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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The recent illegal demands by the School Management of Gloria Convent High School, Byculla (please read:

... is nothing new. The Convent has been taking ILLEGALLY Rs. 1,500 /- annually from parents whose child / children are studying in Class V th to Class X th.

The Principal stated to the media (Mumbai Mirror) that the School never asks students for any payments. On the contrary, parents revealed that every year Rs. 1,500/- is charged as miscellaneous fees by students starting from Class V th to X th. The School Management doesn’t provide any “RECEIPT” to students’ Parents for this amount. As per the Government Rule, the School is not authorized to charge any money (in the name of School Fee/s) because the Government provides free education in Maharashtra and the School is paid by the State Government). Imagine, the total illegal amount. Whenever any parents asks for receipt from the School Management for Rs. 1,500/-, they are told by the Principal that if they cannot pay, they should not (indirect humiliation for the parents as well the student). Ultimately, parents pay this amount without questioning or demanding ‘receipt’ for this so-called “Miscellaneous Fees”.

While the School Management is extorting (compulsory as parents were threatened on the 16th of December 2013 Parents-Teachers’ Meeting by PTA) the amount (Rs.10,000/- by each student), in the name of ‘donation’ in favour of their Charitable Society – SOCIETY OF OUR LADY OF GLORY – the Society is not issuing “Official Receipt” of the Charitable Society. Instead, the modus operandi is, only after receiving the Cheques from students, an ordinary pro forma (Xerox Copies) is given to the students and asked to return it after getting parents’ details and signature. This form, as stated in the image below:

In this pro forma, it is made to look as if the Parents of the Students have donated the amount voluntarily. There is no “Receipt No.” of the Charitable Society and neither there is Society’s Registration Number or 80G Certificate Order mentioned in this pro forma, which indicated how the School Management and the Charitable Society – “Society of Our Lady of Glory” is fooling the , Students, Parents and the World.

This matter should be reported to the Charity Commissioner of Mumbai also, that the Charitable Society is extorting money from the students’ parents in the name of donation.

So far, the School Management has kept their silence on the issue and no further demands or threats are being issued to students who have not paid the Rs. 10,000 /- demanded illegally.

* Has the School bought the land, as claimed by the School Management on the 16th December 2013 "PARENTS - TEACHERS' MEETING"? It was stated by PTAs that the last date to purchase the land from the State Government was 27th January 2014.

* Has the School returned all the cheques received so far to respective parents?

* Why there has been no INTIMATION till date to 1900 Students' Parents about the PROCEEDINGS?

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