and Unity… the media is supporting the terrorist nation by supporting SRK!

It is SRK, who instigated the Sena and the media fuelled it further more to seek reactions from the Sena and for their TRPs gain, they kept on speculating to such a high degree that today out of 50,000 odd police, 43,500 police are protecting 63 theatres in Mumbai… so that means, thieves, goons, rapists, robbers and underworlds will have a field day to rob innocent Mumbaikars, rape innocent children everywhere, threaten all rich parties and rob whatever is available because there will be no police protection for all of us because Police is busy and stationed to protect the theatres… What a perfect case of Superb Governance of CM Ashok Chavan! A film release has become the most important THREAT for the Congress Government, who really don’t even cares how the poor are living with Price Rise every single day??? Imagine when Rahul Gandhi visited Mumbai recently, only 21,000 plus police were used to make his visit incident free and yet there were protest by the Sena… and today more than double the amount of police are stationed in 63 theatres, all for a release of a film??? How stupid our nation can be? So can Ashok Chavan really safeguard the citizen of Mumbai 24 x 7 like he safeguarded the Gandhi scion for just four hours??? SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE!!!

It is sheer nonsense and bullshit!!! Media channels should learn from BBC, where news are read and not hammed! They should restraint themselves from spreading fire of hatred in the society and not instigate political leaders, who are always there to gain mileage by speculating various issues… however, when will the sleeping Congress government put a reign on the Fourth Pillar, one will have to see… meanwhile, all those who support Khan, should invite more terrorists from neighbouring country to attack us frequently, at least, soon after the attack, we unite as ONE INDIA, even if it is just for few hours or days!!!



In barely a couple of days after Rahul Gandhi’s visit in Mumbai amidst 21,000 plus security personnels, the Chief Minister of Maharastra and the Congress have proved to the nation about their inability to safeguard the city from Sena cadres… all their tall claims that every Indians will be provided with security have gone in drains in just couple of days. Where is Rahul Gandhi now???

It was so easy to secure Rahul Gandhi’s visit with the highest security cover ever given to a VIP or political leader in the nation in the history of India for 4 long hours, however, how difficult and incapable our CM’s false claim is, when it comes to safeguarding the city and its aam aadmi in an every-day-life! And height of heights is that all the news channels are in support of the actor, who issued baseless statement on Pakistani Players just to speculate to gain publicity for his film to be released. This is the only reason why Bharat maar khata hai… apne desh se kissi ko prem nahin hai par dushmano ka saath hum zaroor denge… what a pity!

Pakistan has been killing hundreds of Indian since the last 63 years in various ways and here we are, supporting the Khan who is more worried because Pakistani players were not bought (like slaves) in IPL, forgetting how 10 terrorists from Pakistan had taken Mumbai by surprise to kill 166 innocent people only 14 months ago on 26/11… When news channels anchors rushed to SRK, he should have been intelligent enough not to speculate the issue just like his peers Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty did by shutting the mouths of the media and thereby not allowing them to speculate and spread hatred like wild fire…instead, Shah Rukh took the chance to promote his film by speculating and supporting what happened at IPL auction was not fair to Pakistani players…
I would like to ask Shah Rukh:

Was it fair when 10 Pakistani terrorists waged war on 26/11 in Mumbai to kill 166 innocent people?
Why, why didn’t he come out in open to condemn the attack in media to say what Pakistani terrorists did was fair?
Why the people who are supporting him now, didn’t support the nation by condemning the attack on 26/11?
Where was Bollywood (hiding in their respective toilets) when hundreds were killed in multiple train bombings in Mumbai? SILENT??? WHY?
Will playing cricket with Pakistan stop the terrorist attacks from their land? Shah Rukh if you can assure all Indians, I am with you dear…
While the state cannot provide security cover to innocent children who are being raped almost every day in the city, does Shah Rukh feel and think it is fair that CM should provide security to release just a film? Shah Rukh, if this is fair, I am with you too…

If he really loves the nation so much, he should be elated that Pakistani players were not bid for and should have supported the stands every franchisee owners took, showing their solidarity towards continuous Pakistani terrorist attacks…

It was not the Shiv Sena, who spread the venom of hatred in this instance because only after Shah Rukh supported the Pakistani players, did Shiv Sena reacted and I as an Indian too, react in the same manner because I love my country more than the country who is spreading hatred and killing innocent to spread terror in my nation and the world. It is really a shame that such a cheap gimmick has costed the actor and the city, an ambience that is full of danger and hatred for everyone. Shah Rukh Khan has spread this hatred and not the Shiv Sena (I don’t support any political parties) in the first place and all those who are supporting him are in fact fuelling more fire to allow the fire to spread more in the coming days…

