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Thursday, January 2, 2014


The Underworld Extortion is passe! Welcome to the “Open Extortion by Convent School”! The indirect threat to Students by the School Authorities is: If your parents don’t pay Rs. 10,000/- by 10th January 2014, you will not be allowed to enter your classrooms!

Students of SSC (Xth class) are worried and under stress that by not paying Rs 10,000/- they would not get their School Leaving Certificates on passing their examination.

So one wonders, how can a Convent School extort money so openly with threats to students & their parents? And one wonders, why the parents should pay the money to buy a Government owned land LEASED to Gloria Convent High School, Byculla for 99 years, on which the school was built? Will the parents of the 1900 students own the land after they pay Rs.10,000/- totalling to 1.90 Crores?

On 16th December 2013, parents were called in for a meeting and they were issued the “threat” in the form of One-Sided Decision of the School Management of Gloria Convent High School, Byculla, Mumbai. The parents are furious by the one sided adamant decision of the school management that each student’s parents has to shell out Rs. 10,000/- for buying the land on which the school building stands. The reason, government land lease of 99 years has expired sometime in 2012.

Parents were not aware about the land lease till it was announced on the 16th of December 2013 by a school supervisor and a PTA member at a parents’ gathering. When parents requested to see the government order on the matter, it was refused and advised to refer media report. As per the management, the option given by the government is that either buy the land at the cost of Rs. 2 Crore or pay rent of Rs. 4 Lakh for a block of 5 years. Management is forcing 1900 students’ parents to shell out Rs. 10,000/- by 10th of January 2014, so as to buy the land, but is not considering the other option of paying the rent, which the school management can very well afford to pay on their own. The reasoning stated is that the property cost is increasing by each passing day / year, hence the School Management Board wants to buy and own. The management is not giving any thoughts to pay government Rs. 4 Lakh for 5 years’ rent, even after a strong protest by all the parents.

When the lease of the land was on the verge of expiry by 2012, why the School Management didn’t take any concrete steps to save themselves? Not a single proactive measures were taken and they sat on the case till they are in neck deep in their self-created trouble. Even after receipt of government’s notice, the parents were not informed about the backdoor developments taking place and out of a sudden, the easiest method the School Management found was to issue threat to students’ parents and extort Rs. 10,000/- each and give them no choice. The idiotic example given at the meeting is that “if a patient is taken suddenly ill and is in ICU”, what would they do? Parents are not ready to believe this argument and are not willing to buy the land and opined that why should they pay from their pockets and make the School Management to own the land? Why should the future generations of students and their parents be at the mercy of such an extortionist?

The School is already charging the SSC students Rs. 1,500/- as examination fees instead of Rs 500/-. Even as per the norms, a receipt should be issued of the amount received but the students are given no receipt because of this corrupt practice. Is this how the Convent Educational Institute is imparting knowledge and teaching their students of Modern Day Extortion and Corrupt Practice?

Who will reign such Reputed Extortionists of the Society? Who is the brainchild behind such Open Extortion by Gloria Convent High School, Byculla, Mumbai? Will the State Government, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the Education Minister of the Country take some immediate steps to STOP such EXTORTION by the School Management?


MUMBAI MIRROR: 11th January 2014

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