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Saturday, August 1, 2015


What happened when I went to collect my camera?



                                            SERVICING OR FLEECING?
                                                  EXPERIENCED OR CHEAT?

What does a "Service Centre" do?
A "Service Centre" is supposed to make 'unserviceable' items 'serviceable'.

Canon Service Centre Andheri, Mumbai is just the OPPOSITE!

The above photographs is from my Powershot A720 IS after being serviced (just cleaning of internal dust particles), which was given to CANON SERVICE CENTRE ANDHERI, MUMBAI. The focus of the camera was tampered by the technical servicing guy of the centre, so they could fleece me of Rs. 6,500/- when I would go to them again.

This time, when I went to collect my camera, the customer service executive told me that it was an old camera and the parts were not available. NOTE HERE PLEASE: She also did not have sufficient information and knowledge about which all Canon cameras are outdated. I told her if that was the case, how my camera was accepted in the first place for servicing? How they were asking me to shell out Rs. 6,500/- to make my camera serviceable? Obviously, she had no answer.

I told her that my camera was tampered by the technical staff and instead of making thing right, they were demanding half the cost of my camera. I inquired about the Canon Head and I was told his name was Mr. Shankar Iyer (India Head - Camera). When I told her about my issue, she went inside to talk to him.

Instead of him coming out to talk to me, (he was more busy about Idd holiday inside) and trying to solve my issue, the executive came out with my camera. Iyer did not even bother to come out to talk to their customer, which shows their UNPROFESSIONALISM. They are not bothered to service their customers well, instead they certainly know how to make money by fleecing the customers with costly equipment. It is totally disgusting because Canon is an international brand, which is cheating photographers in the name of servicing.

She then asked me to pay Rs. 228/- for servicing. I told when they did nothing, why should I pay? She said okay and handed over the camera to me. As I was leaving, her cliche ("Sorry Sir for the inconvenience.") made me to tell her, "Don't say things which you don't mean. First, you people tamper with my serviceable camera to make it unserviceable and then ask me a bomb and then say 'sorry'. How unprofessional you at CANON can be?" I told her about my other photographer friends, who were also fleeced by them in the name of servicing. 

Fellow photographers beware of handing your costly equipment to Canon Service Centre Andheri, Mumbai. I along with many others have suffered at their hands and many will be fleeced in coming days. You all can see what they did to my Camera.

I really don't want fellow photographers to suffer losses of their costly equipment at the hands of CANON SERVICE CENTRE ANDHERI, MUMBAI, so I am writing my personal experience to create awareness.

In my next post, read the incompetence of the technical staff / how they try to fleece photographers...

How my photographer friend was asked to shell out Rs. 22,000 Plus for repair by the Canon Service Centre Andheri, when a local guy repaired the equipment for just Rs. 2,500/-

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