What Shah Rukh has done (to gain publicity for his film) was not at all expected from an icon and idol, who should be a role model and not someone who spreads hatred for his own personal gain and all for a release of a film …. Well, truly UNDIGESTABLE and NOT EXPECTED!!! TOTALLY DISGUSTING INDEED!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010



Link-ups and Break-ups between the leading actors (of film releasing) are passé! And so also threats from underworld dons! Welcome to the NEW DARK AGE of filmi promotion…

The stars and Bollywood producers have joined hands now with politicians and media to promote their film’s release in a nouvelle way… all the three parties, namely, the filmmakers & stars, politicians and the media are all hands-in-gloves as crores are at stake when a film releases now. How does this new dark age filmi promotion begins???

The filmmakers buy air time on various news channels (they come in dozens nowadays), the politicians through their respective parties issue threats while other parties supports and the media (news channels) goes berserk to highlight the plight of the filmmakers by taking interesting hateful and supportful bytes from various political parties’ spokespersons, thereby creating chaos in respective cities and the whole nation as if the world is coming to an end. The filmmakers stands by his / her stand to shout aloud by speculating on issues that are so-so irrelevant to one’s film… and the news channels’ anchors start hamming on an hourly basis, debates are then held by plugging in the politicians (some hateful while others in favour) to debate endlessly for days together (as if the news channels have no other real news to show its viewers), while promos are aired on and on… while cities and the nation is under seize because of all the hatred and chaos of the three parties…. Imagine, all for a film to release and make it a hit!!!

While Vidhu Vinod Chopra – Chetan Bhagat and Media Professionals stand-up made 3 IDIOTS a big hit, one will have to see if Karan Johar’s MY NAME IS KHAN will become a super-hit or flop at the box-office after all the fracas? It was not shocking to watch Vidhu Vinod Chopra shouting in anger – ‘Shut up!’ to media professionals, who asked a simple question at a press conference. Because everything was staged and pre-palnned as next day, immediately he apologised on national news channels for his arrogant behaviour… so two days of live coverage was well captured by the media making all the ad revenues respective channels earned from the filmmaker. Chetan Bhagat, who was paid a sum for his book, immediately, jumped the gun to promote his book (he sold more books after the controversy by taking the readers and book lovers for a ride) by abusing the filmmaker about cheating him for not giving him the credit for his story. However, soon after, everybody started praising each other after the film was decalerd a hit!

Shah Rukh Khan’s stand (from American soil) against threats from Shiv Sena while he was busy in American on a promotional tour (remember this is the same SRK, who was pissed off at Newark Airport in August 2009 and said he wouldn’t like to visit America again) of his film and all the fracas making Mumbai tense for everyone for couple of days while State Congress Government kept silent like a bunch of eunuchs… while the media was having a hearty time (for their TRPs race) to speculate and spread the ambience of hatred in Mumbai… everything seems to be staged and pre-planned… because no sooner SRK arrived from America, at the airport itself he showed interest to meet Bala Saheb if invited and suddenly there was a lull at the Sena Camp and CM Ashok Chavan trying to show his valour announced that state would give adequate security cover for the release of the film… WOW! Isn’t that a great show folks?

While there are innocent children being raped and molested in the city, the government cannot provide them security and punish the culprits, kudos to Ashok Chavan to provide security to all cinema halls in Mumbai for releasing a film! Have we become so insensitive towards children who are being raped in the society and sensitive towards a film’s release??? How gross it can be friends and how low the filmmakers and politicians can stoop all for a few crores in their Swiss Banks???

Yes, the NEW DARK AGE of filmi promotion has opened a new chapter in India… the Home Minister is not bothered about how many poor are dying because of price rise of food items but he is worried and takes action to support the release of a film… well, it is pathetic to see the game rich people play to suffocate the poor and take everyone to ransom by speculating hatred in the society for such a silly reason???

Saturday, February 6, 2010



In mere four hours, Congress has shown to the nation how its ‘Austerity Drive’ has gone for a toss, courtesy the Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi. It also shows just to prove his point of what he said about Mumbai being saved by NSG Commandos from Bihar & UP (all for begging votes from the Biharis for the next election in the state), he traveled in Local Trains buying his ticket… however, none of the security forces accompanying him had bought the tickets to protect him… while he alone bought the ticket, there were more than 50 plus security gaurds, who traveled ticketless in the same compartment… what a real example of being austere to fool the nation, cheat the Indian Railways and show what a farce he is in reality! Will Mamta Banerjee, the Railway Minister sue or penalized the security personnels, who traveled ticketless just like any other aam aadmi caught ticketless??? Congress surely has fall flat by setting an example to travel ticketless and kicked its own austerity drive!!!

While the Congress may applaud his bravery, but then with more than 21,000 Plus state and national security personnels, CM and other ministers… but obvious, no one could challenge or protest against Rahul Gandhi… In fact, it was the FEAR of the Shiv Sena that stole away the sleep of the Chief Minister Ashok Chavan and Police Commissioner of Mumbai to fortify Mumbai into a security vault… but will so much of security be provided for every Indian in Mumbai??? But obvious NOT POSSIBLE! This is what the Congress government will shout aloud! When the Pakistani terrorist Qasab is provided the highest security by Indian Government, but obvious 21,000 security personnels are just nothing for a four-hour visit for the Gandhi scion! Who cares whether 31 crores per year is spent on Pakistani terrorist or else few lakhs are spent on Rahul’s security? After all, it is us the foolish Indians who are filling the coffers of the government to misuse and waste our hard earned money down the drains… what a great example Rahul???

And not add any more fire in the already flared up unrest in the city, Rahul Gandhi even barred all the television channels to cover his interaction with the students… it clearly showed that he had cowed down after his anger show in Patna, Bihar… The State Government, who has been so lenient and sleeping all these while towards all the unrest in the city suddenly woke up to show its strength, while there were arrest and fundamental rights of Indians were thrashed by ‘might is right’… Rahul’s visit in Mumbai was all a political gimmick to prove a baseless point by spending millions of rupees for just nothing!

Thursday, February 4, 2010



Congress goes on back foot to show that Rahul Gandhi bravely visits Mumbai inspite of Shiv Sena’s threat! However, one can surely demand an explanation from the Congress led UPA government at the Centre and the state of Maharastra… where was the tight security when Mumbai was attacked on 26/11? Why did it take 48 long hours by the Centre to dispatch a team of NSG commandos to safeguard the city from 10 Pakistani terrorists on 26/11???

Shiv Sena’s threat surely has worked inspite of no protestors were allowed in the near vicinity of Bhaidas Hall at Vile Parle, Mumbai. Rahul arrived with the area tightly fortified like a fortress and even media has been barred from covering his interaction with the students. It clearly shows that Congress has failed to show its bravery by gagging the citizen of India of its fundamental rights to boycott Rahul’s visit in Mumbai by showing ‘black flags’… In fact, Rahul who was supposed to be in Bhaidas Hall at 11 am, arrived late, only after the security were beefed up and assured that no untoward incidents would hamper his visit.

As a common man, I would like an answer to my questions from the Congress high command Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Maharastra:

Where was the state security, which we see today, when Mumbai was attacked on 26/11?
Where was the security when there were multiple train bombings in Mumbai?
Why did the Congress allowed to create such a situation of hatred and threat in the nation since the last couple of days?Why did it take 48 long hours by the Centre to dispatch a team of NSG commandos to safeguard the city from 10 Pakistani terrorists, when 7 out of ten were already killed by the Maharastra Police on 26/11?
Is Rahul Gandhi above the Indian Prime Minister to get such a tight security cover on his visit to Mumbai?
While Congress talks of AUSTERITY, how many crores were spent and wasted today on security cover given to Rahul Gandhi?
Why Rahul uttered in Bihar that NSG commandos were from Bihar and UP instead of saying NSG commandos were Indians?
Is law and order of the nation meant only for Gandhi scion and VIPs?

Well, there are many questions that Congress will not be able to answer the nation’s common man, whose hard earned money is being wasted on spreading hatred in the nation to rule. While the Congress have successfully achieved to create unrest in the nation (Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, J & K, Bihar and others) to ‘divide and rule’… their government have failed to check the serious issue of PRICE RISE plaguing the nation! It is really a shame that the government which preaches austerity, is in reality wasting crores and crores of hard earned money of the nation’s common man! Rahul Gandhi surely has failed today inspite of his visit in Mumbai!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010



When he was detained at Newark Airport not so long ago, SRK kept shouting aloud over phone to all news channels how he has been targeted because his name was Khan and not Shah Rukh, as he is popularly known worldwide. Yes, his first publicity stunt for his next release MY NAME IS KHAN went wrong when he insisted American Authorities to tender him an apology for the ill-treatment. The Americans didn’t apologise to Khan because for them their national security was more important than any Indian celebrity! All the while, Shah Rukh shouted aloud – ‘Since my name is Khan, I was detained!’ trying hard to sell his next release with the title MY NAME IS KHAN!

After the debacle of his first attempt to highlight his film in American soil, Shah Rukh tried his second attempt trying to encash just like the 3 IDIOTS Vidhu Vinod Chopra – Chetan Bhagat row, and SRK has also failed, instead he is in dire straits now as theatre owners have all withdrawn posters of his next release.

Now, when the IPL auction was going on Shah Rukh didn’t even dare to bid for a single Paksitani players, however, after the whole fracas, he was quick to announce that he would be interested to purchase Pakistani players for his team, since they were the T20 World Championship, knowing pretty well the repercussions he would bring in from regional political parties. And of course, not forgetting the 26/11 Pakistani terrorists’ attack that killed 166 people in Mumbai!!! The media was quick to lap up Shah Rukh’s issue when Shiv Sena demanded for an apology for hurting the sentiments of billion plus Indians for showing his support for Pakistani players, even when our citizen are being killed every day by their terrorists.

No wonder, if one will look at the whole unfortunate incident, one cannot deny that Shah Rukh’s publicity stunt has gone wrong this time too, unlike the 3 IDIOTS, which made loads of money after the publicity stunt. Yes, almost all the news channels are fighting for him and demanding other Indians for being foolish and spreading hatred in the nation… is it because Shah Rukh has bought all the news channels with his film’s ad??? It is really strange that instead of being patriotic towards our own nation, all the news channels are thrashing people and supporting Pakistani players as if IPL is International Pakistani League!!! The way all the news anchors and national editors are behaving, one cannot deny the fact that it is we, who don’t even hesitate to sell our own motherland for monetary gains… be it films, nation’s secrets and what not.

I would like to salute Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty, who had the balls to ask the media to shut its trap by speculating the whole issue for its TRPs gain saying – ‘No one has the authority to ask them what they were doing as the owners of their respective teams.’ While Shah Rukh was quick to jump the gun in support of Pakistani players… if he was so concerned, then why didn’t he bid when Pakistani players name were being auctioned??? Shah Rukh’s advisors and PR should think of something better to highlight his film’s content rather than work hand-in-gloves with the news channels, who are always ready to sell themselves at the drop of a hat these days to spread hatred in the nation!



‘Old habits die hard’ they say so… and no wonder Rahul Gandhi’s genetic pidegree proves that, to a perfect ‘T’! His great grandfather Nehru divided the nation in 1947 for his selfish gains and now the Gandhi scion has also proved that to rule the nation, he will not hesitate to stoop low and will not bother as to how many poor Indians will die by spreading hatred in the nation. He should know the BASIC DIFFERENCE between ‘Regional Politics’ and ‘National Politics’!

Shiv Sena and MNS are regional parties whereas Congress is a National Party! Instead of uniting the nation, he has joined hands with the two parties and echoing the same venom of dividing the nation by playing the dirty politics of Marathi, Bihari and UP card in Bihar two days ago. It is THE BIGGEST SHAME OF THE NATION CONSIDERING CONGRESS SO-CALLED SECULAR STATUS AS A NATIONAL PARTY! So what is the difference between these three parties??? They all want to spread hatred among Indians to rule us, the real bloodyfools! We will be killed and kill fellow Indians for these parties for really no rhymes of reasons while they will smile holding powerful seats in the political scenario to loot crores of our hard earned money!

Rahul Gandhi’s statement of NSG killing the terrorists on 26/11 reflects he has no real knowledge of what had happened on that fateful night in Mumbai even after 14 months! It was the Maharastrian Police who killed as many as 6 terrorists and held that bastard Qasab (out of the 10) before the late arrival (after 48 plus hours) of NSG finally from Delhi. It also showed to the whole nation, how capable our Central Government Ministers work in such a dreaded situation… while the poorly equipped Police Force were battling hard to contain more damage to the city. I am really appalled as to what made Rahul utter what he uttered in Bihar just to gain mileage for the next election! He has brought shame to every Indian by saying those things about Mumbai Attack on 26/11/2008!

Regional Political Parties always fight for regionalism and regional issues, be it Shiv Sena, MNS, DMK, or any other parties that have restricted themselves to their respective region but he should know that Congress is a National Party and their job is to unite the nation and not divide it further, like they intend to by dividing Andhra Pradesh and other bigger states. Since the last 63 years, the Congress has not bothered to contain the situation and what makes Rahul think that his mother’s government can contain violence of hatred to stop in the nation, which was build on bloodbaths, genocide and hatred among Indians in 1947??? While everyone was united to fight the British Rule, the moment we got freedom, we divided the nation into two and even after 63 years, we are still facing the consequences of ‘kill and be killed’ to quench the greed of three selfish leaders – Gandhi, Nehru and Jinnah!

Each time, there is ‘Price Rise’ issue in media, the Congress has spread ‘Politics of Hatred’ to divert the nation’s attention. They have shown how incapable they are to control the serious issue of PRICE RISE in their six years of ruling! It is really a shame that instead of providing security to nation’s citizen, our Congress is more concerned about the Pakistanis and Australians… what bigger shame it can be for a ruling government, who talks big about Austerity and BullShit!!! While the two respective countries are attacking and killing Indians left, right and centre… our Home Minister has the audacity to proclaim that he would provide security to these two nations’ citizen… while under his able leadership, innocent tribals are being killed in Dantewada in our own India by Indian Special Police Officers…

Considering the dirty politics of hatred being played by nation’s leaders to gain political power in each election, the day is really not far away when there will be chaos in Mumbai and the whole nation and violence will prevail, killing millions of innocent Indians all in the name of politics! Rahul Gandhi is misleading the nation by showing his concern for the poor villagers during his tour but in reality, he is just busy collecting votes of the innocent poor Indians, who get swayed by his false promises (remember widow Kalavati of Vidarbha???) and publicity stunt of spending night in a village! It is high time his mother should check him for making unnecessary statements about things that he doesn’t know of…

Do we Indians really need a leader like him to rule us in near future, one who is busy spreading hatred instead of uniting the nation with a common goal so we all can live in this country in peace and harmony without any fear and hatred for our fellow Indians???

Monday, February 1, 2010



The myth has turned into the reality of the millennium! Yes, America is the Superpower of the world is the myth that they have nursed their own egos by claiming so all these years after the disintegration of the mighty USSR! The recent development in Afghanistan and Iraq proves that after 9 years and 8 years respectively, the self-proclaimed Superpower is biting dust in both the countries even when 42 NATO countries have provided them their support!

Wonder of wonders, the mighty 42 countries couldn’t even win a small country like Iraq, forget about the bigger Afghanistan! With all the modern warfare weapon systems and all the money in the world, they have failed miserably to restore peace in these two countries in almost a decade’s time, inspite of being so powerful and one can definetly overlook if they have really reconstructed these two countries in any which ways. A shame that every American and other 42 nations’ citizen will have to live life long courtesy their arrogant brainless dictator George Bush Junior, Tony Blair and the rest!

They have lost money to fight the wars, lost thousands of their soldiers, created mayhem in the poor countries shattering lives and life of innocent citizen by killing just the few terrorists during the last decade and there is no sign of a win and situations improving… instead, things are getting worst day-by-day… trauma hit soldiers are facing psychiatric treatment in all these 42 nations and more dead bodies are wrapped in national flags than ever before. They have lost everything in every respect – face, money, lives, weapons and ammunitions and what not… and finally their generals feel that Talibans should be bought by hefty pay-outs to switch sides and that is the only way out of these two countries… hahahahahahahaha…. I really feel like laughing at them as they really don’t have any face to show to the world after their failed attempt to restore peace by waging war!

Looks like no one really taught their leaders that to achieve peace one cannot wage war and destruct nations for their selfish gains of Iraqi oil and Afghani Poppies to augment their respective economies… While in UK, Tony Blair is facing trial and tried his level best to convince the committee about his strong support to America, Bush Junior has gone into oblivion! Saddam Hussein’s ghost still haunts and time and again Osama Bin Laden keeps threatening the US and UK of more attacks to scare the USA = Ultimate Scared Americans! Their intelligence CIA, FBI and MI6 only can win war in Hollywood movies with a John Rambo, Commando and James Bond… but in reality… their intelligence is the biggest failure because even after almost 10 years, they cannot locate Osama Bin Laden, forget about killing him, inspite of a hefty sum on his head!

Because of the two wars, their respective nations have gone in recession and a frustrated Obama is threatening his own bankers that they should not take hefty bonuses for their achievements to increase business while American generals suggest and want to buy Taliban to switch sides to become ‘Good Taliban’… WHAT A BIG JOKE of the decade it is! A Taliban is a Taliban, so their foolish advisors are going to differentiate between a good and bad Taliban… now this is really not only foolish but the biggest joke on the so-called highly qualified diplomats sitting in White House! Do they think like Americans can be bought with money, these ferocious Taliban too can be easily bought by luring them with money??? I have really never heard of such a stupid proposition and then they call themselves the SUPERPOWER!

Indeed, they are the Superpower in losing every war they have waged in history of mankind ahahahahahahaha….